Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Roomie talk.

Recently, the fiance and I have been busy doing up our room. It's not easy, because we have such different tastes/ styles! He prefers minimalistic looks and neutral shades, whereas I love prints and accents and colors.


We agreed that each of us get to pick one item for the room-- that way, it's fair.

*both of us laid eyes on a clothing stand that will look good in our room*

Me: Hey, that's perfect for our room!

Him: Yes, I like it!

Me: Oooh, then why don't you pick this k? I will pick something else then...

Him: Don't think I don't know what you are trying to do ar! You are trying to cheat me to use up my 'pick'!


We were walking around in Ikea, and suddenly he taps me on the shoulder and asked me:

Excuse me, where can I find the textile department?

Me: Huh? What are you talking about?

Him: You wear like that... Aren't you an Ikea staff?

 photo photo9_zps5d58cb1a.jpg


 photo index_zpsd4165497.jpg



 While browsing a furniture shop, I wailed to him.

Me: I am so depressed that I can never have anything pink in my (our) room ever again!

Him: I am so depressed that you even have the thought of having anything pink in our room.


Because we really have such different ideas for the room, further to our "you pick one, I pick one" democracy policy, we had another new one-- "you veto one, I veto one". -_-

Me: Need or not! So democratic meh!

Him: Hey, you are a woman. You should be happy that I am giving you equal rights.

Me: *death stare*

Him: Do you know why Beyonce sings "To the left, to the left"?

Me: Uh huh...

Him: 'Cause she knows women have no rights.


Despite our differences, we have not argued at all over our room project! In fact, we are both very pleased with how it is turning out! :D

 photo b9624d40018411e3822b22000a1f901c_7_zpsbbc59bc5.jpg

It's still a work-in-progress for the moment, but here is a sneak peek. :)

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Anonymous said...

You guys are cute haha!