Saturday, August 10, 2013

Raya update.

As I am typing away now, I have a snoring puppy in front of me, and a snoring fiance to my right. I can't help but chuckle to myself; listening to these two boys in my life, their snores making quite a symphony.

The first 2 days of the long weekend have been lovely! Think 1am bak kut teh supper, chocolate truffles, free gifts from lucky draws (free movie tickets and a cupcake stand that I am planning to use to store my jewelry-- it's from Visa by the way, just pop by at KLCC!), furniture shopping, dim sum lunch, a Chanel purchase for someone, puppy kisses, iced Chai tea latte, and lots and lots of TLC and laughter.

Also went to a Raya open house by the boy's boss-- who has my dream garden complete with lots of foliage, a swimming pool, a wooden patio, and fairy lights hanging on an enormous old tree that towers over the outdoor wooden dining table. Walked into the house and was immediately greeted by a smiling little girl who tucked a fresh flower behind my ear. :) Met the fiance's bosses who bring the term 'globalization' to a new level-- think American, Australian, Belgian, British, French... all under one roof. Feel so happy that the boy has such amazing bosses. :)

 photo IMG_5860_zps541f3832.jpg
The second Boy Chanel in the family. One more was added to our family today! ;)

 photo IMG_5858_zps20d22b7e.jpg
Wore this on the first day of Raya. Would have loved to wear something more traditional looking, such as a kaftan or a maxi skirt, but staying at the boy's place leave me with quite limited outfit choices. So I settled on green accents with the bag and shoes, hehe.

 photo IMG_5864_zps3d8c3a71.jpg
The chicken and egg story. Do I feel happy because I was wearing happy colors, or did I choose happy colors because I was happy? :P

 photo IMG_5859_zpsfdf0416c.jpg

Sheer floral print dress: Zara
Crystal pendant drop necklace: Jadore Janelle
Green rattan platforms: Jeffrey Campbell
Bag: Boy Chanel

The best part? There is still 2 more days of the long weekend to go! :D

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Kim L said...

So jelly of your boy Chanel collection! <3 Le sigh!

accidental encounters

revel in me said...

kim: Hehe, it's only 'cause we get to share amongst each other! <3