Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Around ASEAN in one week wtf.

Hola! Paging from Singapore now wtf~~~~

I have been MIA for the past few days as I was in Bangkok to accompany my dad who wanted to go down to pray for my brother-- guess who needs divine intervention for his A levels wtf. Stupid hotel in Bangkok charged an arm and a leg for wifi, so I refused to pay-- and suffered in the progress haih. What's with hotels who don't offer complimentary wifi in this day and age!! Wifi is just as necessary as a bed and a toilet k wtf.

But right, actually I have been blogging throughout my Bangkok trip on my Dayre (whenever I could tap into wifi in restaurants). I am so addicted to mobile blogging!! I have probably joined Dayre for a week or two, and I have blogged there EVERY SINGLE DAY! :O :O :O If you want to know how I escaped the Bangkok protest WTF, follow me on Dayre or find me at @revelinme.

Anyway, I got back last night, packed in a hurry and rushed to the boy's place because we were leaving from his place at 6am this morning for SG. He is here for some networking event, and I am here as his CEO-- chief entertainment officer wtf.

I have some time to spare now as he is at the event whilst I am waiting for dinnertime (I am meeting with Kit Mey, one of my Flat Hair Flat mates whom I haven't seen in donkey years!!), so I thought I will do a quick blog post!

 photo IMG_6816_zps21236f5a.jpg
Most touristy photo ever-- taken right outside of our hotel. On my Dayre here, I actually asked you all to vote for which hotel we should stay at. This time we decided to try something different and stay in a cultural boutique hotel!

 photo IMG_6817_zps5ebfa047.jpg
My dress is not just any boring old black dress k-- check out the super cool back! I feel so badass wtf.

Also, looking at these photos, I have to make a public declaration that I really love bougainvillea, or we know better as bunga kertas wtf. I think they look so vibrant and stunning when they are spilling over trees or roofs! But the boyfriend hates them though. Actually I think he just hates everything pink.

Outfit details:
 photo IMG_6815_zpsa223af26.jpg

Cutout front dress with peekaboo back: AZORIAS
Perspex flower necklace: Korea

Velvet bow sandals: Korea
Bag: Alexander Wang

As the boy booked our flights separately so that he could claim his flight from his company, we realized this morning that we weren't seated together!

Him: I am at 20A, what about you?

Me: 10A! So far away!

Him: Good. Then I will have some peace and quiet.


I shall be noisy and dance on the bed tonight lalalalala

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