Friday, January 17, 2014

First sisters' trip ever!

OMG!! I haven't blogged in almost 2 weeks. :O :O :O

So sorry, but I have been traveling a lot in the past 2 weeks (actually just Bangkok and Bali haha), so I guess you can say that 2014 is off to a pretty awesome start. :P

Just came back from Bali yesterday from our sisters' trip, and I have fallen in love with the place. The culture, the people, the architecture, the food, the crafts, the beaches, the sunsets... Is there any reason NOT to love Bali?

To sum up our Bali trip...

 photo IMG_6971_zps32d38fa1.jpg
Quality sister time.

 photo IMG_6907_zpsad740a58.jpg
Beautiful sunsets.

 photo IMG_7071_zps67d7ebd5.jpg
Private villas with our own pools (and butler :D).

I need to go to bed now as I have a photoshoot tomorrow, but let me leave you guys with real-time updates from Bali k? I blogged here everyday in Bali!

Day 1 (*click*)
Day 2 (*click*)
Day 3 (*click*)
Day 4 (*click)

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starbuckers said...

Hello, since you travel to Seoul a lot, can you please recommend some hotels?

Thank you