Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Third time is the charm.

I have something to confess.

This little guy here?

 photo 534acbcce84811e2bbd422000a1f9ab2_7_zps94608a77.jpg

We changed his name 3 times.

As you all know (*click*), we named him Duke when we first brought him home. However, we soon realized that it's not a nice name to call out loud-- especially when in a scolding manner. In fact, it sounds a lot like "TIUUUUU" which is a chinese cuss word FOL.

Also, his true colors started to show in a few days. -_- We already knew right from the get-go that corgis are highly intelligent, stubborn, and manipulative, but this fella here is a world class actor! For example, he knows he is not allowed to chew on his wee-pad, so he will sneakily go really near to it and start licking it. When he realizes that you are not looking, he will start chewing it. -_- Then when you catch him chewing and start scolding him, he will go back to licking then slowly walk away and lie down, all while giving you a sad puppy-dog face, as if asking you "Why are you scolding me.. I didn't do anything wrong.. :( ". -___-

So the boyfriend suggested to rename him to Oscar, since he is such a great actor wtf; and Oz for short. I thought that was kinda cute, plus Oz is my favorite show of all times wtf, so I agreed. It wasn't difficult to retrain him to respond to the name 'Oscar', because 1) corgis are really very smart, 2) he is so food-driven. -__- I am going to get him a doggy tee that says "Will do anything for food" wtf 'cause that describes him to a T! In a few short days, we taught him a few commands like "Sit", "Follow", "Jump", "Crawl" etc., and now I am teaching to "Kiss" by giving licks. :P Of course, getting him to "kiss" is also a diversion tactic 'cause at the moment the puppy likes to nip/ bite us, and that is definitely a habit we want to curb.

But in the last 2 days or so, the boyfriend and I started thinking longingly of the name "Duke" again... And we start to wonder whether we should go back to that name. So we went back and forth, back and forth... And we finally decided.

 photo IMG_5717_zpsca2a9469.jpg

Meet Rocky, guys.

Rocky, as in the famous boxer character made wildly popular by Sylvester Stallone. The boyfriend confessed that he wanted to name the puppy Rocky since day 1, and since we couldn't agree on a name anyway, we decided on it! Also, I agree it will be cute that such a macho, tough name to be attached onto this furry short-legged rascal.

And last but not least, Rocky signifies tenacious, underdog, champion, never say die, fighter... All qualities we would want in a dog. :)

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mizzvickz said...

Eve said...

so cute ..! just a note of doggies wearing collar at home. Better not let them wear any collar unattended as there's cases where the collar got hooked on to something and while the dog struggle to be free, they got choked/strangled. something i learn from my doggie obedience class... :)

revel in me said...

victoria: Haha, you have no idea how much time I spend looking at corgi pictures WTF

eve: Hi dear, thank you for the tip! Actually we read about that too, however, as Rocky is so tiny and with so much energy (easily hiding or going into places where he is not supposed to without us realizing), we put a tiny bell on his collar so that we can track him easily! His play pen is very safe (his collar can't get snagged there), and when he is playing outside, it is always with close supervision, so it should be ok. :)

Anonymous said...

That face just melts my heart!

Grace said...

omaigash..i love Rocky's short legs! so adorable wanna squeeezee him