Thursday, November 07, 2013

Little blessings in life.

The best friend called me one of the happiest people that she knows. I don't intentionally set out to be happy all the time, I just... happened to be, most of the time?

That got me to start thinking what makes me happy... And well, every small thing makes me happy! Be it a melting cone in scorching weather, a favorite song coming on the radio, an unexpected text message from the boy, extra chicken chunks on my pizza.... Counting little blessings in life makes my life feel richer! :)

So  I am going to count two little blessings that made me very happy lately.

Teeny went to Ipoh with her best friend recently, and she brought home 10 famous Ipoh kaya puffs (they are heavenly, by the way). I was so pleasantly surprised when she actually separated 5 of them and packed it nicely to give to my fiance's family.

Now, it's no shocker for me to buy something for my fiance's family. But for my sister to think of them, and to take actual action to share her goodies with them-- it really, really makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. :))))

I guess it's the same theory as when I see how Teeny spoils Rocky (my siblings are always asking me when will I bring Rocky home)...

 photo photo3_zpsff232c23.jpg
... it really makes me smile. :)

It just makes me feel so happy and LOVED when I know that my loved ones love what I love too. That just feels like a whole different level of love altogether? Haha, I better stop before I repeat the word 'love' for the umpteenth time wtf.

I was driving us out for lunch, and the boy casually asked me whether my dad reloads my Touch & Go card for me (my dad is the best, he will refuel my car's petrol tank everytime I go home T___T), 'cause it sounds like something that my dad would do. My dad did, but nowadays I don't let him anymore despite the fact that I actually spend more on toll after moving to the fiance's place.

Halfway we stopped at a petrol station 'cause he wanted to withdraw money.

When the boy came back into my car, I realized that he actually went down to helpe me to reload my Touch & Go card AND bought new batteries for my Smart Tag (batteries were getting wonky and sometimes the toll readers can't sense it). I was all like T________________T, and kept on asking him "WHY? WHY? WHY?" 'cause I could have done it on my own.

He told me that when he decided to marry me, he made a promise to himself to take over all the things that my dad did for me.



So what little blessing have you counted today? :)

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玮灵 Wei Ling said...
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玮灵 Wei Ling said...

This post is full of love ;D cheers and keep the nice vibe around you

revel in me said...

wei ling: Thank you for your sweet words! Hope to write more happy posts too hehe. :D

jeanchristie said...

Aww he's such a darling!