Friday, July 26, 2013


Lately there has been so many changes in my life-- from our new puppy, Rocky (waking up at 5am to find him dancing in poo and thus having to carry out an emergency bathing session FOL), work-related changes (doing some operational reshuffling for AZORIAS), accommodation (staying at the boy's place)-- I am just trying to keep my head above everything, and not get overwhelmed. Amidst all the craziness in life, I am so grateful for my fiance and my family, the constants in my life-- they are everything to me. :)

My motto for now-- embrace the changes, and well, enjoy the process, as cliched as it sounds. After all, change means new opportunities right?


I will be flying off to Korea in 2 days' time for AZORIAS' routine merchandising trip, and that inspired me to do a blogpost on Korea!

Actually what I meant is that I dug through my photo albums to find any unblogged photos taken in Korea, hehe.

 photo IMG_1010_zpsae4891e2.jpg
This was a trip with Jing last year! She kindly invited herself along on my business trip to shop till she drops spend quality sisterly time.

To see myself look so thin in a white dress brings me pure undiluted joy wtf.

 photo IMG_1017_zps0450dbe4.jpg
One of the fun things about staying with the boyfriend is that we get to decorate our room! We have already got the room painted, and scored a super comfy and nice bed. Now I am thinking some organizers for my jewelry... :P

 photo IMG_1031_zpsb81dbdac.jpg
Resting after a massive shopping trip in Apgujeong (Seoul's equivalent of Rodeo Drive), in Gangnam. Ironically, Gangnam-Style wasn't even released then wtf (This was back in June last year).

 photo IMG_1019_zps695c2099.jpg
Remember I said massive shopping trip? Check out Jing's shopping bag wtf. She got the most darling Lady Dior bag in a shocking bubblegum pink!

Jing is wearing AZORIAS organza-sleeved tee (already sold out) and my leopard print shorts-- which reminds me, JING WHERE IS IT I HAVEN'T SEEN IT SINCE YOU WORE IT. Her shoes are Ferragamo and bag is LV Vernis.

My outfit:
 photo IMG_1012_zps8c9fea57.jpg

 photo IMG_1015_zpse59d4cd2.jpg

 photo IMG_1007_zps9543605e.jpg

Ivory high-neck lace dress: AZORIAS
Gold necklaces: Korea:
Bracelets: Assorted (mostly Korea/ F21)
Watch: DKNY
Mint wayfarers: MNG
Ankle boots: Korea
Bag: Miu Miu

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