Thursday, June 27, 2013

Of thunder bolts.

One of my favorite activities in Australia has got to be trying out new cafes, and just practically inhaling coffee.

 photo photo5_zps8e29fa8b.jpg
All white out.

 photo photo6_zpse792b056.jpg
Wearing a funky printed skirt in my favorite silhouette-- yes, you got it, trumpet flare!

Our cousin's hubby brought us to a cafe in their suburb (I should bring it up here that they stay in a bungalow next to the beach and overlooking the Sydney Harbor Bridge T_T). The cafe's name is Wild Sage.

 photo photo7_zps09eaf516.jpg

 photo photo4_zps272ece96.jpg
The decor was perfect, food was perfect, weather was perfect. It was also our last day in Sydney, so maybe I was extra nostalgic and appreciative!

Outfit 1:
 photo IMG_6032_zpsc3fa0fe7.jpg
In full AZORIAS ensemble!

White asymmetrical drape top: AZORIAS
Thunderbolt print trumpet skirt: AZORIAS
Statement chain necklace: Korea

Lucite bangles: H&M
Black patent slingbacks: Korea
Electric blue pom-pom slingbag: Holiday in Zhuhai

Outfit 2:
 photo IMG_6030_zpsc99bc3ba.jpg
Going matchy-matchy with my cutest baby nephew, Lucas, or better known as Lulu. He really makes my maternal instincts rage wtf.

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Happy Chirpy said...

is the thunder bolt skirt still available? i dont see it on azorias' website anymore! loveeeeeeee it!

revel in me said...

Happy chirpy: Yes it is!! Here's the link: I super love it too! :D

ally said...


Rebecca said...

Hi Hui Wen, you always have wonderful accessories that will make your outfit looks special. It's an added touch :) i am also into chunky accessories of late, especially necklaces. Partly due to your influence i must admit. :D Despite that, i have one problem, my working environment doesn't really suits my accessories so i only able to wear them during weekends or on off-days because i worked in factory environment. Having this said, besides age (as in my concern) sometimes it makes me felt that environment and the people surrounding are important factors in accomodating our outfit or confidence. What's your take on this? Am i being overly paranoid or too sensitive? haha!