Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Beach gals.

It's been a week since we have booked our flights to Bali, and I am so ecstatic 'cause we have finally confirmed our accommodation as well!

A sneak peek at where we will be staying:

 photo 1463976_10151710463366230_2093764391_n_zps7751c9ed.jpg

 photo amana-villas_zps4cb32704.jpg

Yes, we will be staying in 2 different villas, one of them being the much coveted W spa and retreat, woohoo! I am pretty happy with the arrangement, 'cause we sort of get the best of both worlds-- a hip and luxurious joint like W retreat, and another minimalistic, quieter villa with our own private butler! :D

Kind of excited about having a butler, especially after I blew my luck with my first ever butler experience in St. Regis (blogged about it here) wtf. Basically, I didn't know that my room in St. Regis came with a butler, and I kept on shooing her away despite her constantly checking in on my needs as I was afraid she would charge me. -_-

Now that everything is confirmed, the only thing left to do is to start shopping for swimwear, hehe.

Unfortunately, the only one that caught my eye is the Chloe scalloped ones...

 photo 5924091148_de6e67d816_o_zpsf844476d.jpg
Image taken off The Cherry Blossom Girl.

.... which are already long sold out, and not to mention they cost a bomb. Sniff.

Of course, to wear the bikinis we need the right body, like Teeny rightly pointed wtf:

 photo body2_zps0a6d0f4c.jpg

So now this is our new group icon hahaha:

 photo body_zps0d856efc.jpg

Aaah, can't wait for our beach getaway!

 photo 148539_536463592630_1151007_n_zps7f2a49bb.jpg
Golden Palm Resort, 2010.

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