Monday, December 16, 2013

The feature that means a lot to me.

Have been meaning to blog about this-- I was featured in Female magazine last month in their personal style column! :D :D :D

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Am super super super flattered... I have started reading Female magazine since I was 13-14 years old. As a teen, I was already very interested in fashion and styling, and I remember looking enviously onto this exact column and thought to myself-- how cool will it be if one day I can be featured in it!

AND NOW I AM! That's just SUCH an amazing feeling! :D

Some behind-the-scene pictures because I wasn't allowed to post any photos before the article was published. We shot at NBrew in Midvalley, a liquid nitrogen gelato parlor.

 photo photo14_zps762914b6.jpg
My first outfit change. I requested to change in the storeroom 'cause it was just easier (and cleaner as compared to public toilets)! Then I kept on asking the manager, "you sure no hidden cameras ar?" wtf.

This outfit is really me I think! Happy, girlie but with edge, and with a statement necklace hehe. Top is from AZORIAS, skirt,necklace and studded heels are from Korea, sequined mini slingbag is from Marc Jacobs.

 photo photo15_zps91bd59a5.jpg
Love being made up!! This is one of the best shoot I have been in, because for every outfit change I get a new make-up and hair. :D

 photo photo20_zpse875eca8.jpg
Warzone. My own accessories, a thousand things to put on my hair, and the most important element of all-- caffeine! ^_^v wtf

You notice how many drinking vessels there are wtf. This is honestly one of the most extensive/ serious production I have been in-- there was a team of five people (writer, art director, photographer, make-up artist, hairstylist :O) tending to me that day! Made me feel so pampered hehe.

 photo photo16_zps88f3b668.jpg
Another new look. They asked me whether I would be comfortable with bright lipstick, and I was like, "Hell yea!"

 photo photo17_zps581da048.jpg
How cute is this feature wall in NBrew? My kind of chemical elements wtf.

Tee, oversized floral print blazer, quilted leather shorts with chainlink straps, necklace all from Korea. Red pumps (not shown here) from Marni.

 photo photo21_zps1b69a220.jpg
I always tell you guys that I have a lot of hair (on my head ar, I clarify first wtf)... This is proof! Nothing was added to create this huge bouffant bun except for hairspray. :O :O :O My hairstylist was super proud of this bun and couldn't stop taking pictures of it left right centre LOL.

 photo photo24_zpsd689f281.jpg
In action. I thought I was a big enough camwhore already, but it's really not easy to pose for a fashion shoot like this! I smiled till my cheeks froze and my eyes glazed over wtf.

 photo photo19_zpsbc991e50.jpg
Nonetheless thank god that they really liked my smiling photos, so it was still fun to just be myself. If they have asked me to be edgy or cool I wouldn't be able to carry it off!!

Dress is from Bangkok, mint blazer and bow heels are from Korea, gold cuff from Diva Australia, sequined bag from Chanel.

 photo photo25_zpsb8f5b665.jpg
With my hairstylist for the day. Thank you for giving me pretty hair for the day! :D

Wearing a peplum top with a long tail (that you can't see wuwuwu) and necklce from Korea, green crochet lace pants and ikat woven heels from Zara.

Without a doubt this was one of the most fun features I have ever done!! And fulfilling a childhood dream is just AWESOME!!

Proves that it's okay to DREAM. :D

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Great effort :)

jeanchristie said...

Congratulations! Every year a new dream (and more) comes true for you!

revel in me said...

wllwproject: Thanks babe! :D

jeanchristie: Haha, I hope so! <3