Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Reunited and it feels so good.

GAHHH, I haven't blogged for so long! It's been a hectic week, what with running last-minute errands to wrap up the year, planning my parents' wedding anniversary party, taking care of Rocky alone (the boy is in China, so I brought Rocky back to my place), increased workload from year-end sales at Azorias-- all while nursing a flu too!

HOWEVER! I was still super active on Dayre though. Follow me there k! It's like the only social media platform that I am really active on. -_-|||

Also have been preoccupied 'cause one of my favorite people just came back over the weekend...

 photo photo15_zps3a99692c.jpg
Reunited and it feels so good~~~~

And, boy, it DOES feel good! We haven't seen each other since our Eurotrip which was like 8 months ago. That is an awfully long time, especially when you consider that we grew up sleeping together, and spent practically every waking moment together! We used to pretend to be asleep when our parents came to check on us, but the minute the door is closed, we would start yakking away again, hehe.

Also, the anniversary party that we were fretting over has came and gone!

 photo photo14_zpsd1fb8a18.jpg
The feature table set-up. Will blog about this separately, hopefully the professional photos will be out soon!

Ending my last blogpost of the year with the outfit that I wore with Jing on the first day she was back. This is an important outfit k, 'cause it's like meeting your first love after being separated for a long time wtf.

 photo IMG_2021_zps7dbd8caa.jpg
The boy loves the color orange. I try to equip my wardrobe with some of his favorite colors for times when I need to ask for favors HEHE. His other favorite color is khaki. -_-

 photo IMG_2020_zps2bc3a04f.jpg
Love love love this tailored top! Am also quite happy with how I made it look more casual.

 photo IMG_2023_zps5adc5e1c.jpg

 photo IMG_2019_zps18403f98.jpg

Burnt orange cut-out off-shoulder peplum top: AZORIAS
Ripped boyfriend jeans: Zara
Crystal drop necklace: Jadore Janelle
Black studded belt: Teeny's
Contrast ankle-strapped platform heels: Jeffrey Campbell
Leopard print pony hair bag: Alexander Wang

I will be starting the year with my head in the clouds... Well, kinda, 'cause I will be going to Cameron Highlands on the first day of 2014! :) Here's to a smashing start to the year for all of you, and hopefully great things are in store for all of us!

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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Year-end musings.

I LOVE THE END OF THE YEAR! Something about the festive season (the Christmas songs playing on the radio really make me all mushy inside), the reunion of loved ones who come back during this time of the year, and the anticipation of what a new year brings...

The next few weeks will be packed with a lot of things that I am absolutely EXCITED about! Jing is coming back next week, just in time for my parents' 30th wedding anniversary party next weekend, then Cameron Highlands for New Year, Bangkok with the family, Bali with the sisters... I CANNOT WAIT! (sorry ar, I type in caps 'cause too excited haha)

Back to my parents' 30th wedding anniversary party... Their anniversary has actually passed (it was in October), but they held off throwing a celebration because they wanted to wait for Jing to be back. We are going to throw a small dinner party, with an English Garden theme. My sisters and I are taking the initiative to be the party planners, so next week will be a lot of sourcing and DIY-ing to make our vision come true! Will be good practice for my wedding anyway haha. We are also going to get a professional photographer for the party to help us snap some nice family photos-- we have never had any professional family photos done before!

Ending with a happy outfit:

 photo IMG_1993_zps60e7d34f.jpg
Haha stupid soya bean truck in the background photobomb me wtf.

 photo IMG_2008_zps3dd3a558.jpg
I love this type of ankle-strapped heeled sandals! Very comfortable 'cause I have bunions. :(

 photo IMG_2006_zpsf5e3a73a.jpg

Pink ruffled tier dress: AZORIAS
Gold rings: Korea
Buckled ankle-strapped heels: Zara
Patent slingbag: Chanel

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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Wedding talk: The hunt for the perfect venue.

I haven't been talking much about my wedding because... I didn't want jinx it wtf. So many things could go wrong k!! And it requires understanding and consideration from so many parties, over so many factors such as date, venue, budget, timing etc etc.

Well, we booked our venue about 2 weeks ago, so I guess it's considered quite finalized now! :P No turning back, future hubby, hehe.

We will be doing our wedding ceremony (i.e. vows exchange) next year in July! Whereas the tea ceremony and reception (i.e. wedding dinner) will be in the following year.

When first thinking of a venue for the wedding ceremony, I only had one thing in mind-- forest. Well,at the very very least, I knew I definitely want an outdoor ceremony with loads of lush trees in the background. But where to find in KL??

So I kind of went on a wild goose chase... I looked at forest retreats, mountains, woods... But most of these places are far away, and whilst the boy and I are happy to invite our loved ones to a weekend getaway at one of those retreats, these places usually can only fit a handful people. To be honest, the boy is THE BEST when it comes to entertaining my wedding ideas, he actually seriously considers all my suggestions for these forest retreats although he HATES the outdoors and would much rather be comfortable indoors with air-conditioning and no bugs or insects, thank you very much. Really, really appreciate it!

Anyway, back to my hunt for the perfect venue. I came across a private bungalow which has a gorgeous, rustic outdoor that I thought would be perfect. Alas, I emailed the owner, and he flat out refused to rent it to us as they no longer want to do wedding events! :O

I was crushed... and thus I went back to my futile search. But in my heart I just couldn't give up the idea of the beautiful rustic bungalow... So I decided to give it one more shot-- I sent the owner a super long email begging him to rent it to me.

And after a few agonizing days, he replied me with a YES!! I was ecstatic. When I told Jing about how I eventually managed to persuade the owner to rent the bungalow to us, she was like: "What Hui Wen wants, what Hui Wen gets." Hehe.

Alas, when we went to the place to do a viewing, we realized it was too small for our event. So it was back to the drawing board. :(

I was on the verge of giving up, and was going to go for the 'easy' option (which is Carcosa, because you can do an outdoor ceremony; but to be honest it doesn't really feel right for us). Just when I thought I would have to settle... My dream venue came to me.

 photo photo18_zps6aedf676.jpg

We booked this place already. Am beyond excited!!!

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Monday, December 16, 2013

The feature that means a lot to me.

Have been meaning to blog about this-- I was featured in Female magazine last month in their personal style column! :D :D :D

 photo stylefilecover001_zpseb0a4783.jpg

 photo p2Stylefile001_zpsaadac681.jpg

 photo stylefile001_zps5a41ff5a.jpg

Am super super super flattered... I have started reading Female magazine since I was 13-14 years old. As a teen, I was already very interested in fashion and styling, and I remember looking enviously onto this exact column and thought to myself-- how cool will it be if one day I can be featured in it!

AND NOW I AM! That's just SUCH an amazing feeling! :D

Some behind-the-scene pictures because I wasn't allowed to post any photos before the article was published. We shot at NBrew in Midvalley, a liquid nitrogen gelato parlor.

 photo photo14_zps762914b6.jpg
My first outfit change. I requested to change in the storeroom 'cause it was just easier (and cleaner as compared to public toilets)! Then I kept on asking the manager, "you sure no hidden cameras ar?" wtf.

This outfit is really me I think! Happy, girlie but with edge, and with a statement necklace hehe. Top is from AZORIAS, skirt,necklace and studded heels are from Korea, sequined mini slingbag is from Marc Jacobs.

 photo photo15_zps91bd59a5.jpg
Love being made up!! This is one of the best shoot I have been in, because for every outfit change I get a new make-up and hair. :D

 photo photo20_zpse875eca8.jpg
Warzone. My own accessories, a thousand things to put on my hair, and the most important element of all-- caffeine! ^_^v wtf

You notice how many drinking vessels there are wtf. This is honestly one of the most extensive/ serious production I have been in-- there was a team of five people (writer, art director, photographer, make-up artist, hairstylist :O) tending to me that day! Made me feel so pampered hehe.

 photo photo16_zps88f3b668.jpg
Another new look. They asked me whether I would be comfortable with bright lipstick, and I was like, "Hell yea!"

 photo photo17_zps581da048.jpg
How cute is this feature wall in NBrew? My kind of chemical elements wtf.

Tee, oversized floral print blazer, quilted leather shorts with chainlink straps, necklace all from Korea. Red pumps (not shown here) from Marni.

 photo photo21_zps1b69a220.jpg
I always tell you guys that I have a lot of hair (on my head ar, I clarify first wtf)... This is proof! Nothing was added to create this huge bouffant bun except for hairspray. :O :O :O My hairstylist was super proud of this bun and couldn't stop taking pictures of it left right centre LOL.

 photo photo24_zpsd689f281.jpg
In action. I thought I was a big enough camwhore already, but it's really not easy to pose for a fashion shoot like this! I smiled till my cheeks froze and my eyes glazed over wtf.

 photo photo19_zpsbc991e50.jpg
Nonetheless thank god that they really liked my smiling photos, so it was still fun to just be myself. If they have asked me to be edgy or cool I wouldn't be able to carry it off!!

Dress is from Bangkok, mint blazer and bow heels are from Korea, gold cuff from Diva Australia, sequined bag from Chanel.

 photo photo25_zpsb8f5b665.jpg
With my hairstylist for the day. Thank you for giving me pretty hair for the day! :D

Wearing a peplum top with a long tail (that you can't see wuwuwu) and necklce from Korea, green crochet lace pants and ikat woven heels from Zara.

Without a doubt this was one of the most fun features I have ever done!! And fulfilling a childhood dream is just AWESOME!!

Proves that it's okay to DREAM. :D

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Friday, December 13, 2013

Coffee break.

Last weekend the boyfriend brought me to Imbi Market for a brekkie date before I flew off to Bangkok! We have been talking forever about making a visit, but we have never been able to wake up early enough wtf (the stalls stop selling at about 10am apparently?).

 photo photo32_zps05ad35ad.jpg
Old school all the way!

 photo IMG_2012_zpsb9368d2a.jpg
Ripped denim and flats kind of day.

 photo photo22_zpsa702ee83.jpg
The famous Hainanese tea! And the signs are so cute! Instead of the usual ''Reserved", it says "VIP", haha.

 photo IMG_2010_zps9303a1db.jpg
Dunno why my face so smug here wtf.

 photo IMG_2013_zps6173c6a5.jpg
Love this sheer tee! Although it's a bit risque, hehe.

Sheer netted print tee: AZORIAS
Ripped boyfriend jeans: Zara

Diamante floral perpex necklace: Korea
Leopard print pony hair flats: Zara
Bag: Louis Vuitton

Love spending quality time with the boy, doing something as mundane as drinking coffee under colored umbrellas amidst chaos. :)

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Bangkok and Singapore diary.

So I was in Bangkok for the first half of last week, and Singapore for the second half. For sure it was a hectic week, but lovely because I got to visit some new places and tried LOADS of yummy food!

I have mixed up all the photos from the 2 short trips... Can you tell which is from BKK and which is from SG? :P

 photo photo15_zps032af866.jpg

 photo photo18_zpsddb63c76.jpg

 photo photo29_zps2666274b.jpg

 photo photo19_zps64ee4c40.jpg

 photo photo28_zps745cc145.jpg

 photo photo20_zps5ecb9115.jpg

 photo photo25_zps346ac95d.jpg

 photo photo21_zps08907a0e.jpg

 photo photo17_zps8a134762.jpg

 photo photo23_zpsdb0032e2.jpg

 photo photo31_zps70122cc1.jpg

 photo photo14_zpsd80a927f.jpg

 photo photo16_zpsa2428a41.jpg

 photo photo27_zpsa2bb8ae4.jpg

 photo photo24_zpsb3f2b8d9.jpg

 photo photo26_zps439e792c.jpg

 photo IMG_6825_zpsabe4c99f.jpg

 photo photo30_zps6d5df065.jpg

1. Crazy Monkey milkshake (coffee, banana, chocolate chips) at Mr. Jones Orphanage (BKK)-- one of the loveliest cafe I have ever been to!

2. The boy called this the Indian top. -___- Maybe 'cause it looks like a sari top wtf. Wandering on Orchard Road (SG)... It's not fun to shop when our currency is so weak! T_T

3. Breakfast for dinner hehe. Dined with my ex-housemate at Wild Honey (SG), Mey, which is so LOVELY because we had so much to catch up on! We used to see each other everyday and now we barely see each other once in a few months. *sniff* Mey is also getting married next year, so it was really fun to share our wedding woes! For example, how the wedding work is being split between the bride and the groom. The bride suggests/ plans; the groom vetoes wtf.

4. Haven't had this ice cream wafer thingies in SG for ages! Another popular option is having the ice cream sandwiched between sliced bread? But I found that to be too avant garde for me wtf. It's nice to see something that I can afford in Singapore wtf-- SGD1 only! *beams*

5. The charming entrance of Mr. Jones Orphanage (BKK).

6. First meal in SG! Dim sum at a random restaurant in Chinatown, where our hotel was located at. Probably one of the cheapest meal I had in Singapore this trip. -_-|||

7. Pre-massage in BKK! Needed all the ventilation I could get in my outfit wtf-- dress from AZORIAS, sandals from Zara, bag from Alexander Wang.

8. The famous 'Shiok! maki' in SG (Koh Grill in Wisma Atria)... was not so 'Shiok'. There was too much rice on the sushi. :(

9. My favorite corner in our hotel in SG-- free-flow snacks in the lounge. :) We stayed at a refurbished heritage hotel, Naumi Liora.

10. Hopscotch used to be my favorite game as a kid! I would steal chalk from the classroom and play hopscotch every single night with my sisters without fail.

11. Fancy Thai lunch at Dusit Thani (BKK). It's awesome traveling with my dad this time because he brought me to all his favorite restaurants. :D

12. How did you eat these retro icing biscuits when you were a kid? I used to bite off the icing part and secretly throw away the biscuit wtf

13. One of my favorite parts of my SG trip was catching with old friends-- this was dinner with my ex-colleagues. Had contemporary Indonesian food at Marina Bay Sands. Avoid this place at all cost wtf-- food is so-so only but cost an arm and a leg.

14. Mr. Jones Orphanage had teddy bears strewn everywhere! I kinda had matching outfits with the one I was holding hehe.

15. The smallest mangosteen I have ever seen! About the size of my thumb. :O :O :O Another fancy lunch at Nahm, Metropolitan hotel.

16. A hidden cove-- our massage place for the day. I think I have a secret hipster in me, I don't like anything mainstream, and I just adore this homey cottage-like place!

17. Outfit for my last day in SG. Toga dress from Topshop, necklace from Sportsgirl, Australia.

18. Sorry, I can't get enough of the whimsical cafe. :D

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