Sunday, January 05, 2014

The big news of 2014.

Happy New Year everybuddehhh!!

Sawadeeka from Bangkok hehe. Just arrived today with my family, and checked into the biggest suite ever! We were joking that we booked a 3-bedroom suite so that we could spend time together as a family (as compared to staying in different rooms), but instead, the suite is so big that we ended being even more segregated from each other wtf.

Jing and I 'chup'-ed one of the biggest rooms, and we even have our own walk-in wardrobe!! *big shiny eyes*

I am busy soaking up interior design inspiration from the suite because...


The boy and I moving out soon!!! This is about the biggest thing that is happening to me in 2014. :D :D :D

Anyway, this is an outfit that I wore for an appointment with a property agent:

 photo photo34_zps29edf2e9.jpg
Absolutely in love with this amazing vivid sky print... It just puts me in such a carefree, happy mood!

 photo IMG_6809_zps1a92ed85.jpg
The place is near to a great park-- lots of space for Rocky to run around. :P

 photo photo33_zpsc96ba374.jpg

Sky print mermaid tail dress: AZORIAS
Rings: Korea

Nude strappy sandals: Zara
Bag: Balenciaga

Okay, time to go catch up with my family... Update real soon!

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous dress. Looking at it makes me feel relaxed lol