Friday, August 02, 2013

Getting down and dirty.

So on-hand I have two immediate projects, one which is not so fun, and the second one, well, a lot more fun.

The first one: toilet-train Rocky to potty outside. He already knows how to potty inside the house, but we think that him doing it outside will be a lot more cleaner and easier for us. Am kind of dreading this, 'cause I know it's going to be tough, so any tips from dog-owners on this would be much welcomed! :)

The second project-- to decorate our bedroom! We have already given the room a fresh coat of paint (we chose a pale taupe), and got a nice comfy bed, and there's limited work that we can do 'cause there are built-ins and some of furniture like study table and closets will have to stay, but I still think that we can add some nice touches to the room to make it ours! :)

Some of my inspiration:

 photo eeb45f8b006a4dde8bd038a833d1ed7d_zpseb868ab1.jpg

 photo 0ba972a064610fe9b8bc298fa1b7f63e_zpsdfa0b988.jpg

 photo 9ce1d4a9ff43ddb685d94fadf4e13727_zps0a019296.jpg

 photo 694851c93f324be6a52743e70aef66e9_zpsda3f2085.jpg

Can't wait to show you guys the end result! :)


Wore this outfit for tea with a friend and then for dinner with Teeny after that. It's always so lovely to catch up with my loved ones! Especially Teeny whom I don't see much nowadays 'cause when I am home she is always out exercising. -_-

 photo IMG_5801_zps6ebaefe7.jpg

 photo IMG_5807_zps3a40e890.jpg

 photo IMG_5805_zps751902f9.jpg

Black sheer shirt: Korea
Neon printed skirt: AZORIAS
Pink diamante necklace: Teeny's
Neon pink rope necklace with diamante pendant: Forever New, Sydney
Suede knot platform heels: Topshop
Bag: Boy Chanel

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Anonymous said...

Cute bag. What is Boy Chanel all about? :)

revel in me said...

wllwproject: You mean other than the fact it's the best thing ever since sliced bread? :P It's a new addition to Chanel's classic ranges like the clssic flap and 2.55, and is becoming quite an iconic bag! :)