Sunday, October 20, 2013


Nowadays I mostly stay over at the boyfriend's place, but I do go home to spend the night some times-- home is still home!

So one night when I was staying at my own place, he called me to say good night.

Him: Baby, I sang a song to Rocky just now. (Rocky sleeps in our room at night)

Me: What song?

*pause for effect* 

Just the two of us.   

 *starts singing*


Him:  *ruffles Rocky's fur* Rocky can also mean Rock and Roll ah! OK la, let's play some rock songs now!

The next 10 minutes saw him, me, and one very excited puppy dancing to this song:


He goes to work quite early (waking up as early as 5am sometimes O_O)-- what to do, KL traffic jams are really bad! I, on the other hand, will continue to sleep in till a more humane time wtf.

Usually, we will banter a little while he is changing (me all snuggled under the blanket) before he goes off to work.

One morning, I was exceptionally tired, and just groan under my covers while he played some oldies on his phone, and dozing in and out when he was getting ready. Just before leaving the room, he came over to the bed to kiss me goodbye.

Me: *in a sleepy croak* Hug me!

He grinned, and lifted me up to hug me... And he started shaking me vigorously to this song which he blared from his phone:



Anyway, I would like to put it out there that have been feeling really happy lately because there are so many love stories happening around me! Engagement news, rekindling of old relationships, new relationships which are blossoming, especially for my loved ones. 

It's such an amazing feeling to see people being in love! :D

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