Thursday, October 31, 2013

Eurotrip 2013: Florence.

Before I start, let me recap on our journey:

Paris> Amsterdam> Cologne (Germany)> Munich (Germany)> Innsbruck (Austria)> Venice (Italy)> Rome (Italy)> Florence (Italy)> Lucerne (Switzerland)> Paris

 photo IMG_3769_zpsce1a9783.jpg
During our drive from Rome to Florence, we stopped at a lookout point where we could look over Florence and get a bird's eye view of the captivating architecture of the city!

 photo IMG_6423_zps2242f35b.jpg
But that didn't interest my mom one bit. She was too busy taking a photo of her Puma x Ferrari sneakers with a random Ferrari parked by the roadside. WHY IS MY MOM LIKE THAT!

 photo IMG_3791_zps4d2d747b.jpg
Oops, there was an unspoken dress code for the day! Hehe.

Outfit details:
 photo IMG_3796_zps0428d4f4.jpg

 photo IMG_3770_zpsc7b40d97.jpg

Floral print shirt: AZORIAS
Faux ostrich fur gilet: Thrifted

Leather paperbag shorts: AZORIAS
Rings: all from Korea
Nude ballet pumps with low studded heels: Zara
Bag: Alexander Wang

 photo IMG_3815_zps8ed70b3d.jpg
Caught red-handed during a gelato binge. Why is my licking face so ugly wtf.

We ate so much gelato in Italy! I think about 3 times a day, at least? It seems as if we were on a quest to find the BEST gelato, so we felt compelled to stop at every single gelato shop to try a cone or two. My justification was that we were in ITALIA! And that itself is a good enough reason to eat as much gelato as I want.

 photo IMG_6428_zps0a1d9098.jpg
Felt that this scene is so comical with the bag of hay actually hung over the horses' ears!

 photo DSC_3971_zps02868f6c.jpg
One of the highlights in Florence-- the very stunning Duomo.

However, to be honest, it was just another church to me. I was more interested in these type of buildings, hehe:

 photo IMG_6430_zps5e786bc9.jpg

 photo IMG_6444_zpsfa16020a.jpg

 photo IMG_3818_zpsbdd6fb8b.jpg
Naked people unite!

 photo IMG_3830_zpsf16b28c7.jpg
My poor dad was forced to be a prop play with props while taking pictures with our mom.

 photo IMG_3832_zpscc4e5928.jpg
See what I mean? -_- I repeat, WHY IS MY MOM LIKE THAT!

 photo DSC_3974_zps35c230e0.jpg
Beautiful details and architecture everywhere.

 photo IMG_3843_zps8990e349.jpg
Found this close-up in my camera. -_______________-

Hoe Hui Jing, Hoe Hui Ting, please confess, who took this photo!!

 photo IMG_6436_zps309267a2.jpg
Got caught eating gelato again hehe. Really need to practice on my nonchalantly-eating-ice-cream face.

By the way, remember I said that we were out to find the best gelato?? We succeeded! And I am so good to share it with you all:

 photo IMG_6447_zpsf46c4b11.jpg
Tada! Featuring our used paper napkin, hehe.

However, the best gelato we had wasn't in Italy! More on that in another post. :P

Finishing my post with my favorite photo of the day...

 photo IMG_3824_zps0e7c474c.jpg
Was taking outfit shots for Jing, and suddenly this dove flew into the frame and it ended up looking like it was going to attack her HAHAHA.

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foodie said...

Love your Wang, looks like the perfect traveling bag! I feel so intrigued with your travellings, if you ever run out of things to blog, consider sharing how you pack! hehe ;) x