Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Rocking our world.

Erm, so we were thinking of renaming Rocky again (despite changing his name 3 times wtf *click*). Already the boyfriend and I are thinking of getting a second corgi (har har we are so funny, already one corgi is throwing our life totally off-balance), and based on some articles that we read, the second corgi should be a female (if the first one is a male) to maintain a harmonious household. For some reason, I suddenly got struck by inspiration that it would be so cute to call Rocky, Blaze, instead, and the second corgi, Blitz! Blaze and Blitz does have a ring to it right!

Furthermore, Rocky runs really quick despite his short legs-- Blaze! And not to mention, the white markings on a corgi's head is also known as Blaze.

The boyfriend likes the name Blaze too.

The boyfriend: Damn, why didn't we think of it earlier!

Me: We did! We wrote it in our list of names! But don't know why we forgot about it...

And then we spent the next few hours pondering over whether we should change Rocky's name. We would be answerable to many people-- including his family, our vet, the pet groomer... wtf.

In the end, we decided to stick to Rocky, but we gave him a middle name as nama glamor! As you guessed it, it's Blaze.

So now our puppy is Rocky Blaze. :)


Rocky is one cheeky puppy. At times, he can be such an angel, but when he is naughty, oh boy. And he is really good at acting, sometimes you just don't know whether to laugh or cry!

The boyfriend: This dog ar, he is really a world-class actor la.

 Me: *looks at Rocky* You think you are Matt Damon ar!

The boyfriend: No, he is not. He is a Demon. Mutt Demon.


Rocky slept with us in the beginning. One night before going to sleep, I lied in bed looking at Rocky snoring peacefully... And started tearing WTF. Damn pre-menstrual hormones.

The boyfriend: WHAT?? What did I do??!!

Me: No lar, I suddenly feel so emo looking at Rocky! He is part of our family now. He will follow us on our journey together, he will see us get married, he will see our firstborn, he will probably see our children grow up... 

The boyfriend: Women. -___-


We brought Rocky to the groomer recently, and when we went to bring him back from his grooming session, his groomer couldn't stop raving about him. Apparently he was an 'angel' and super well-behaved. Ahem.

In fact, she said that if Rocky ever have babies, she wants to reserve one for herself! O___O

As we were walking back to the car with Rocky in my arms...

The boyfriend: Wow, Rocky, you get more attention from girls than your daddy huh.

Me. Ya man. Rocky is just a baby himself, and already people are eying his babies!!!


The boyfriend: You are just like a corgi.

Me: Whaa..???

The boyfriend: Corgis are headstrong, stubborn, have a mind of their own, love to boss people around... And they are incredibly food-driven!

Me: OY!!!

The boyfriend: They are also affectionate, friendly, loving.... Intelligent Good with kids. Loyal. Fun-loving. And you are such an excited ball of energy , you FRAP (known as Frequent Random Acts of Play, here is an example of a corgi FRAP: *click*) all the time!! Run here run there, jump up and down, and always singing and skipping....

Me: Hehehe.

The boyfriend: And you have short legs.

ME:  HEYY!!!


I am in Korea now, and the boyfriend has been updating me about Rocky. How he played with his new toys, new foods bought for him etc. He was telling me that he took Rocky for a walk in the night.

The boyfriend: He saw his own shadow and he went to attack it!! 

Me: Silly dog!!

The boyfriend: He was growling and pawing at his shadow, so I pulled him away. He started trotting behind me, but he got scared when he saw the shadow following him!! 



Me: Baby! I saw a Vogue feature today on someone's wedding, and the couple had their pet corgi as their ringbearer!! THAT'S WHAT I WANT!!

The boyfriend: What if he shits on the job...

Me: Errr... Won't right. By that time he should have better control over his bowels.

The boyfriend: What if he starts biting your dress?

Me: ....

The boyfriend: What if his herding instincts take over? Herd the bride. Haha...

Me: Okay, obviously I didn't think this through.


Anyway, we started an Instagram account for Rocky! The main reason for this is because he is growing so quickly (it has only been a month, and he is already double the size of when we first brought him home!) and we want to savor and document his puppy moments. Also, like I said earlier on, Rocky will follow us on our journey, and I want to do the same for him! :)

 photo 77dc010ef5cc11e2af2c22000a1f9069_7_zpsae7fc8e6.jpg

Follow this little devil via @blazincorgi. :)

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Monday, July 29, 2013

A glimpse of my fave Europe buys.

Today I am going to talk about our buys in from Europe! Jing posted these photos on Instagram from our hotel in Paris:
 photo 4d0f0d30ba1d11e2982f22000a9f3c23_7_zps231bf488.jpg

 photo 0c9632e4b94411e290de22000a1f97ef_7_zpsf10c7a36.jpg

These are just our buys from Paris only. It looks quite scary, I have to admit. -___- But these are all our combined stuff, and we also visited La Vallée, which is a designer outlet shopping place. I will talk more about La Vallée in another blogpost k!

So as the title suggests, I am not going to show all my buys, but just my bags! :D

 photo aa608274f6aa11e29d4d22000a1f9a17_7_zpse376afe3.jpg
Celine Phantom.
Worn with AZORIAS cat print shirt, denim shorts, pendant statement necklace from Korea, Zara studded heeled ballet pumps,

When I posted this photo on Instagram (also blogged about it here), many of you asked for more photos!

 photo c0a735ecb47d11e28df322000a1f9367_7_zpsf1fbe254.jpg

So today I will reveal the contents of the box, hehe...

 photo d7d3088ef2c311e2a2be22000aeb11a7_7_zps84218915.jpg
Worn with black sheer shirt from Korea, AZORIAS retro print skirt, necklaces from Forever New/ Teeny.

Meet the new Boy in my life!

I absolutely ADORE the Boy Chanel, and before going on our Eurotrip, I was praying fervently that I will be able to find one. However, I wanted one in black. 'Cause I already have a classic flap in red, and I want a classic (and expensive -_-) bag like this to be in a classic color.

And I managed to score the ONE and ONLY Boy Chanel in the entire Rome-- in the exact color and design that I want!!! :D :D :D

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Friday, July 26, 2013


Lately there has been so many changes in my life-- from our new puppy, Rocky (waking up at 5am to find him dancing in poo and thus having to carry out an emergency bathing session FOL), work-related changes (doing some operational reshuffling for AZORIAS), accommodation (staying at the boy's place)-- I am just trying to keep my head above everything, and not get overwhelmed. Amidst all the craziness in life, I am so grateful for my fiance and my family, the constants in my life-- they are everything to me. :)

My motto for now-- embrace the changes, and well, enjoy the process, as cliched as it sounds. After all, change means new opportunities right?


I will be flying off to Korea in 2 days' time for AZORIAS' routine merchandising trip, and that inspired me to do a blogpost on Korea!

Actually what I meant is that I dug through my photo albums to find any unblogged photos taken in Korea, hehe.

 photo IMG_1010_zpsae4891e2.jpg
This was a trip with Jing last year! She kindly invited herself along on my business trip to shop till she drops spend quality sisterly time.

To see myself look so thin in a white dress brings me pure undiluted joy wtf.

 photo IMG_1017_zps0450dbe4.jpg
One of the fun things about staying with the boyfriend is that we get to decorate our room! We have already got the room painted, and scored a super comfy and nice bed. Now I am thinking some organizers for my jewelry... :P

 photo IMG_1031_zpsb81dbdac.jpg
Resting after a massive shopping trip in Apgujeong (Seoul's equivalent of Rodeo Drive), in Gangnam. Ironically, Gangnam-Style wasn't even released then wtf (This was back in June last year).

 photo IMG_1019_zps695c2099.jpg
Remember I said massive shopping trip? Check out Jing's shopping bag wtf. She got the most darling Lady Dior bag in a shocking bubblegum pink!

Jing is wearing AZORIAS organza-sleeved tee (already sold out) and my leopard print shorts-- which reminds me, JING WHERE IS IT I HAVEN'T SEEN IT SINCE YOU WORE IT. Her shoes are Ferragamo and bag is LV Vernis.

My outfit:
 photo IMG_1012_zps8c9fea57.jpg

 photo IMG_1015_zpse59d4cd2.jpg

 photo IMG_1007_zps9543605e.jpg

Ivory high-neck lace dress: AZORIAS
Gold necklaces: Korea:
Bracelets: Assorted (mostly Korea/ F21)
Watch: DKNY
Mint wayfarers: MNG
Ankle boots: Korea
Bag: Miu Miu

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

One for the beaches.

I think one of my favorite things in the world is the beach.

I can literally just lie down on the beach for hours just to watch the waves crash against the shore, listening to the rhythmic lullaby of the waves, pondering the vast skies above... And anyone who knows me well enough will know that doing anything on/ near the beach is a HUGE plus point for me, that includes strolling along a beach, staying next to the beach, dining in restaurants on a beach...

In fact, my number one sexual fantasy was to do it on a beach wtf. Until someone pointed out that you will get sand all inside you WTF.

So one of the things that I envy Jing the most was being able to access the beach at anytime when she was in Sydney! Now she is working in Brisbane-- which means even more beaches. *turns green with envy* Knowing my love for beaches, Jing actually arranged a lot of meals next to the beach for me! For example, brunch at Deckhouse which I blogged about here.

Another morning, she brought us to have lunch very near to Bondi beach! It was one of the best brunches I have ever had, and after the extremely satisfying meal, we took a walk down Bondi beach.

 photo IMG_1311_zps65a5b924.jpg
Really happy to be on the beach although it was quite an overcast day! But I just realized that I have no fate with Bondi beach-- it is shady and gloomy every single time I go to Bondi. -____-

 photo IMG_1325_zps2dc8c625.jpg
Wearing a Korean brand lipstick that I picked up in Seoul. It is the BEST lipstick I have ever used (except for maybe YSL, but YSL is like 4 times the price wtf)-- pigmented rich color, long-lasting, and very moisturizing but not to the point of being oily! Thank god I got it in 4 colors. :D

 photo IMG_1316_zpse1906691.jpg
Suddenly noticed that the sun was creeping out!

 photo IMG_1319_zps8b2a7751.jpg
I have a thing for tribal prints, Aztec print, ikat print, batik, Navajo print.. I love them all! So when I saw this Aztec print tee with a really unique peplum hem (kind of structured and jutting out, if you may), I knew I had to have it!

 photo IMG_1327_zpsa90f4b8f.jpg

Aztec print tee with stuctured peplum hem: AZORIAS
Frayed boyfriend jeans: Forever 21
Red jewel necklace: Korea
Nude leather link heels: Korea
Electric blue pom-pom bag: Holiday in Zhuhai

And the behind the scenes of our outfit photos...

 photo IMG_1308_zpsf499401f.jpg
Scampering around underneath our jackets because we didn't want the rain to mess up our hair and make up WTF.

Jing's wearing top and bottom from AZORIAS, and I am using a blazer as an umbrella wtf from AZORIAS too.

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Girlfriend woes.

Recently I have been staying over at the boyfriend's place a lot more, and you would have thought that after numerous conversations over the years with girlfriends who (semi) moved in with their partners, I should have been fore-warned of a huge challenge....

A wardrobe challenge, that is!

Do you stay over at your boyfriend's? Then the lugging over of toiletries and frantic packing of isolated, mismatched clothing should be very familiar to you. -__- I almost always forget to bring something wtf-- contact lens solution, comb, medicine, sanitary pads... and the list goes on, sigh.

Besides that, you will have all these disparate pieces in your duffel bag, which you desperately try to "make it work". Thinking of that pair of shoes or necklace that would be perfect for the outfit, but it's not with you. GAH! I pretty much looked like a tramp recently. T_T

So this weekend, I decided to change that. I came up with a list of outfits to wear for the rest of the week, and pack all the shoes/ accessories that I intend to make up the outfits. The result is a very very heavy luggage bag wtf. The by-product is a very pretty Hui Wen HEHE.

To kickstart my week of dressing up, I wore a summery dress that I have been itching to wear!

 photo IMG_5808_zps3b2fd7bc.jpg
A candy colored dress from AZORIAS that is in a really flattering cut. You can't tell that I have just eaten 1.5 plates of pork chops WTF.

 photo IMG_5810_zps43362e6e.jpg
Extra love for it 'cause of the scooped keyhole at the back! I am a huge sucker for any kind of back details.

 photo IMG_5809_zps542fe756.jpg

Coral dress with back keyhole: AZORIAS
Diamante necklace: Borrowed from Teeny
Nude leather chainlink heels: Korea
Bag: Celine

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The maxi skirt that finally saw the light.

Am trying to keep a good mix of content on the blog in terms of travel stories, my new puppy and outfit posts! And random fun entries like this one. :)

Today will be an outfit post! Worn during our Sydney trip so it kind of falls under vacation tales too. *kills 2 birds with one stone wtf*

We went for dinner at Sokyo in Star Casino for Jing's graduation dinner, so everyone dolled up! Food was amazing at Sokyo, and I think it deserves its own blog post. :)

 photo IMG_1469_zpsd9a2c780.jpg
Got this Thai silk checkered print maxi skirt from Chatchuchak market, Bangkok sometime ago, and have been looking for an opportunity to wear it!

 photo IMG_1495_zpsa8c9e261.jpg
I couldn't believe it myself, but I know every item that Jing is wearing in her outfit! :O

Her dress is from ASOS, white blazer is from AZORIAS, clutch and shoes are from Miu Miu. I found it fascinating how although we live miles apart from each other, I still keep tabs on her wardrobe so that I can borrow stuff. :P

And one more never been seen before OOTD!

 photo IMG_1515_zps88428632.jpg
My brother, who is growing up to be quite a dashing man. Scratch that, I don't ever want to associate my brother with the words 'dashing' and 'man' wtf. He is wearing a Ralph Lauren polo and Armani corduroy pants. Loafers are from Target WTF, 'cause his sneakers got soaked on Bondi beach during the day and he was forced to buy a new pair of shoes.

 photo IMG_1470_zps2fb98bfa.jpg

 photo IMG_1474_zpsf1af8087.jpg

Gray V-neck tee: Korea
Checkered print Thai silk maxi Skirt: Chatchuchak market, Bangkok
Diamante necklaces: Korea
Black cord rope heels: Korea
Electric blue pom-pom bag used as clutch: Holiday in Zhuhai

As I said, food was spectacular in Sokyo.

 photo IMG_1521_zps1f13a74a.jpg

 photo IMG_1520_zps6eb947f9.jpg

But somehow we still found ourselves at Chat Thai for supper at the stroke of midnight. Heh.
Not shown: Fried rice and various Thai desserts wtf.

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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Eurotrip 2013 - A place to call home.

During our Eurotrip, we were lucky enough to stay at some pretty memorable places, so I thought I would do a blogpost on some of these accommodation!

First of all, a little back-story because some of you have been asking me about the tour we joined. We followed a local tour (Trafalgar Tours, which was founded in London), and they have many options of tours to cater to varying budget and schedules. The one we went on is actually the Cost Saver tour (about RM5K-plus, excluding flight tickets; and we also extended our stay in Paris, which is not part of the tour), mainly because we bought our flight tickets before booking the tour, and our arrival and departure date/ city was pretty much locked. We looked at numerous tour groups, but the Trafalgar Cost Saver tour was the tour that fit our dates/ duration best.

Now, being a cost-saver tour, we weren't expecting much from the accommodation. Generally, a rule of thumb is that the first and last accommodation would be the nicest, and everything else in the middle sucks wtf.

To recap, here are the places we went to in sequential order:
Paris> Amsterdam> Cologne (Germany)> Munich (Germany)> Innsbruck (Austria)> Venice (Italy)> Rome (Italy)> Florence (Italy)> Lucerne (Switzerland)> Paris

I will talk about the (interesting) hotels in this order too!

 photo photo3_zps409a69b9.jpg

This was a very artsy business hotel, with a lot of random art fixtures everywhere. It was a very decent hotel, no complains at all. But especially noteworthy was its breakfast! Hands down it was the best hotel breakfast of our entire trip. From chinese soups, pancakes, sashimi, to Amsterdam specialties like herring, they have it. We even had champagne for breakfast! Not bad at all. :D

 photo photo7_zps85c6a2fb.jpg

One of the ways tours save costs is by still putting you in a decent-standard hotel-- but far away from the city. I wasn't too optimistic about the hotel in Austria, as Innsbruck itself already has a 'small town' feel to it, and I can't imagine what a suburb to it will be like. To our pleasant surprise, our accommodation in Austria is actually a ski-lodge-like place on top of a mountain, with the most charming interior!

 photo photo8_zps7d668c9d.jpg
And not to mention a magnificent view of snow-capped Alps. :)

The sleeping arrangement during the tour was for my parents to be in one room, whilst the 3 of us sisters take another room. Much to our delight, my sisters and I found that we were constantly placed in the biggest/ best room in ALL of our accommodation as most people travel in pairs!

 photo photo_zps57f04416.jpg
For instance, in the Austrian wooden lodge hotel, we had a big suite with a spacious balcony facing the pool, glass house (with heated pool), and loads of lush greenery.

 photo IMG_2674_zpsb5441841.jpg
Another photo of the great view surrounding us. :)

 photo IMG_2944_zps2c33c4c4.jpg
Again, we were placed in one of the biggest rooms! Love the princess feel of this room, hehe.

When the tour bus was nearing the hotel, I let out an inward cringe-- the hotel looks HORRIBLE from the outside! Peeling walls, patchy paint job, wilting plants... I wouldn't even be surprised if it was haunted.

However, when we stepped into the lobby, we were pleasantly surprised!

 photo photo2_zpsdb4de2ad.jpg
In fact, I saved this photo in an inspiration folder for my future home WTF.

The hotel is owned and managed by two Italian brothers. Two very good looking Italian brothers. Jing and Teeny kept on trying to catch their eyes while they were assigning rooms to us, haha.

 photo photo1_zps2881b561.jpg
We opened the door to our room, and was greeted by this sleek, minimalistic room. Not bad!

Then suddenly we noticed the stairs....

 photo photo4_zpsdab322e8.jpg
... which leads to another room!!

We got a duplex yo!! That's practically like staying at a penthouse!!

The three of us got so excited that we started jumping and screaming like hooligans. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. One of the brothers came to deliver our bags. *shy* He asked us in a deep Italian accent, "Do you like your room?", and we answered demurely, "Oh yes, we do."

Then he told us, "Yes I know, I heard your screams from outside." WTFFF shy maximum!!

 photo photo5_zps48b610e6.jpg
But that didn't stop us from loving our room! Hehe.

And that's about it for the places that we stayed in Europe! Didn't blog about the rest of the places 'cause they were either meh (Germany and Switzerland) or decent but not really unique (Florence and Paris). One important thing that I really learned from this trip is that THREE is a PARTY for tours because most likely a nicer room is guaranteed! :D

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Third time is the charm.

I have something to confess.

This little guy here?

 photo 534acbcce84811e2bbd422000a1f9ab2_7_zps94608a77.jpg

We changed his name 3 times.

As you all know (*click*), we named him Duke when we first brought him home. However, we soon realized that it's not a nice name to call out loud-- especially when in a scolding manner. In fact, it sounds a lot like "TIUUUUU" which is a chinese cuss word FOL.

Also, his true colors started to show in a few days. -_- We already knew right from the get-go that corgis are highly intelligent, stubborn, and manipulative, but this fella here is a world class actor! For example, he knows he is not allowed to chew on his wee-pad, so he will sneakily go really near to it and start licking it. When he realizes that you are not looking, he will start chewing it. -_- Then when you catch him chewing and start scolding him, he will go back to licking then slowly walk away and lie down, all while giving you a sad puppy-dog face, as if asking you "Why are you scolding me.. I didn't do anything wrong.. :( ". -___-

So the boyfriend suggested to rename him to Oscar, since he is such a great actor wtf; and Oz for short. I thought that was kinda cute, plus Oz is my favorite show of all times wtf, so I agreed. It wasn't difficult to retrain him to respond to the name 'Oscar', because 1) corgis are really very smart, 2) he is so food-driven. -__- I am going to get him a doggy tee that says "Will do anything for food" wtf 'cause that describes him to a T! In a few short days, we taught him a few commands like "Sit", "Follow", "Jump", "Crawl" etc., and now I am teaching to "Kiss" by giving licks. :P Of course, getting him to "kiss" is also a diversion tactic 'cause at the moment the puppy likes to nip/ bite us, and that is definitely a habit we want to curb.

But in the last 2 days or so, the boyfriend and I started thinking longingly of the name "Duke" again... And we start to wonder whether we should go back to that name. So we went back and forth, back and forth... And we finally decided.

 photo IMG_5717_zpsca2a9469.jpg

Meet Rocky, guys.

Rocky, as in the famous boxer character made wildly popular by Sylvester Stallone. The boyfriend confessed that he wanted to name the puppy Rocky since day 1, and since we couldn't agree on a name anyway, we decided on it! Also, I agree it will be cute that such a macho, tough name to be attached onto this furry short-legged rascal.

And last but not least, Rocky signifies tenacious, underdog, champion, never say die, fighter... All qualities we would want in a dog. :)

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Monday, July 08, 2013


My mom-- who used to insist that she will never join Facebook-- is now the biggest Facebook fanatic ever wtf. Recently she developed a hobby of poring though old photo albums to take photos so that she can post them onto Facebook. -_-

But my technologically-challenged mother is stuck when she realized that she doesn't know how to transfer the photos from the camera onto Facebook, haha. And so I was summoned wtf. Since I am at it, I thought I would share some of the photos too! :D

 photo IMG_6045_zpsffe3b7fa.jpg
With my parents on on the day my dad got his Masters!

 photo IMG_6071_zps2449d61e.jpg
HAHAHAHAH I couldn't stop laughing at this photo. My parents in their dating days cue cheesy couple pose wtf. I can't imagine my dad ever posing like that lor!

 photo IMG_6044_zps8aa55c38.jpg
With my cousins in Chaah (in Johor), mom's hometown. Just realized that everyone in this photo is married now, except for my cousin brother on the utmost left, who is a Casanova till today. Even I am going to get married soon! *shy*

 photo IMG_6083_zps8a194c78.jpg
Jing and I giving Grandpa a hand mouth in blowing candles! Teeny looked on sadly 'cause she didn't get to join in the fun, haha.

 photo IMG_6068_zpsec3d04a1.jpg
My parents acting silly! Actually they are still silly even till today. :)

 photo IMG_6062_zps39b3fdf3.jpg
On my mom's graduation day with my two grandmothers! My late maternal grandmother looks older 'cause my mom is the youngest of 10 children, whereas my dad is the eldest child.

Actually, I imagine this day to be quite an emotional day for the family! My mom came from a small village in Johor, and therefore, comes from an underprivileged background. However, because she was bright and hardworking, somehow she managed to get a spot in Universiti Malaya (through scholarship), which was where she met my dad. After they started dating, my dad financially supported my mom through university despite his meager salary from working at the government hospital. :)

My mom used to tell me that my dad would wait for her outside the exam hall  for every one of her finals paper. Coincidentally, the boyfriend and I used to do that for each other during our university days as well! :)

 photo IMG_6079_zpsce96ff87.jpg
With my Singaporean cousins in their flat's balcony in Singapore. This was my favorite rattan chair-swing!

 photo IMG_6082_zps043f3491.jpg
Another one on the day my dad got his Masters-- this is taken back in our (then) new home. We have just shifted into this house back then, and I remember that it was so exciting for me to stay in a house (we used to stay in a flat) with our very own garden! And Jing's hairstyle is so cool wtf.

By the way, do you notice that in almost every photo of me, I was wearing a pink dress in varying designs. -__- Guess my mom really loved to dress her daughter in pink frilly dresses. -_____-

Anyway, hope you guys enjoyed this post, 'cause it was definitely fun for myself to take a walk through memory lane! :)

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