Tuesday, October 01, 2013

The skort that is taking over the world.

What is your take on these famous Zara skorts? Just typing 'Zara skort' in Google, and you get thousands of results, with even heavyweight fashion literature like Lucky mag and Glamour covering this phenomenon which has taken over the fashion world.

I fell prey too.

 photo IMG_6001_zpsfd44eef4.jpg
Awkward dorky grin.

To be fair to myself, I didn't know about the 'trend' when I bought these skorts! I just thought they were cute, and has many styling possibilities. Brought home my Zara paper bag and found out that Teeny just bought the exact same pair the day before. -_-

Some of my favorite looks of the skorts: *click*

 photo c0a88d8e244411e3bcfd22000a1f9d84_7_zps1da5242f.jpg
Wore this for an AZORIAS photoshoot!

Seen here with our new model who is so utterly gorgeous it is annoying wtf. She came into the studio looking fresh and perfect, and I peered over her, and asked her whether she had any make up on. She replied, 'oh, just a bit of powder'. T__T Even our make up artist said she didn't need any further make up, we can straight away start shooting WTF.

Life is so unfair!! To check out better photos here, go to here. I kind of think she looks like a cross between Rachel Bilson and Olivia Palermo! I repeat, life is so unfair. T__T

 photo IMG_6000_zpse093afd0.jpg
Love the funky print on this tee! And I like the boxy fit of it, it just seems more modern and formal somehow.

 photo IMG_5999_zps7e62f9f6.jpg

Green printed sheath tee: AZORIAS
White skort: Zara
Monotone drop chain necklace: Korea
Green rattan platforms: Jeffrey Campbell
Bag: Boy Chanel

So, back to the Zara skorts. Yay or nay?

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Wandering nomad from KL said...

Yay :-)

xiang yun said...

Don't know if I said this before but your new model is sooo pretty! So fresh and girl-next-door looking :)

Unknown said...

I just bought these skorts in blue wtf. so now I have 3!

revel in me said...

wandering nomad from KL: <3

xiang yun: Ughhh incredibly pretty I CANNOT TAHAN!! Hehe. And she is such a sweet girl too!

teeny: Omg are you starting a collection or something.. -_-