Wednesday, July 03, 2013

One day with S4.

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My wish was granted!!

Y’see, after going for the Samsung S4 launch a few weeks ago (*click to read*), I was really itching to try out the phone to see whether it lived up to its claims. And TADA, recently I was asked to review the S4! :D
To give you guys a better feel of the phone, I decided to bring you guys along on a journey with me and the S4 for one day…

10am: Woke up and get ready
Chose my outfit, and besides dressing myself up, I dressed up the S4 too wtf.

 photo IMG_6733_zps1ab6fc90.jpg
I wore blue for the day, so I put a Cookie Monster earcap on the phone, hehe.

Love the sleek design of the phone—the screen has grown from 4.8 inches on the Galaxy S3 to a full 5.0 inches on the S4, but yet the phone is still thinner, narrower and easier to grip. The phone is also much lighter than a lot of the current smartphones in the market—a big plus point because we girls already carry so much junk in our bag! -_-

11am: Brunch time

 photo 20130623_214828_zps69f8910a.jpg
Did what girls did best—took photos of our food!

Also took the opportunity to test out the camera. I was really impressed with the photos it churned out—you could even see the bubbles in the latte foam! :O Though, I shouldn’t be surprised as the phone comes with a 13 megapixel camera. Images are very sharp, and the colors are rich.

2pm: Shopping time
But we did a different type of shopping this time around... Let me give you a hint.

 photo IMG_6734_zps2030042f.jpg

We went to visit a dog breeder!! Because...

The boyfriend and I are getting a puppy!! :D :D :D

By the way, you have no idea how difficult it is to camwhore with a dog—they constantly move around and the photos come out blur! So I tried out the Dual Camera function on the S4 which basically activates the front and back camera at the same time to snap a photo—and voila, I am in the same photo as the dog, haha.

I also tried out a really cool feature on the S4—the Sound & Shot function. Basically, you get a still image—but with sounds! I took a photo of a cute puppy:

4pm: Chilled at home
While waiting for my 5.30pm Bodycombat class at the gym, I surfed a bit on the S4. Was quite excited to try out the Smart Scroll feature—you don’t have to swipe or scroll down the screen manually, the phone does it for you as you read on!

5.30pm: Gym time

 photo IMG_6735_zpsf69305e7.jpg

After a really rigorous class (I am so out of shape T_T But round is a shape WTF), I decided to track my calories using the S Health feature on the phone:

 photo IMG_6712_zps51169dc8.jpg
All you have to do is to select the activity which you were doing (via the Exercise Tracker), and key in the time spent—S Health will calculate for you the calories burnt.

Using S Health, you can also track your food intake:

 photo IMG_6713_zps4b8c1fe5.jpg

For example, I had a latte in the morning. Based on my weight, the phone tells me my recommended calorie intake for the day, so that I can monitor my input throughout the day!

8pm: Dinner time
Went to Rakuzen with Teeny because I have been craving for Japanese food for ages! Also, I haven’t been spending much time with her. :(

 photo photo1_zpsfca27a25.jpg

But eff her life, I ended up ignoring her a lot during dinner ‘cause I was busy playing with the S4, HEHE. The screen—I just cannot get enough of it! Everything is crisp and clear, making surfing so enjoyable!

10.30pm: Chill out time again
Had some time alone after dinner, so I used it to watch some videos on the S4. I must say, the video quality is excellent. Also, one very cool feature is the Smart Pause function. You know how sometimes halfway into watching a video, someone calls you, and you looked up, but by the time you turn your attention back to the screen, you have already missed out a chunk of the video, and is forced to rewind? Now that is a thing of the past. The S4 is so smart that it tracks your eye gaze, and when you look away from a video, the video automatically pauses! When you look back at the screen, the video resumes playing! :O

12.00am: Almost bedtime
I was quite surprised that I didn’t need to charge the S4 during the day despite fairly heavy usage. I guess this is due to the larger battery pack (but the phone is still so light!), and the more economical AMOLED screen.

Additional features that I like:
1) The screen – as I have mentioned, the colors really pop, and the the 441 pixels per inch ensure that text is super-clear text.

2) S Transalator – I think this will be a really useful tool for my business trips to Korea!

I already know what this means, ‘cause it’s what I wish my boyfriend sometimes. :P

Koreans generally don’t speak any English, so if someone happens to say something that I don’t understand, I can just get him/ her to speak aloud to the phone, and the S4 will magically translate it for me! :D

3) Air Gestures – You can motion your hand at the device to accept calls, change music or browse the web—very useful especially when you are driving!

All in all, I am very satisfied with the Samsung S4, which is arguably the most lusted after Android phone. :)

 photo photo2_zpsa982ef08.jpg
Happy satisfied face

To find out more about the S4, click here!

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