Sunday, January 26, 2014

Bali 2014 photo diary.

 photo IMG_6933_zps955e3e1b.jpg

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 photo IMG_7028_zpseb90266c.jpg

 photo IMG_6885_zps5af54250.jpg

 photo DSC_0812_zps8a5c6f00.jpg

 photo DSC_0688_zps42f0aa17.jpg

 photo DSC_0996_zps1fafc2f2.jpg

 photo DSC_0776_zps6d581766.jpg

 photo IMG_6944_zpsf81fef05.jpg

 photo IMG_7065_zps6579364c.jpg

 photo IMG_7109_zpsef1e1aac.jpg

 photo DSC_0712_zps7506c4a2.jpg

 photo IMG_6903_zps1c850fb3.jpg

Bali in a nutshell. Beach. Food by the sea. Food by the pool. Crashing waves. Sisters. Candy sunsets. Flipflops. Cocktails. Private pools. Fluffy clouds. Colorful bikinis. Love. Palm trees. Wind in the hair.

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Monday, January 20, 2014

The clothes that I got in 3 different colors.

Today is the first day in 2014 that I actually feel that I have a bit of peace and quiet to myself; a little alone time.

When Jing is back, we will feel that any second together not actually doing anything is a second wasted, so even when we were not out, we will be on a Stephen Chow (our idol wtf) marathon lol. And we did quite a bit of traveling in the past 2 weeks. And any time that I was not with Jing, I was with the boy running up and down settling our moving stuff-- signing documents, buying things for the new place, meeting agent/landlord, viewing things...

Phew. Think also tired wtf.

Not to say today wasn't busy!! Anytime that I wasn't working was spent calling professional movers. I never realized that they are so expensive!! No need to be lawyer or doctor, next time I will ask my son to be a mover wtf. I contacted like 10 movers, so hopefully at least one of them will come back with a reasonable quote. Also spent whole day calling different broadband providers. This one also not fruitful. 'Cause we are moving to a new condo, the place does not have coverage for most of the main service providers grrr.

OK don't want to stress over it. One of the trick to be happy is to not stress over the things that you can't control! *wise*

Am going to post a quick outfit post 'cause I just feel like blogging before I get back to catching up on some work. I do miss blogging. Hopefully I can get back to my usual blogging routine after the big move! In the meantime, you can follow me on Dayre.

 photo IMG_1825_zpsf6b774b9.jpg
Love this lace skirt so much that I bought it in 3 colors-- pale peach, yellow and ivory. I wore the yellow one in my Female feature (*click*) recently. :)

 photo IMG_1828_zps181de25f.jpg
The boy always complain that I don't use this bag, and thus he doesn't want to get me any bags anymore wtf. NAHH NOW I USE!!! I iz can has new bag? :P

 photo IMG_1827_zps2d132b33.jpg
Can't believe I have a necklace in the exact same shade as my skirt. Indicators of a chronic shopaholic lol.

 photo IMG_1822_zps78b4c6ee.jpg
Wore this outfit to eat my favorite roasted pork (Wong Kee) at Pudu! Super unhealthy but whatever. NOM ALL THE PORK!

I should also confess here that we tapao-ed some roasted pork for Rocky to try. One of our favorite activities is to feed Rocky new food and see his reaction wtf.

 photo IMG_1829_zps1b920337.jpg
Wore sandals 'cause we wanted to walk Rocky after lunch.

 photo IMG_1826_zpsf04f2360.jpg

White cutout tank: AZORIAS
Pale peach lace pencil skirt: Korea
Pale peach statement necklace: Sportsgirl, Australia
Bejeweled low-heeled sandals: Stuart Weitzman
Bag: Louis Vuitton

Erm, I should also confess here that I also bought this tank in 3 colors-- white, electric blue and black. WHAT!!! It's a really versatile basic k. And I like that it comes with a twist with the cutouts. *defensive* You can get them from AZORIAS, they are really affordable at RM79! :)

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Friday, January 17, 2014

First sisters' trip ever!

OMG!! I haven't blogged in almost 2 weeks. :O :O :O

So sorry, but I have been traveling a lot in the past 2 weeks (actually just Bangkok and Bali haha), so I guess you can say that 2014 is off to a pretty awesome start. :P

Just came back from Bali yesterday from our sisters' trip, and I have fallen in love with the place. The culture, the people, the architecture, the food, the crafts, the beaches, the sunsets... Is there any reason NOT to love Bali?

To sum up our Bali trip...

 photo IMG_6971_zps32d38fa1.jpg
Quality sister time.

 photo IMG_6907_zpsad740a58.jpg
Beautiful sunsets.

 photo IMG_7071_zps67d7ebd5.jpg
Private villas with our own pools (and butler :D).

I need to go to bed now as I have a photoshoot tomorrow, but let me leave you guys with real-time updates from Bali k? I blogged here everyday in Bali!

Day 1 (*click*)
Day 2 (*click*)
Day 3 (*click*)
Day 4 (*click)

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Sunday, January 05, 2014

The big news of 2014.

Happy New Year everybuddehhh!!

Sawadeeka from Bangkok hehe. Just arrived today with my family, and checked into the biggest suite ever! We were joking that we booked a 3-bedroom suite so that we could spend time together as a family (as compared to staying in different rooms), but instead, the suite is so big that we ended being even more segregated from each other wtf.

Jing and I 'chup'-ed one of the biggest rooms, and we even have our own walk-in wardrobe!! *big shiny eyes*

I am busy soaking up interior design inspiration from the suite because...


The boy and I moving out soon!!! This is about the biggest thing that is happening to me in 2014. :D :D :D

Anyway, this is an outfit that I wore for an appointment with a property agent:

 photo photo34_zps29edf2e9.jpg
Absolutely in love with this amazing vivid sky print... It just puts me in such a carefree, happy mood!

 photo IMG_6809_zps1a92ed85.jpg
The place is near to a great park-- lots of space for Rocky to run around. :P

 photo photo33_zpsc96ba374.jpg

Sky print mermaid tail dress: AZORIAS
Rings: Korea

Nude strappy sandals: Zara
Bag: Balenciaga

Okay, time to go catch up with my family... Update real soon!

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