Monday, September 02, 2013

All white out.

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“What is your favorite color?”—I was asked this in an interview recently.

My answer? White.

So it’s no surprise that I was really excited about the Elegantology “White Elegance” party held at Poppy Gardens last week, especially the dressing up part! It is afterall, a come-together of fashion, gastronomy and mixology. The only flaw in my plan is that I expected to devour a lot of yummy food that night, but white makes people look fat FML.

 photo IMG_6012_zps76d61d4c.jpg
So happy to see Bobo and Jo!

 photo IMG_6009_zps6bba86d4.jpg
Teeny in her very Calvin Klein-like outfit. LOVE!

I was contemplating between white palazzo pants (something like what Teeny was wearing), a white blazer or a white dress with a twist… So many options! Maybe Elegantology should throw more white-themed parties lol.

In the end, I settled for this:

 photo IMG_6097_zps79ff10c4.jpg
It’s a bow-shouldered dress that is coming soon on AZORIAS. To make it more party-like, I tucked one of the straps under my arms for a toga effect!

Y’see, my decision on this dress is a smart one—because the full skirt gets to hide my stuffed tummy from all the good food! Canapes were served through the night, and these were the scrumptious food that I inhaled sampled: Tarragon Mustard Lobster Bouchees, Sous Vide Chad Potatoes with Sour Cream & Caviar, Mini Mango Galettes and Twisted Parsley Breadsticks with Tomato Pesto Dip.

 photo IMG_6019_zps059b3563.jpg
Chefs Johnny Fua (L) and Sherson Lian (R) did live culinary demonstrations of the canapes, and gave some cooking tips and pointers.

 photo IMG_6068_zpsc61ce38f.jpg
That’s also one of the reasons why I brought Teeny, because I thought it’d be something she will enjoy after her Masterchef stint. :)

 photo IMG_6027_zps8451054f.jpg
A very nerve-wrecking show of fire-throwing and swallowing. T_T

 photo IMG_6014_zps3b11c7ef.jpg
Had the pleasure of meeting Michelle for the first time too! Love it when fashion lovers get together. :D

 photo IMG_6003_zpsdf3a6ddc.jpg
Posing with some models of the night, and standing out in white. #itrhymes

 photo IMG_6055_zps50da3c65.jpg
We were served complimentary Martell cocktails through the night, which is evil…

 photo IMG_6081_zps21d0d93a.jpg
Because we turned pink and happy quickly! Hehe.

 photo IMG_6094_zpsb76b9cf5.jpg
Lusting over DJ Zara’s Ariel-like hair.

 photo IMG_6032_zps6608d11e.jpg
Coincidentally our bags matched that night, haha. Can you guess which one is whose? :P

My outfit for the night:
 photo IMG_6102_zps9c1f7b09.jpg

White bow-shouldered dress: AZORIAS
Pearl drop earrings: Forever 21
Cap-toed pumps: Whittner, Australia
Bag: Chanel

Then the fashion show of Elegantology’s limited edition menswear collections started! The first collection was by Hayden Koh and Daniel Chong.

 photo IMG_6040_zps7e95bbed.jpg
Cindy Chen, Miss World Malaysia first-runner up, kickstarted the catwalk.

 photo IMG_6043_zpsa6ac6ed8.jpg
I love chambray shirts, and I thought the mesh sleeves are quite a cool touch! I think I can get my boyfriend to wear this, but he will probably give the necklace a skip, haha.

 photo IMG_6050_zps9ae0d1d8.jpg
Sweaters don’t have to be dowdy!

 photo IMG_6052_zps50834c4e.jpg
There’s something for the ladies too. This oversized sweater caught my eye because it’s just effortless casual chic.

 photo IMG_6059_zpsd00d6269.jpg
Elegantology got some celebrities to walk the runway, and this is ex-model Alan Yun, whose work I haven’t seen in awhile! He looks quite happy to be in his forte again, hehe.

This is the second collection by Michael Ong, by the way—a more fun and risk-taking collection.

 photo IMG_6064_zps5e829d14.jpg
Strictly for car lovers wtf. But I will take the pants though! :D

 photo IMG_6075_zps666c61fd.jpg
A group shot of all the models, clapping for the designers.

 photo IMG_6077_zpsaa9cbffa.jpg
Designers Hayden Koh and Daniel Chong basking in the applause. :P

After that, it was time to announce the 6 most stylish men of the night!

 photo IMG_6080_zpse220aa72.jpg
The two designers, and fellow designer / creative director of Elegantology Gallery & Restaurant Beatrice Looi were spotting trendsetters through the night, and they each got to choose two winners…

 photo IMG_6093_zps8977592a.jpg
… and here they are! Ladies and gentlemen, you are looking at some of the most stylish men in town. Which look is your favorite? :D

 photo IMG_6082_zps2e24bba8.jpg
The fashion segment brought the party to another climax, and we happily went back to more munching and drinking. And that was how the story continued to unfold—drink and eat merrily, with a lot of laughter and just a little bit of silly dance moves. :P

 photo IMG_6099_zps9470954c.jpg
Thank you Martell and Elegantology for a fabulous night out!

For more info on the next Elegantology Party , you can visit Elegantology’s Facebook page here!

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Looking gorgeous in that dress... ultra feminine! x

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wllwproject: Haha, very rarely I get people telling me that I am feminine.. :P Thank youuu! <3