Tuesday, July 02, 2013

The joys of short legs.

Meet Duke!

 photo photo2_zpsb769020e.jpg
Hi, I am a baby corgi, and this is me in my short-legged glory.

 photo photo4_zps9b99b77d.jpg
I give puppy-dog eyes for food.

Daddy and daddy's sister (they told me to call her Gu-Gu, but does it sound obscene? I am under-aged after all.)) taught me the "Sit" command on the first day! Of course I could do it. Anything for food. But I thought as long as I sit, I get food? But how come then after I finished my food and continued to sit, they didn't give me any more food.

Humans, Y U NO consistent??

 photo photo5_zpsa4c477db.jpg
I also like to sleep like a human. And thank you mommy, for covering my private part! I shy shy.

PS: Mommy also told me to tell you all to don't worry, she won't be one of those girls who only post photos of their pets on their blogs! Though why shouldn't she, I wonder. I am too cute!

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C H I Q E S S said...

Corgis are the cutest!!!! Congrats! :D
Hehe maybe you can bring it to the next gathering: http://www.buzzfeed.com/mjs538/this-is-what-it-happens-when-140-corgis-have-a-beach-party

mustardqueen said...


revel in me said...

chiqess: Hahahhahaha yes they are super cute dogs omg!! And I saw that article before-- melted so many times, haha.