Thursday, October 31, 2013

Eurotrip 2013: Florence.

Before I start, let me recap on our journey:

Paris> Amsterdam> Cologne (Germany)> Munich (Germany)> Innsbruck (Austria)> Venice (Italy)> Rome (Italy)> Florence (Italy)> Lucerne (Switzerland)> Paris

 photo IMG_3769_zpsce1a9783.jpg
During our drive from Rome to Florence, we stopped at a lookout point where we could look over Florence and get a bird's eye view of the captivating architecture of the city!

 photo IMG_6423_zps2242f35b.jpg
But that didn't interest my mom one bit. She was too busy taking a photo of her Puma x Ferrari sneakers with a random Ferrari parked by the roadside. WHY IS MY MOM LIKE THAT!

 photo IMG_3791_zps4d2d747b.jpg
Oops, there was an unspoken dress code for the day! Hehe.

Outfit details:
 photo IMG_3796_zps0428d4f4.jpg

 photo IMG_3770_zpsc7b40d97.jpg

Floral print shirt: AZORIAS
Faux ostrich fur gilet: Thrifted

Leather paperbag shorts: AZORIAS
Rings: all from Korea
Nude ballet pumps with low studded heels: Zara
Bag: Alexander Wang

 photo IMG_3815_zps8ed70b3d.jpg
Caught red-handed during a gelato binge. Why is my licking face so ugly wtf.

We ate so much gelato in Italy! I think about 3 times a day, at least? It seems as if we were on a quest to find the BEST gelato, so we felt compelled to stop at every single gelato shop to try a cone or two. My justification was that we were in ITALIA! And that itself is a good enough reason to eat as much gelato as I want.

 photo IMG_6428_zps0a1d9098.jpg
Felt that this scene is so comical with the bag of hay actually hung over the horses' ears!

 photo DSC_3971_zps02868f6c.jpg
One of the highlights in Florence-- the very stunning Duomo.

However, to be honest, it was just another church to me. I was more interested in these type of buildings, hehe:

 photo IMG_6430_zps5e786bc9.jpg

 photo IMG_6444_zpsfa16020a.jpg

 photo IMG_3818_zpsbdd6fb8b.jpg
Naked people unite!

 photo IMG_3830_zpsf16b28c7.jpg
My poor dad was forced to be a prop play with props while taking pictures with our mom.

 photo IMG_3832_zpscc4e5928.jpg
See what I mean? -_- I repeat, WHY IS MY MOM LIKE THAT!

 photo DSC_3974_zps35c230e0.jpg
Beautiful details and architecture everywhere.

 photo IMG_3843_zps8990e349.jpg
Found this close-up in my camera. -_______________-

Hoe Hui Jing, Hoe Hui Ting, please confess, who took this photo!!

 photo IMG_6436_zps309267a2.jpg
Got caught eating gelato again hehe. Really need to practice on my nonchalantly-eating-ice-cream face.

By the way, remember I said that we were out to find the best gelato?? We succeeded! And I am so good to share it with you all:

 photo IMG_6447_zpsf46c4b11.jpg
Tada! Featuring our used paper napkin, hehe.

However, the best gelato we had wasn't in Italy! More on that in another post. :P

Finishing my post with my favorite photo of the day...

 photo IMG_3824_zps0e7c474c.jpg
Was taking outfit shots for Jing, and suddenly this dove flew into the frame and it ended up looking like it was going to attack her HAHAHA.

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Bird's eye view #3.

Doing another one of my 'bird's eye view' outfit post again! Click here for the first and second installation wtf. It's just a lot easier to snap a photo of my outfit myself this way, especially on week days when most likely I can't find anyone to take proper outfit shots!

 photo photo17_zps43f7305e.jpg
Wore this to a business meeting, and I guess I thought looking like a chilli was appropriate? Jokes aside, this IS one of my favorite colors recently! Also, I can't wait to rewear this dress when there's someone to take proper outfit pictures of me and show you guys; I love it so much!

Scarf print collared dress from Korea, black cutaway pumps from Zara, mock snake skin bag from Mulberry (if it's real snake I wouldn't touch it with a stick!!!).

 photo photo21_zps1d69b837.jpg
Brought Rocky to Central Park to see dog agility classes being carried out, as we would like to sign him up after he finishes his basic obedience class! He will still continue on with his intermediate obedience class, of course. We are classic examples of High Expectation Asian Parents lol. But we are not making Rocky go for classes 'cause we want him to be super dog or something, but we believe an engaged and socialized dog is a happy dog!

Wearing brocade flare skirt from River Island, and electric blue embroidery mesh flats from Zara, bag from Chanel.

 photo photo19_zpsa9495a82.jpg
Do you notice the pattern? Walking Rocky = flats time.

Wearing striped collared dress from Korea, nude leather sandals from Zara, bag from Celine.

 photo photo16_zps6f17b2bd.jpg
Went to Pudu for Wong Kee's siew yoke (roasted pork) after rekindling our memory from this article-- 20 best restaurants in KL by CNN Travel (no.13).

By the way, how many restaurants out of the 20 have you tried? I have only tried 10!! I am aghast! I am supposed to be a foodie, how can I only just tried half of the (supposed) best restaurants in KL! >:(

Wearing cutout tank from AZORIAS, pale peach lace pencil skirt, bejeweled sandals from Stuart Weitzman, bag from Louis Vuitton.

 photo photo15_zpsd8998164.jpg
Told you I like looking like a chilli wtf.

Wearing bird print striped dress from Korea, red sandals with gilded gold heel from Salvatore Ferragamo, patent slingbag from Chanel.

 photo photo13_zps410d19f5.jpg
Another business meeting outfit! Wore shorts (well to be politically correct it's a skort) because I know the person I was meeting better hehe.

Lace accent pussybow blouse from AZORIAS (similar here), foldover skorts from Zara, suede ankle-strapped wedges from Zara, sunnies from Prada, bag from Chanel.

 photo photo14_zps65dcdd2e.jpg
Already blogged about this outfit here.

Gray tee from Korea, highwaist pinstripe swing skirt from AZORIAS, silver ankle-strapped low-heeled peeptoes from Zara, patent slingbag from Chanel.

 photo photo20_zps53e0d271.jpg
We went to visit a corgi breeder who just had new puppies! I DIE. The idea is to get a girlfriend for Rocky, haha. But not so soon yet! :P

Pink laser cutout skirt from AZORIAS, leopard print pony hair flats from Zara.

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

My skin journey.

Approximately 4 years ago, my confidence was shattered.

If you have started reading my blog then, you would remember that it was around that time where I suddenly developed a bout of adult acne. My confidence was in the slumps then. I blogged a heartfelt entry here at that time, and till today I am so grateful that you guys were really supportive and encouraging!

It was tough. I felt ugly and insecure, and it didn’t help that a few a months down the road, I broke up with my boyfriend. I couldn’t help but felt that part of the reason was ‘cause I was so ugly. Though of course, in reality it had nothing to do with that. But at that point of time, I really did think, “Bad skin, Bad life”.

I went on Roaccutane as per my doctor’s advice, and after a few months, my skin dramatically improved. I read up a lot on the medication before I went on it, and I was well aware that whilst Roaccutane ‘s effect will last up to 18 months-- for many people, the acne will still recur. So for the 1 year plus after I took the drug, my skin was great! And it is great literally without any effort from myself-- I could go to bed with make-up on, eat all the junk food I want, and I won’t as much as grow a zit. Alas, the effect was short-lived, and I soon found myself battling with mild acne again. I was advised to go on Roaccutane again, and this time I did so for only 2 months (I went on a 4-month course for the first time) before my skin improved again. After this second course, I told myself, I do not want to rely on Roaccutane anymore. For sure it is not a long term solution, especially when I do want kids in the future (it is not advisable to take this drug 5 years before you are pregnant as it is so toxic)!

For the past 2 years, I do have to deal with volatile skin on and off. I would sign up for facials that my peers swear on, and my skin will improve for a bit, but the moment there is any changes to my lifestyle (even as little as a few hours less sleep), my skin goes crazy. I thought I would have to live with skin like that forever, and I have truly accepted the fact.

That is, until a few months ago, when Audrey blogged about a skin clinic that she visited. I still didn’t give it much thought then, but a few of our mutual friends also tried the place and raved about it. Around that time, my facial course with one of the renowned beauty salons was about to end, and I thought what better time to try a new place for my skin. Especially when the facial would only cost RM88 (a special first-time discount), I thought I really had nothing to lose.

When I arrived at DRx, I thought it was just a regular facial salon, and was expected to be whisked off for my facial immediately. Instead, I was asked to consult the resident physician, Dr. Jason Yip.

I sat down, and just briefly told him that my skin is quite erratic, and I have been breaking out. He took one look at me, and told me, “I can’t help you stop that.” to which I returned with a blank stare. He continued to tell me that my skin problem is due to genetics, and there is really nothing he can to stop it, but he can definitely help me control it.

I breathed a sigh of relief. For a moment, I thought he meant my problem is so serious that no one can help me! O_O He was spot on though, because it is true that my dad still has adult acne, and most likely I took after him. I really appreciated his honesty with me, because he diagnosed me so truthfully and accurately within seconds! I have been to a few skin doctors in my life no thanks to my acne problem, and most of them just look at the zits on my face, and straight offered 3 options: Roaccutane (fast results), birth control pills (30% chance of cure), or topical creams (10% chance of cure)--- with that exact explanation. No diagnosis or further explanations were given. Dr. Jason instead, took the time to tell me that I WILL be dealing with this skin problem for my entire life, but it is not as bad as I think—I CAN control it. When I mentioned my dark eye circles, he was also blatantly honest to tell me that no amount of creams can help me get rid of them. I liked him already. A honest doctor is so hard to come by!

I was asked to go off all my current beauty products as they were most likely too rich for my skin, and he put me on some basic DRx products—so basic that he didn’t even want to let me get a moisturizer! O_O His justification is that I am still too young for moisturizers and I will probably only need it when I am 40. O____O I was also put on some mild antibiotics (as some of my pimples were really angry and red) and diuretics, which can help control my skin problem. I was very grateful (not to mention a little impressed) that he didn’t just immediately put me back on Roaccutane.

Anyway, it has been a few months down the road, and I can honestly say that my skin has improved by leaps and bounds. Believe it or not, my skin is actually SMOOTH to touch now, whereas previously even if there were no pimples, you can still feel small bumps under my skin (probably whiteheads). Each visit to DRx, Dr. Jason will reassess my skin and change or tweak his strategy. For example, now that my skin has soothed down a lot, he is working on achieving an even and radiant skin tone for me—and I can already see my skin tone improving day by day!

And I am not blowing my own trumpet… A picture speaks a thousand words wtf:

 photo 4fb73756326311e3a88422000ab5ab52_7_zps12b6b5b9.jpg

 photo 40563998186311e3b79d22000a9e5e12_7_zps9f3a1fc8.jpg

Granted, my phone’s front camera sucks wtf, but I almost never take selfies! But nowadays, I really do feel good about my skin so I can’t help but to camwhore, hehe. In fact, one of my favorite bedtime pastimes is to lie next to the boy, and make him stroke my cheeks, and ask him, “Smooth or not? Smooth or not?” WTF.

 photo IMG_1976_zps7da2d4f8.jpg

These are some of the DRx products that I am using now. I guess you can say I am full DRx convert! :D

Anyway, just wanted to share with you guys my journey with achieving good skin. Maybe I will share with you guys some of my favorite products in another post! Hopefully DRx can continue with its magic and help me achieve tip-top skin so I can be a pretty bride next year, hehe.

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Beach getaway.

Jing is coming back at the end of the year till January next year, and we are definitely game on going on a sisters' trip-- our first sisters-only trip, can you believe it?

We have pretty much decided on a beach getaway, 'cause we agreed that if it's a city trip, we will just part ways and shop till we drop, and ignore each other wtf. Whereas on a beach holiday, preferably one with a private villa, we will have no choice but to look at each other and catch up WTF.

We don't know where to go yet though! We are thinking of Bali-- since we can't go there with our partners (have you heard of the Bali curse? Apparently couples who visit Bali will most likely break up O_O). We thought of Maldives too, as Air Asia has started flying there-- but hotels are helluva expensive. Koh Samui looks gorgeous too! Anyone has any nice beaches/ islands to recommend for our holiday? :D

Anyway, I will definitely bring a lot of kaftans and sheer cover-ups to the beach holiday! Including this ikat print kaftan minidress that I recently wore:

 photo IMG_6738_zpsf44897e8.jpg

 photo IMG_6741_zpsa3ef643e.jpg
I love the laced-up back! It is such an interesting detail to the dress.

 photo IMG_6743_zps11e4b3f2.jpg
Bright jewels to complement my dress. Bright colors 4 EVA! wtf.

 photo IMG_6742_zps24cf14db.jpg

Ikat print minidress with laced-up back: AZORIAS
Jewel earrings: Holiday in Bangkok
Nude ankle-strapped wedges: Korea
Bag: Celine

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Sunday, October 20, 2013


Nowadays I mostly stay over at the boyfriend's place, but I do go home to spend the night some times-- home is still home!

So one night when I was staying at my own place, he called me to say good night.

Him: Baby, I sang a song to Rocky just now. (Rocky sleeps in our room at night)

Me: What song?

*pause for effect* 

Just the two of us.   

 *starts singing*


Him:  *ruffles Rocky's fur* Rocky can also mean Rock and Roll ah! OK la, let's play some rock songs now!

The next 10 minutes saw him, me, and one very excited puppy dancing to this song:


He goes to work quite early (waking up as early as 5am sometimes O_O)-- what to do, KL traffic jams are really bad! I, on the other hand, will continue to sleep in till a more humane time wtf.

Usually, we will banter a little while he is changing (me all snuggled under the blanket) before he goes off to work.

One morning, I was exceptionally tired, and just groan under my covers while he played some oldies on his phone, and dozing in and out when he was getting ready. Just before leaving the room, he came over to the bed to kiss me goodbye.

Me: *in a sleepy croak* Hug me!

He grinned, and lifted me up to hug me... And he started shaking me vigorously to this song which he blared from his phone:



Anyway, I would like to put it out there that have been feeling really happy lately because there are so many love stories happening around me! Engagement news, rekindling of old relationships, new relationships which are blossoming, especially for my loved ones. 

It's such an amazing feeling to see people being in love! :D

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sunflower girl.

Felt like wearing something very fun and playful to celebrate the public holiday today, and threw on some overalls and sneakers.


 photo IMG_1944_zps903c76c4.jpg

I know what you are thinking.. Hui Wen and sneakers? I don't think these two words have even been spoken in the same sentence before wtf. To my defense, they are platform sneakers, so they are kind of like heels to me, hehe.

The back story of these sneakers is that we started on obedience class for Rocky a few weeks ago, and one of the rules of the class is no slippers or sandals are allowed. I would have thought that means heels are okay then, but the boyfriend disagreed. Oh well. So I got these platform sneakers specially for the class! And as luck had, it rained during the first class and I got mud all over these pristine white shoes FML. Luckily they are leather, so they could be easily cleaned!

 photo IMG_1934_zpsc4ff217c.jpg

I disagree when people say that it doesn't matter what you wear. Because I sure felt HAPPIER just by wearing yellow and having sunflowers on me! :P

Ourfit details:
 photo IMG_1941_zps271df5c2.jpg

 photo IMG_1935_zpsecec9564.jpg

Sunflower print tee: Korea
Striped overall skirt: Korea
Pearl drop gold necklace: Korea
White platform sneakers: Korea
Bag: Prada


 photo logo_zps0f692b73.png

By the way, I am really excited that I would be having a fashion booth at ChurpOut 2013 at Setia City Mall this Saturday (19 Oct)! I haven't done this in quite awhile, so this would be really fun! Also, I have shopped so much since my last bazaar sale (probably more than a year ago? O_O), so I will have a lot of really nice stuff that I would be letting go. In fact, do expect a lot of made in Korea stuff at my booth, 'cause that's what I wear most nowadays anyway, hehe. For more details, click here.

The event starts at 11am to 11pm, so it's going to be 12 hours of solid fun. Hope to see you all there! :D

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Monday, October 14, 2013


Staying away from home has made me really treasure sisterly time! Nowadays Teeny and I make a point to meet up as much as we can in a week for some #perangaibudakgemuk time catching up.

 photo DSC_0615_zpsb36a77fe.jpg
Going sporty chic for the weekend.

 photo 1385081_10151609742512757_609638722_n_zps6971714b.jpg
We went to try a new brunch place in Uptown, The Good Batch. I love trying out new places to eat! It's got to be one of my top 5 favorite things to do.

 photo 1376543_10151609742852757_1275051486_n_zpsbb71538b.jpg
Great minds think alike. Unknowingly, Teeny and I were both in matching jailbird outfits wtf.

 photo 1381347_10151609742687757_1728267160_n_zps72d39979.jpg
Doesn't this make you salivate??? Teeny had the Parisienne (which is something like the Croque Madame), whereas I had poached eggs with breaded portobello mushrooms (I think it is called the Portobello Road). I can't live without meat, so my breakfast was surprisingly good although it didn't have a trace of meat in it!

 photo DSC_0610_zps71d90823.jpg
I actually left my make-up pouch at my boyfriend's place, so I had no choice but to borrow Teeny's make-up! I wasn't familiar with her make-up palettes, so I was forced to go out of my comfort zone, and I created a very soft look with pale pink lipstick (YSL), and very pink-ish cheeks.

 photo DSC_0617_zps6f83b04f.jpg
Have been wanting to wear this skirt for a bit, I just adore the luxe textured croc effect so much! Plus the streamline silhouette has this sporty feel to it which I really like.

 photo DSC_0613_zpse2f866e7.jpg

Striped cropped tee: Zara
Mock croc front bias hem skirt: AZORIAS
Gold statement necklace: BCBG
Oversized sunnies: Korea
Black cutaway pumps: Zara
Bag: Balenciaga

What are some of your favorite brunch places? (if it's dog friendly, even the better! :P) Some of the place I like are Yeast (at Telawi Bangsar), The Bee, Yut Kee wtf... I think there are heaps of places that I haven't tried! :O

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