Wednesday, July 24, 2013

One for the beaches.

I think one of my favorite things in the world is the beach.

I can literally just lie down on the beach for hours just to watch the waves crash against the shore, listening to the rhythmic lullaby of the waves, pondering the vast skies above... And anyone who knows me well enough will know that doing anything on/ near the beach is a HUGE plus point for me, that includes strolling along a beach, staying next to the beach, dining in restaurants on a beach...

In fact, my number one sexual fantasy was to do it on a beach wtf. Until someone pointed out that you will get sand all inside you WTF.

So one of the things that I envy Jing the most was being able to access the beach at anytime when she was in Sydney! Now she is working in Brisbane-- which means even more beaches. *turns green with envy* Knowing my love for beaches, Jing actually arranged a lot of meals next to the beach for me! For example, brunch at Deckhouse which I blogged about here.

Another morning, she brought us to have lunch very near to Bondi beach! It was one of the best brunches I have ever had, and after the extremely satisfying meal, we took a walk down Bondi beach.

 photo IMG_1311_zps65a5b924.jpg
Really happy to be on the beach although it was quite an overcast day! But I just realized that I have no fate with Bondi beach-- it is shady and gloomy every single time I go to Bondi. -____-

 photo IMG_1325_zps2dc8c625.jpg
Wearing a Korean brand lipstick that I picked up in Seoul. It is the BEST lipstick I have ever used (except for maybe YSL, but YSL is like 4 times the price wtf)-- pigmented rich color, long-lasting, and very moisturizing but not to the point of being oily! Thank god I got it in 4 colors. :D

 photo IMG_1316_zpse1906691.jpg
Suddenly noticed that the sun was creeping out!

 photo IMG_1319_zps8b2a7751.jpg
I have a thing for tribal prints, Aztec print, ikat print, batik, Navajo print.. I love them all! So when I saw this Aztec print tee with a really unique peplum hem (kind of structured and jutting out, if you may), I knew I had to have it!

 photo IMG_1327_zpsa90f4b8f.jpg

Aztec print tee with stuctured peplum hem: AZORIAS
Frayed boyfriend jeans: Forever 21
Red jewel necklace: Korea
Nude leather link heels: Korea
Electric blue pom-pom bag: Holiday in Zhuhai

And the behind the scenes of our outfit photos...

 photo IMG_1308_zpsf499401f.jpg
Scampering around underneath our jackets because we didn't want the rain to mess up our hair and make up WTF.

Jing's wearing top and bottom from AZORIAS, and I am using a blazer as an umbrella wtf from AZORIAS too.

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Lisa! said...

I wish you guys would make a travel must do list for food places in Australia!

Since Jing set her blog into private, I haven't drooled over all the wonderful food posts in a while!

x Lisa

revel in me said...

lisa: Haha, actually Jing has started a new blog>> :)