Friday, September 06, 2013


After the photoshoot for Female magazine (briefly blogged about it here)...

Me: Bee, is my smile very nice?

Him: Yes... I have always told you that!

Me: Hmm.. Okay. 'Cause the team for the photoshoot kept on telling me today how I have a great smile, and they only know one other person who has a smile like me.. But I don't really know what they mean by that!

Him: But anyway you seldom smile lar.

Me: What do you mean!!??

Him: You are always either muram 'cause hungry or laughing like a mad woman.


Him: Exactly what I meant.


I was ecstatic to find that shoes were going for super cheap in Zara's clearance sale-- starting for about RM29.90 and not more than RM69.90! :O

 photo photo9_zpsaa45eaaa.jpg

While queuing up to pay for these 3 pairs of flats, I tried to justified my purchase.

Me: Now that Rocky has finished his vaccines, we are going to be walking him a lot! I need flats for that.

Him: Don't try to bluff me. We both know that even if there is no dog, we would have still come to the same ending in this store.



The boyfriend walked into the room and caught me doing 'Shake ya tailfeather' to Rocky WTF.

Him: *speaking to the dog* Rocky, I pity both of us for being related to her.

Me: Hehehehe.

Him: *still facing the dog* Actually, no, Rocky, I pity you more.

Me: Why!!!

Him:  I had a choice. But Rocky' didn't. He was born into this fate. Now he has to suffer the consequences of my choice. Sigh.


The boyfriend was singing a classic love song while driving...

Him: Bee, I have a secret to tell you.

Me: Uhuh... What?

Him: I sang this song to my kindergarden girlfriend last time.

Me: Haha.. Was she happy?

Him: Yes. Very. After that she held my hand, and she pecked me on the cheek.

Me: See lar, your first kiss is taken away by some other girl!

Him: Hey, it's not my fault. You came 15 years too late.

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