Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Beach getaway.

Jing is coming back at the end of the year till January next year, and we are definitely game on going on a sisters' trip-- our first sisters-only trip, can you believe it?

We have pretty much decided on a beach getaway, 'cause we agreed that if it's a city trip, we will just part ways and shop till we drop, and ignore each other wtf. Whereas on a beach holiday, preferably one with a private villa, we will have no choice but to look at each other and catch up WTF.

We don't know where to go yet though! We are thinking of Bali-- since we can't go there with our partners (have you heard of the Bali curse? Apparently couples who visit Bali will most likely break up O_O). We thought of Maldives too, as Air Asia has started flying there-- but hotels are helluva expensive. Koh Samui looks gorgeous too! Anyone has any nice beaches/ islands to recommend for our holiday? :D

Anyway, I will definitely bring a lot of kaftans and sheer cover-ups to the beach holiday! Including this ikat print kaftan minidress that I recently wore:

 photo IMG_6738_zpsf44897e8.jpg

 photo IMG_6741_zpsa3ef643e.jpg
I love the laced-up back! It is such an interesting detail to the dress.

 photo IMG_6743_zps11e4b3f2.jpg
Bright jewels to complement my dress. Bright colors 4 EVA! wtf.

 photo IMG_6742_zps24cf14db.jpg

Ikat print minidress with laced-up back: AZORIAS
Jewel earrings: Holiday in Bangkok
Nude ankle-strapped wedges: Korea
Bag: Celine

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