Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Marilyn Monroe.

I haven't blogged for a week! :O :O :O

There's a reason to it though-- some of you might realized that my domain was down for a few days last week. I was having some trouble with my blog's naked domain (sounds so kinky wtf, but actually refers to displaying a site without typing "www" as part of the URL), and my itchy fingers led me to mess with the coding and hence, fucked up my blog. T___T

There is a happy ending to this story though. A big big big thank you to Nuffnang who helped me resolve the problem! T____T I seriously think that joining Nuffnang is one of the best moves I have made as a blogger-- they have given me so much support and opportunities over the years! *shiny eyes*

Anyway, I found something to satiate my blogging itch last week though! I have just joined Dayre, and I have to admit that I am HOOKED. Blogging can be quite a tedious process (uploading photos, editing, proof-reading etc.), so being able to blog on the go while on your mobile phone is really easy, and not to mention, strangely addictive!

I don't expect my Dayre to replace blogging though! My Dayre is really more of updates of my day (like what I ate for lunch wtf) and random thoughts; whereas my blog is for more central ideas/ topics, whether it is a proper outfit post or musings or lengthy detailed updates.

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Wore a really playful outfit recently for lunch with my bestie. Oh, how things have changed! We used to talk about revision techniques (we were both geeks wtf) and crushes, and now our chats are about the color schemes of our weddings. We are going to get married in the same year, isn't it exciting! :D

 photo IMG_1978_zpsdf84eb2b.jpg

These wide-legged lace pants are really sophisticated and dressy, but I decided to put a fun spin on things by pairing it with a Marilyn Monroe graffiti tee.

 photo IMG_1983_zpsf3e1a0db.jpg
Wearing pearls to match Miss Monroe, hehe.

 photo IMG_1982_zpsc73ef381.jpg

Pearl-embellished Marilyn Monroe tee: AZORIAS
Wide-legged lace pants: AZORIAS
Pearl bracelets: Assorted
Sunnies: Korea
Scarlet ankle-strapped heels: Zara
Pearl-dotted clear clutch: Bazaar in Singapore

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Beach gals.

It's been a week since we have booked our flights to Bali, and I am so ecstatic 'cause we have finally confirmed our accommodation as well!

A sneak peek at where we will be staying:

 photo 1463976_10151710463366230_2093764391_n_zps7751c9ed.jpg

 photo amana-villas_zps4cb32704.jpg

Yes, we will be staying in 2 different villas, one of them being the much coveted W spa and retreat, woohoo! I am pretty happy with the arrangement, 'cause we sort of get the best of both worlds-- a hip and luxurious joint like W retreat, and another minimalistic, quieter villa with our own private butler! :D

Kind of excited about having a butler, especially after I blew my luck with my first ever butler experience in St. Regis (blogged about it here) wtf. Basically, I didn't know that my room in St. Regis came with a butler, and I kept on shooing her away despite her constantly checking in on my needs as I was afraid she would charge me. -_-

Now that everything is confirmed, the only thing left to do is to start shopping for swimwear, hehe.

Unfortunately, the only one that caught my eye is the Chloe scalloped ones...

 photo 5924091148_de6e67d816_o_zpsf844476d.jpg
Image taken off The Cherry Blossom Girl.

.... which are already long sold out, and not to mention they cost a bomb. Sniff.

Of course, to wear the bikinis we need the right body, like Teeny rightly pointed wtf:

 photo body2_zps0a6d0f4c.jpg

So now this is our new group icon hahaha:

 photo body_zps0d856efc.jpg

Aaah, can't wait for our beach getaway!

 photo 148539_536463592630_1151007_n_zps7f2a49bb.jpg
Golden Palm Resort, 2010.

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Monday, November 18, 2013

Things we can learn from our dogs.

At the risk of sounding like a crazy dog lady, I am going to share the following excerpt that the boy showed me recently! It's called things that we can learn from our dogs, and we both think it's quite meaningful. :)

1. When loved ones come home, always run to greet them.

2. Never pass up the opportunity to go for a joyride.

3. Allow the experience of fresh air and the wind in your face to be pure ecstasy.

4. When it’s in your best interest, practice obedience.

5. Let others know when they’ve invaded your territory.

6. Take naps and stretch before rising.

7. Run, romp, and play daily.

8. Avoid biting when a simple growl will do.

9. On warm days, stop to lie on your back on the grass.

10. On hot days, drink lots of water and lie under a shady tree.

11. When you’re happy, dance around and wag your entire body.

12. No matter how often you’re scolded, don’t buy into the guilt thing and pout… Run right back and make friends.

13. Delight in the simple joy of a long walk.

14. Eat with gusto and enthusiasm.

15. Stop when you have had enough.

16. Be loyal.

17. Never pretend to be something you’re not.

18. If what you want lies buried, dig until you find it.

19. And MOST of all… When someone is having a bad day, be silent, sit close by
and nuzzle them gently.

Amazing eh, how much I can learn from this little pup:

 photo IMG_1916_zps209225d2.jpg
He is getting so much bigger already! I was in Korea recently, and I got a fright from his increase size just after a mere week of not seeing him. -_-

 photo IMG_1929_zpsf796d58e.jpg
This is Rocky practicing Rule 13 (Delight in the simple joy of a long walk).

 photo IMG_1919_zpsd941fef8.jpg
Love the electric blue embroidered cutouts on my tee! I am always looking out for interesting and different details on basics.

 photo IMG_1922_zpsb8ea2175.jpg
Rocky giving me his famous corgi grin! I can never resist this smile, hehe. And as you can tell, I am obsessed with electric blue embroidery.

 photo IMG_1923_zpse989f3e4.jpg
Rocky being Asian HEHEHE.

 photo IMG_1918_zps04a49db4.jpg

Embroidered cutout tee: Korea
Brocade flare skirt with tulle underlay: River Island
Jewel rope necklace: Korea
Embroidered mesh flats: Zara
Bag: Boy Chanel

Me: Baby, I think I practice all the things that we can learn from dogs! Except for one...

Him: Which one?

Me: Stop when you had enough... I am not able to do that when I eat wtf.

Him: Like mother, like son (Rocky).

Me: FYL, hehe.

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Thursday, November 14, 2013

My skin savior.

Recently I blogged here about my skin journey and how I have finally found something that has helped me with my skin combat. Shortly after that blogpost was up, I started receiving some emails from my readers sharing their skin problems and asking me for DRx’s details. So here it is!

N-1-1 & N-1-2 Plaza Damas
60, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, Sri Hartamas,
50480, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel : (603) – 6201 3088
Fax : (603) – 6201 6033
Mon to Fri : 10am to 7pm | Sat : 10am to 5pm
Closed on Sun & PH

I just did my favorite facial treatment recently—the EF (Essential Facial) Plus—which I have already signed up a package for, haha. I signed up for the package a few months ago (and have been religiously going for monthly facials) ‘cause I really felt that it helped me. Since you guys seemed to be quite curious about DRx, I thought I will do a review for you guys to give a brief overlook into one of their treatments. :)

 photo IMG_6789_zps5d90cb75.jpg

The facial started with washing off my make-up (no choice ‘cause I had a meeting before my facial appointment) with a milk cleanser. The therapist then double-cleansed my skin with a foaming cleanser. I owned both products already lol.

Usually after cleansing comes the most terrifying part—the extraction process, which I HATE. However, DRx adds in one more step before the extraction….

 photo IMG_6791_zps4479db23.jpg

…… Ultrasonic cleansing! (The pink strap connects the ultrasonic machine to me)

 photo IMG_6794_zpsd88e8ce4.jpg

Basically, ultrasonic-cleansing loosens blackheads and whiteheads in our pores to make extraction easier (and less painful). If your blackheads/ whiteheads are not too stubborn, ultrasonic-cleansing can actually push them out, so you might even be able to escape the whole extraction process! The sensation is kind of like a light suction at your skin (the motion of ‘loosening’ the blackheads and whiteheads). Also, I love my therapist, Kat—my extraction process after that was relatively painless although I actually had a few zits on my face (thank you ar PMS).

The EF Plus facial actually follows with microdermasion (using a special machine to remove superficial skin, and thus revealing clearer and smoother skin over time). However, Kat recommended that I do without this step for the day as my skin was mildly irritated (damn you zits!) and microdermasion will aggravate my skin. This is exactly what I like about DRx--every process and treatment is always tailored to YOUR specific needs, which is how things should be like! No one person’s skin is identical to the next, I believe.

 photo IMG_6801_zps9f9a0f6e.jpg

Next, Kat used the same ultrasonic machine to ‘push’ vitamin A back into my skin. This ultrasonic machine is damn miraculous right, sometimes can ‘suck’ (blackheads/ whiteheads), sometimes can ‘push’, haha. Usually, vitamin C will be used to achieve even and glowing skin tone, but vitamin A was used in my case as it can help my skin to heal better (from the pimples). See what I mean that DRx really customizes every step of their treatment to you?

My facial was finished off with a therapeutic mask. Again, the choice of mask will depend on the individual’s condition.

I don’t have a photo of my after the facial, however, I did snap a photo of me without make-up before the facial:

 photo IMG_6790_zpseffb8dcf.jpg

Do remember that I have done a few facials (basic and EF Plus) with DRx already even before this review, and my skin has really improved a lot since then! Now my skin is still not perfect(especially with regards to the red marks which are scarring from my acne a few years back), however, I have seriously come a LOOOONG way from earlier this year.

Whilst chatting with DRx during my treatment, I shared with them how some of you are battling adult acne amongst other skin problems, and they so kindly decided to offer my readers a discount when you all visit DRx. *shiny eyes* When you mention HUIWEN while making your appointment, you can get your first facial for RM80 (usual price is RM210++)!

The thing is, I highly recommend for you all to see Dr. Jason, whom has really helped me so much with my skin. I am pretty sure he can tailor a treatment program to help you achieve the healthy skin that you have always wanted. Bearing this in mind, DRx, which really, really wants to help us girls (or boys!) who have problem skin, extended another offer to you guys—mention HUIWEN and you get your first consultation with Dr. Jason for FREE.

I am really so touched! T___T

I really hope you guys can snap up this opportunity ‘cause I know how heart-wrenching it is when your skin doesn’t look good. :(  Remember k, just quote HUIWEN when you make your appointment, and you can do your first facial for RM80 (instead of RM210++). If you would like to do the above facial that I did (i.e. the EF Plus, with the microdermasion), all you have to do is to top up RM50. Also, when you quote my name, you can get your first consultation with Dr. Jason for FREE!

I look forward to hearing your DRx success stories! :P

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The overdue reunion.

Had a great start to my week because I got to meet my love, Jaclyn, over the weekend!

 photo IMG_6802_zps3f10f90f.jpg

Jaclyn is my ex-housemate, if you are new to my blog. We haven't seen each other in over 3 years already! It was SO GOOD to catch up, and we just couldn't stop yakking away, hehe.

 photo IMG_6804_zps1091907d.jpg

On the same night, we also had an all-girls' reunion because everyone happened to be at the same place at the same time. Girls from MY, SG, AU and HK reunited yo!

Unfortunately, this great start came to a bittersweet ending when Jac has to go back to Melbourne (she was back for such a short whirlwind trip!). Before she left, she kept on egging me to finalize my wedding plans so that she can come back next year. I was like, "What is the world coming to! A girl has got to get married to see one of her best friends???" wtf.

Also received another SUPERB piece of news today. Can't share it yet till it's more finalized, but oooooh I am so excited! :D

Finally, to cap off my happy day, Jing, Teeny and I booked the flights for our sisters' trip today!

 photo bali-pic1_zps724e8236.jpg

Bali, here we come! :D :D :D

But before that, we have a big obstacle ahead of us....

 photo FB_zps126c1e9e.jpg

Haih, FOL.

The worst part is that we will be in Bangkok right before our Bali trip-- it's not possible to diet in Bangkok! T___T

PS: Anyone has any fab villas to recommend? We have totally no experience with Bali!

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Thursday, November 07, 2013

Little blessings in life.

The best friend called me one of the happiest people that she knows. I don't intentionally set out to be happy all the time, I just... happened to be, most of the time?

That got me to start thinking what makes me happy... And well, every small thing makes me happy! Be it a melting cone in scorching weather, a favorite song coming on the radio, an unexpected text message from the boy, extra chicken chunks on my pizza.... Counting little blessings in life makes my life feel richer! :)

So  I am going to count two little blessings that made me very happy lately.

Teeny went to Ipoh with her best friend recently, and she brought home 10 famous Ipoh kaya puffs (they are heavenly, by the way). I was so pleasantly surprised when she actually separated 5 of them and packed it nicely to give to my fiance's family.

Now, it's no shocker for me to buy something for my fiance's family. But for my sister to think of them, and to take actual action to share her goodies with them-- it really, really makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. :))))

I guess it's the same theory as when I see how Teeny spoils Rocky (my siblings are always asking me when will I bring Rocky home)...

 photo photo3_zpsff232c23.jpg
... it really makes me smile. :)

It just makes me feel so happy and LOVED when I know that my loved ones love what I love too. That just feels like a whole different level of love altogether? Haha, I better stop before I repeat the word 'love' for the umpteenth time wtf.

I was driving us out for lunch, and the boy casually asked me whether my dad reloads my Touch & Go card for me (my dad is the best, he will refuel my car's petrol tank everytime I go home T___T), 'cause it sounds like something that my dad would do. My dad did, but nowadays I don't let him anymore despite the fact that I actually spend more on toll after moving to the fiance's place.

Halfway we stopped at a petrol station 'cause he wanted to withdraw money.

When the boy came back into my car, I realized that he actually went down to helpe me to reload my Touch & Go card AND bought new batteries for my Smart Tag (batteries were getting wonky and sometimes the toll readers can't sense it). I was all like T________________T, and kept on asking him "WHY? WHY? WHY?" 'cause I could have done it on my own.

He told me that when he decided to marry me, he made a promise to himself to take over all the things that my dad did for me.



So what little blessing have you counted today? :)

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Saturday, November 02, 2013

Churpout 2013: The one with grass-stained feet.

Had a booth at Churpout 2013 recently with these good looking people!

 photo photo2_zps19281d3d.jpg
Shared a tent with Ringo, Audrey and Bobo. :)

And yea, I didn't get the memo to wear overalls wtf!

 photo IMG_1984_zpsee9baff5.jpg
I suspected the event was going to be held at a field, but Teeny, my partner-in-crime for the day insisted that it is held at a carpark (i.e. tar roads). So I thought, ok lar, I will wear low heels then.

Surprise surprise! It WAS at a field! And it rained. FML. But luckily my heels are woven ikat and hence waterproof. I pitied Bobo's husband, Jo, who wore suede shoes lol.

Super happy to be sharing a booth with my lovely girlfriends! Made the whole experience more fun and enjoyable (especially when it rained halfway through the event, and we were all stuck in our tent with each other).

 photo 173230163a6011e3b34b22000aaa2162_8_zpsf2b278d9.jpg
For example, this sohai here decided 10 minutes within arriving that it's "TOO HOT! Fuck this shit! TOO HOT!", and proceeded to take off her shoes for most of the event, haha. Then when she had to wear back her shoes, she had trouble cleaning her feet hahahaha.

Don't know why I didn't take a photo with Teeny! So here's a photo of her in spirit:

 photo IMG_1988_zps21c6768e.jpg
'Cause she was the one behind the camera, hahaha.

Thank you, Teeny, for accompanying me for the day! And getting me coffee for breakfast, buying me Nandos wrap for lunch, getting me anti-histamines when my sinus acted up (suspect I was allergic to grass or pollen FTS), and even fulfilling my very specific request of coke with ice cubes (instead of just grabbing a can from a supermarket. Though I suspect it was 'cause the tent was so hot that she willingly went to the mall anyway for air-conditioning, hehe.

Outfit details:
 photo IMG_1992_zps36f961df.jpg

 photo IMG_1987_zpsbf762648.jpg

Super love this happy-colored dress! It can be easily worn as a casual dress (as I did for Churpout), or as party dress. Also, I really like cutouts recently-- but it's very easy to go the trashy route when it comes to holes on your clothing-- so I thought this was just perfect!

Neon brocade cutout dress: AZORIAS
Jewel rope necklace: Korea
Ikat woven heels: Zara
Bag: Chanel

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