Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The maxi skirt that finally saw the light.

Am trying to keep a good mix of content on the blog in terms of travel stories, my new puppy and outfit posts! And random fun entries like this one. :)

Today will be an outfit post! Worn during our Sydney trip so it kind of falls under vacation tales too. *kills 2 birds with one stone wtf*

We went for dinner at Sokyo in Star Casino for Jing's graduation dinner, so everyone dolled up! Food was amazing at Sokyo, and I think it deserves its own blog post. :)

 photo IMG_1469_zpsd9a2c780.jpg
Got this Thai silk checkered print maxi skirt from Chatchuchak market, Bangkok sometime ago, and have been looking for an opportunity to wear it!

 photo IMG_1495_zpsa8c9e261.jpg
I couldn't believe it myself, but I know every item that Jing is wearing in her outfit! :O

Her dress is from ASOS, white blazer is from AZORIAS, clutch and shoes are from Miu Miu. I found it fascinating how although we live miles apart from each other, I still keep tabs on her wardrobe so that I can borrow stuff. :P

And one more never been seen before OOTD!

 photo IMG_1515_zps88428632.jpg
My brother, who is growing up to be quite a dashing man. Scratch that, I don't ever want to associate my brother with the words 'dashing' and 'man' wtf. He is wearing a Ralph Lauren polo and Armani corduroy pants. Loafers are from Target WTF, 'cause his sneakers got soaked on Bondi beach during the day and he was forced to buy a new pair of shoes.

 photo IMG_1470_zps2fb98bfa.jpg

 photo IMG_1474_zpsf1af8087.jpg

Gray V-neck tee: Korea
Checkered print Thai silk maxi Skirt: Chatchuchak market, Bangkok
Diamante necklaces: Korea
Black cord rope heels: Korea
Electric blue pom-pom bag used as clutch: Holiday in Zhuhai

As I said, food was spectacular in Sokyo.

 photo IMG_1521_zps1f13a74a.jpg

 photo IMG_1520_zps6eb947f9.jpg

But somehow we still found ourselves at Chat Thai for supper at the stroke of midnight. Heh.
Not shown: Fried rice and various Thai desserts wtf.

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