Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The overdue reunion.

Had a great start to my week because I got to meet my love, Jaclyn, over the weekend!

 photo IMG_6802_zps3f10f90f.jpg

Jaclyn is my ex-housemate, if you are new to my blog. We haven't seen each other in over 3 years already! It was SO GOOD to catch up, and we just couldn't stop yakking away, hehe.

 photo IMG_6804_zps1091907d.jpg

On the same night, we also had an all-girls' reunion because everyone happened to be at the same place at the same time. Girls from MY, SG, AU and HK reunited yo!

Unfortunately, this great start came to a bittersweet ending when Jac has to go back to Melbourne (she was back for such a short whirlwind trip!). Before she left, she kept on egging me to finalize my wedding plans so that she can come back next year. I was like, "What is the world coming to! A girl has got to get married to see one of her best friends???" wtf.

Also received another SUPERB piece of news today. Can't share it yet till it's more finalized, but oooooh I am so excited! :D

Finally, to cap off my happy day, Jing, Teeny and I booked the flights for our sisters' trip today!

 photo bali-pic1_zps724e8236.jpg

Bali, here we come! :D :D :D

But before that, we have a big obstacle ahead of us....

 photo FB_zps126c1e9e.jpg

Haih, FOL.

The worst part is that we will be in Bangkok right before our Bali trip-- it's not possible to diet in Bangkok! T___T

PS: Anyone has any fab villas to recommend? We have totally no experience with Bali!

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