Saturday, September 28, 2013

A fresh-out-of-the-oven outfit, i.e. I am still wearing it as I blog now wtf!

 photo IMG_1841_zpsda083e5a.jpg
Just a super simple, no-frills outfit for the weekend (look, Ma, no accessories!).

 photo IMG_1844_zpsb3d22198.jpg
Super love this flouncy pinstriped skirt! The unique cutaway highwaist makes it the right mix of preppy and casual cool.

 photo IMG_1839_zpsf179d86d.jpg
Been kind of crazy over chill red anything recently-- so I kind of like how my nails and bag added a bit of color to my outfit. :)

 photo IMG_1846_zpsdf5d836d.jpg

 photo IMG_1840_zpsfc7ccf01.jpg

Gray backless tee: Korea
Pinstriped buttoned-down swing skirt: AZORIAS
Silver ankle-strapped peeptoes: Zara
Patent slingbag: Chanel


I have some really happy news to share today! :D :D :D

Not sure whether some of you realized, but I got a new blog domain-- my blog now redirects to!

Some of you may remember that I used to have a blog domain at, but due to some Google/ credit card mess up (full sob story here) last year, I lost that domain. Now it is used by some Japanese company (which I suspect is some kind of hospital)-- but I don't understand why would they want a URL called Revel in Me???? Their domain subscription was going to expire in March this year, and I have been waiting at the sideline (i.e. put myself on the backorder list for the domain), praying fervently that they will forget to renew so that I can reclaim my domain for myself. Alas, they did renew it for another year. *flips table* I then paid a small fee to GoDaddy to negotiate with the Japanese guys to release the domain, but the Japanese guys rejected. T___T

So I guess over these few months, I have came to accept that I have really lost for good. The thing is, I still wanted my own domain!! But I couldn't really think a representative URL... I mean, I did toy with revelinme, but I thought it wasn't intelligible enough.

However, the more I thought about it, the more revelinme makes sense, because my Instagram and Twitter handles are also @revelinme. So a few days ago, I took the plunge and booked! :D

(I also booked the domain for 5 years, so that I won't fall into any credit card renewal problems again. -_-)

Very excited to have my own domain again, and I actually feel like it's a cause to celebrate! *will find any reason to celebrate wtf*

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My adult fantasy.

The first time I saw a photo of Disneyland was when I was around 7 years old-- cheerful colorful images of the magical place plastered over Reliance brochures that my parents brought home.

I asked my dad to bring me there, it was all I ever wanted in my life! He told me that my sisters were too young (age 2 and 3 then), let's wait for them to grow up a little before we go.

I waited.

Years later, when we were considered 'old enough' to travel, my mom got pregnant with my brother. -_- Our requests to go to Disneyland were once again met with gentle coaxing to wait until he grows up.

I was 21 years old when a trip to Tokyo Disneyland was finally finalized.

I could never forget that feeling when I stepped into Disneyland. I couldn't believe I was there! I remember every detail so vividly. Aladdin's 'Arabian Nights' was playing softly in the background, Cinderella's castle standing tall and proud in the background, every Mickey silhouette and every colorful nook and corner drenched in sunlight, Disney princess were prancing around me in flesh and blood speaking in whimsical melodious tones, just like in the cartoons...

I teared.

I have waited way more than 10 years for that moment. A child's dream, finally fulfilled.

Ironically, I was officially an adult then (we went to Disneyland on my birthday month). But it didn't take away any of the magic and wonder, and the breathlessness as I run around trying to absorb every sight and sound, not wanting to miss out on anything.

It is definitely one of the top 10 moments in my life. :)

We visited Disneyland again last year when we went to Tokyo:

 photo IMG_9308_zps362393b9.jpg

 photo IMG_9301_zps20f7d45b.jpg

 photo IMG_9314_zps0a877400.jpg


If the above was how I felt about Disneyland, every child's ultimate fantasy land, then it is definitely how I feel about Paris-- the adult's fantasy land. ;)

I have fantasized about Paris since forever, and have always thought I would only get to visit the place during my honeymoon or something. There is just a certain magic about Paris, a je ne sais quois that I can't put my finger to. But as long as I can remember, Paris was no.1 in my bucket list for places to visit (as an adult; for little Hui Wen, Disneyland still came up tops hehe)!

I was in disbelief for the longest time when I found out that my family was arranging for a trip to Europe, and Paris was included in it. Up till the flight to Paris, I was still pinching myself to make sure I was not in a dream!

 photo IMG_4351_zpsdf941531.jpg

One of the very first things that we did in Paris was to take a cruise along Seine river, where we got a larger than life view of the Eiffel tower. Jing and I clambered to the front of the cruise ship to capture better photos, and when the ship neared the tower, we lowered our cameras and just held hands, taking in the beautiful sight before us, almost shuddering in disbelief.

I teared.

It was almost too much for me to take in! A life-long dream being fulfilled, and I was there, right there experiencing it.

And Paris just got better and better.

 photo IMG_4382_zps76598d45.jpg
Went back again at night to catching the twinkling nights of the Eiffel tower (the lights will come on for every hour for 5 minutes). It was achingly beautiful and magical. I am so sorry for the lack of vocabulary, but there is no other word to describe Paris. Paris is magic.

To catch a glimpse of the twinkling lights, watch Teeny's instavideo here! You won't regret it. :D

Paris continued to be awesome....

 photo IMG_4554_zps52b8e129.jpg

 photo IMG_4671_1_zpsaf81b22b.jpg
Tuileries Garden.

 photo IMG_5103_zps752a367e.jpg Laduree Paris.

 photo IMG_4749_zps25d079d1.jpg

I just feel so so so blessed that I am able to fulfill these two fantasies of mine, for both little Hui Wen and adult Hui Wen! And I will announce here now that I will never tire of these two places, hehe.

Although it does make me feel a little lost, 'cause these  two place were my ULTIMATE fantasies, and I sort of wonder whether I will still feel the same excitement for other places that I go to?

But I am not too worried about that though.

'Cause I do have a new travel fantasy. :)

My newest travel fantasy is to go to somewhere with my fiance, somewhere both of us have never been before. :) We have been to a couple of places together, such as Australia (when he visited me while I was studying), Singapore (while I was working), Korea (he was there for work before, and subsequently brought me there to visit-- which kickstarted AZORIAS by the way :P), Bangkok (as part of his proposal/ birthday surprise)... But for all these places, it was always the case whereby one of us is already familiar with the place, and it was more of showing the person around.

I don't know what will be the destination though.. USA? Greece? Portugal? All I know is I dream of discovering and exploring a new territory with my love (partly because of his amazing sense of direction hehe), and to experience the awe and wonderment that I had for my previous trips with him. There is no one else more that I want to do it together with.

I can't wait for the day this fantasy of mine will be fulfilled! :)))

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Hong Kong 2013 (Day 3): OOTD

I think this is the last of my outfit posts from our Hong Kong trip this year!

 photo IMG_8218_zps3213a2ce.jpg
At Victoria Harbor after an extremely satisfying dim sum brunch. Going to Hong Kong isn't complete without at least one dim sum meal!

 photo IMG_8222_zps8db757dd.jpg
Am actually wearing the top and bottom from this night, but changed it up a bit so that it looks like a totally different outfit. Making the most mileage out of my packed items, hehe.

 photo DSC_3171_zpscab14b58.jpg
Love wearing hats but don't like the aftermath of it-- hat hair.

 photo IMG_8219_zps32c7de3a.jpg

White shirt: AZORIAS
Geek tee: Topshop
Navy frindged skirt: Korea
Army green ruffled lapel jacket: Korea
Silver tassel loafers: Eight boutique
Green felt hat: Korea
Bag: Alexander Wang

 photo IMG_8239_zpse2602565.jpg

So much L-O-V-E for Hong Kong!
Got relegated to be the base of 'L' because I am the shortest. T_____T

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Friday, September 20, 2013

What is that at your feet?

Shopping for our room one weekend:

 photo 13d79706105511e3ab3c22000a1fc513_7_zps737a52ff.jpg

Am absolutely in love with these mirrored drawers and bedside tables! Wanted to get one for our room, but the boy was like "very leceh, 'cause need to wipe it everyday to avoid fingerprints". Pffttt, who cares about being practical! Hehe.

I will have one of these in my future house, I declare first! *shakes fist*

Better photos of my casual outfit:
 photo IMG_5878_zpsda8ca2da.jpg

 photo IMG_5882_zps78bb5dbf.jpg

Tropical floral print pussybow blouse: AZORIAS
Denim shorts: Cotton On
Gold cuff: Diva
Green rattan platforms: Jeffrey Campbell
Bag: Chanel Boy

You know the thick platforms I was wearing? I think flatforms are brilliant for times when I want a bit of height but need comfort as well. Alas, men don't understand fashion. The fiance asked me:

"Why did you put phone books at your feet???"


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Thursday, September 19, 2013

The mysterious case of the missing chargers.

Hallelujah, no more sucky photos in my blog posts for you guys (re: this post wtf) anymore! For the longest time, I could not find the battery chargers for my DSLR and my trusty semi-pro Canon S95, so I was relying on the boy's camera (a S100, so I was pretty comfortable with it) before this. I tried to buy new chargers, but camera shops quoted me rm250 for EACH camera charger. O_O However, recently we couldn't locate even the boy's camera charger too as things got pretty messy in our room due to moving rooms and renovations, so I pretty much could only depend on my phone camera. T_T

Alas, good things happen to good people wtf. My chargers mysteriously popped up on my study table! WOOHOO.

Just a short outfit post to indicate better things to come wtf.

 photo IMG_5871_zpsb82ec6eb.jpg
Wore this for a happy dimsum lunch, furniture shopping, and a spontaneous trip to KLCC where I won 4 TGV movie tickets from some VISA lucky draw. :D

 photo IMG_5865_zpsc92dd38a.jpg
Score these happy shorts from ZARA for a fraction of its original price during the recent sale! Love happy colors and prints, but I hate that it wrinkles so easily. Boho chic is not that easy to rock wtf.

 photo IMG_5870_zps981527ea.jpg
New FAVORITE necklace! Maybe 'cause it's something unlike most of my necklaces. :)

 photo IMG_5866_zpse0a9a314.jpg

White shirt with ruffled sides: Korea
Red swallow print shorts: Zara
Jewel and rope necklace: Korea
Nude leather knot heels: Korea
Bag: Chanel

How was your long weekend? Mine was mostly spent cuddling with the boy who was away the whole of last week in Bangkok. He will be traveling a lot more now due to new work responsibilities, and now I know how he feels when I go to Korea for my business trips! T_T

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Elegantology New Collection launch.

Sponsored post

I was ecstatic to be invited to my second Elegantology event shortly after my first one (blogged here)—especially this time around, the event is a more intimate one with a fine dining experience at the Elegantology restaurant at Publika as well as a first look at the launch of their New Collection.

 photo IMG_1804_zps52eff51e.jpg
The event started off with the fashion show showcasing the New Collection.

I did, however, thought that the theme would be easier this time (the last one was “White Elegance”), but alas, I was wrong! The theme this time is “Gold Elegance”, which could be quite simple but I didn’t want to take the easy way out by donning gold accessories. Instead I insisted on finding something elegantly gold wtf but still ME. Thank god I managed to put together something at the 11th hour!

 photo IMG_1710_zps6ec659a3.jpg
Tada! With Bobo here. What do you think of my outfit? :D

Gold sequined embroidered sheer blouse: AZORIAS
Leather pleated skirt: Korea
Black suede pumps with tortoiseshell heels: Topshop
Studded clutch with bejeweled skull clasp: Holiday in Zhuhai

As some of you may already know, Elegantology Gallery & Restaurant houses exclusive men’s fashion and lifestyle collections created by reputable local designers alongside a gastronomic haven which is the work of celebrity chefs Johnny Fua and Sherson Lian.

 photo IMG_1702_zpsdccf0468.jpg
Some of the delicious hors d'oeuvres that we got to sampled.

 photo IMG_1706_zps9e5b1f60.jpg
They went so well with the Martell cocktails served throughout the night! Free flow, of course. :D

 photo IMG_1708_zps236f7a29.jpg
At the food bar, where more of the tantalizing canapés were served.

 photo IMG_1805_zps101102a9.jpg
Uh oh. These. Cheese. Sticks. We loved them so much from the previous event! This time they are served with a different but equally appetizing dip.

It was really difficult to remind myself not to fill up my tummy with these finger foods, ‘cause there would be more yummy food awaiting for me at dinner after the fashion show.

After some mingling around (so many familiar faces and celebrity sightings!), the show was about to start. It was kicked off by announcing three best-dressed gentlemen of the night, and by cheekily inviting them to do a spontaneous catwalk.

 photo IMG_1722_zpsa29e6edc.jpg
One of the winners. You go, boy! They handled it like pros!

Elegantology’s New Collection was presented by up-and-coming designers as well as established designers such as Beatrice Looi, Daniel Chong, Hayden Koh, Ian Chang, Jason Zeck Lee, Joe Chia, Justin Yap and Venie Tee.

Here are some of the looks:

 photo IMG_1727_zps433cf1f7.jpg
I love elbow-patched anything!

 photo IMG_1767_zps71341fd2.jpg
Peter Davis, actor and mixed martial artist, totally carrying off this long shirt robe! Many celebrities also walked the catwalk that night.

 photo IMG_1755_zps6c44e2bc.jpg
A sweater that I think is preppy with a bit of edge.

 photo IMG_1799_zpsb0ee56f4.jpg
Hayden Koh (Designer) and Lawrence Wong strutting the catwalk.

 photo IMG_1747_zpsc65f3bad.jpg
I like how this skirt moves in real life.

 photo IMG_1765_zps58758b9c.jpg
I can think of many girls who would totally rock this though! I think that’s the beauty of Elegantology—women can shop the collection as well, as the androgynous menswear look is always evergreen. And I can’t be the only one stealing from my boyfriend’s wardrobe right? Hehe.

 photo IMG_1753_zpsedfc6b53.jpg
A more avant-garde skirt.

 photo IMG_1776_zpsb62be342.jpg
These printed pants. *thumbs up*

 photo IMG_1777_zps749885f6.jpg
Will Quah looking dapper in a sleek suit by Joe Chia.

 photo IMG_1763_zpsbf3b6143.jpg
Wind in the hair, wind in the skirt for this fab dress! Adore the OTT gold bow belt as well.

 photo IMG_1769_zps8fdb6d3b.jpg
Something easy chic for the boys.

 photo IMG_1800_zps96d26b8d.jpg
Another photo of Peter Davis ‘cause he is so cute. *grins*

 photo IMG_1801_zps56f17c34.jpg
Daniel Chong and Will Quah taking another walk.

One of the collections that I really enjoyed was Beatrice Looi’s “Debonair Gentleman”. It was cheeky and fun, and the pieces were elaborate and full of beautiful details.

 photo IMG_1790_zps72b1f957.jpg
The bombshell model who was playfully flirting with all the male models for Beatrice Looi’s show.

 photo IMG_1803_zps6da54871.jpg
Beatrice Looi and Steve Yap, one of Malaysia’s top male models.

With the show ending on a high note, we were escorted to the Elegantology Gallery & Restaurant (located at 35, Level G2, Publika).

 photo photo10_zpsfe2e6eb0.jpg

 photo IMG_1807_zpsb0edf1e3.jpg

 photo IMG_1808_zps6b484c8f.jpg

 photo photo9_zps46631c9a.jpg

Having been to the Gallery once, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the place was further transformed to a classic beautiful dining setting. With such a stunning interior and ambience, I really looking forward to the magic that chefs Sherson Lian and Johnny Fua would whip up for the night.

My dinner partners for the night:

 photo IMG_1712_zps32e0e544.jpg
Nana, Joyce, Bobo, and Chuckei. Chattered nostop with these lovely ladies throughout the night!

 photo IMG_1810_zps90381a95.jpg
Starter: Air-tried beed wrapped pencil asparagus, ulam Raja pear infused kimchi, balsamic pearls.

 photo IMG_1811_zps9ed755c5.jpg
Soup: Yuko potato and Naganegi hearty soup foies gras, scented spray and wilted spinach.

 photo IMG_1816_zps662a7480.jpg
Passion fruit sorbet to clean our palette before mains.

 photo IMG_1818_zps1ae3ad55.jpg
Mains: Pan fried cod roulade, lemon thyme crème pumpkin gnocchi, chilli oil, home grown mustard crest.

 photo IMG_1820_zps4144d6be.jpg
Dessert: Maple syrup and walnut jaconde ginger purple potato mousse.

It was such a beautiful dinner! Everything was lovely and top-notch. :) A meticulously crafted dinner, coupled with melodious live singing, wonderful company, what could possibly make the night better?

Well, Elegantology did it. With a magic/ illusion show!

 photo IMG_1814_zpsc7457fae.jpg
Here is the illusionist (he masqueraded as our head waiter at first) teaching Bobo how to bend a fork just by stroking it.

 photo photo11_zpsafa6f424.jpg

As I threw my head back laughing at something one of the girls said, while rubbing my filled belly appreciatively, I looked around taking in the beautiful sights around me, I thought to myself, how lucky I was to be able to there that night. :)

To savor the exquisite experience I had that night, follow Elegantology on Facebook and visit their website!

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