Thursday, February 27, 2014

Le Parents' 30th wedding anniversary.

Finally got around to blogging about my parents' wedding anniversary party! 30th anniversary yo. Quite scary to imagine being married to the same person for THIRTY YEARS! Especially when they are as different as my mom and dad, haha. Since it is so amazing that they didn't kill each other they remain in love for all these years, my parents decided to throw a small dinner party for the occasion!

Actually, there was a small drama with the party. Initially, my parents gave us full rein to do whatever we want for the dinner, including the venue, deco, food etc. So we decided on a "English Garden Party" theme, and was set on Ben's in BSC, as it has a very nice glass room that would look gorgeous for the party. However, a week before the party, we went to Ben's for dinner to choose the menu for the party, and my parents suddenly did a 180 degree turn and said NO! They want Chinese food instead wtf. It didn't help that Ben's service was extremely inefficient, and they served us a piece of cake that has gone bad. -__-

I was quite upset actually, 'cause how to throw an English garden party in a Chinese restaurant wtf. Plus, we have already prepared some deco stuff, so it's really quite a bummer to switch venue/ theme at the 11th hour!! Teeny, being the cold person she is, was like, "whatever la, their loss" WTF. My brother couldn't care less about deco, and Jing wasn't much help since she would only be back from Brisbane on the day of the party. I felt quite dejected and alone at that time, and was honestly considering to just give up doing any planning for the dinner.

In the end though, I decided that as long as my parents are happy, it doesn't really matter where the party is! WE will maketh the party, hehe. So I went along with my parents' plan to have it in a Chinese restaurant, and along with my siblings, did some simple deco. :)

Ok, enough with the back story wtf. Pictures time! I got a friend of mine who is a professional photographer to take some photos during the party, so they are really pretty. :D But the dimensions are smaller than usual, 'cause I stole them from Teeny's FB wtf.

Some behind-the-scene photos while we were setting up... I think these were my favorite photos from the day!

 photo 1545788_10151796997467757_3296200_n_zpsfdf2b039.jpg
The restaurant that we dined in was Gu Yue Tien (in Chulan Square, opposite Pavilion KL), which is arguably the best Chinese restaurant in KL. This was before we put up the decorations!

 photo 1511618_10151796997572757_279509839_n_zpsdd5670ee.jpg
Being coordinator for the day LOL.

 photo 1560566_10151796997577757_501288324_n_zps639a2e5e.jpg
Giving each other a helping hand. :)

 photo 1509912_10151796997597757_548270918_n_zps8c474334.jpg
We almost wanted to cancel out cake order when the dinner venue was changed to a Chinese restaurant! But luckily we didn't, 'cause it was really the highlight of our feature table. :)

 photo 1514990_10151796997707757_2021654962_n_zpse6daf16c.jpg
Super love this photo of my parents. :')

My mom continued with the "floral garden" theme, and ordered all the men to wear bow ties. My dad was not spared, haha.

And while all of us were busy running around getting the place ready...

 photo 1512730_10151796997767757_420321036_n_zps8c25425f.jpg
.... my grandparents were camwhoring, HAHA. Grandpa was wearing a bowtie and suspenders, so handsome! And my grandma was using my mom's Valentino clutch which matched her cheongsam top perfectly.

I think my grandpa was really pleased with how he looked that night. When he found out that my friend is a professional photographer, he ordered him, "YOUNG MAN! Come come, take a photo of me. I need a new passport photo" HAHAHAAHHA.

 photo 1510634_10151796997812757_989570478_n_zpsa7ab5bea.jpg
Yay, full attendance from everyone in the family!

 photo 1604474_10151796998577757_2135449304_n_zpsee15d010.jpg
Our feature table. The "Just Married-- 30 years ago" was my idea, haha. Also put up some photos of my parents at their wedding!! I think some were missing from this photo, 'cause some of the guests kept on stealing the photos to study closely wtf.

 photo 1535026_10151796998027757_585675534_n_zpscae6082b.jpg
Brother Hoe also looked really dashing! First time saw him in a faux tux. Faux, 'cause he was actually wearing skinny jeans with his bow tie and tux jacket wtf.

 photo 1520604_10151796998797757_88638218_n_zps58726b73.jpg
Thank you for getting married and giving birth to us beautiful people, dad and mom! wtf

 photo 1536605_10151796998127757_1442119830_n_zps495d43a4.jpg
My mom changed into 3 outfits for the night WTF. Now you know where my fashion hoarding genes come from, haha. However, this is an extra meaningful outfit as she is wearing a Chinese 'kua' that my grandma wore for HER wedding 59 years ago!!

 photo 1014021_10151796999062757_996245769_n_zpsa5423c7a.jpg
One with the grandparents. :)

 photo 0a34a83dc9a22ffc062977d0658b0015_zps1b23146d.jpg
I don't have a proper outfit photo from the night, so this crappy phone image will do.

 photo 1524803_10151796998637757_1626797770_n_zps0a4af7c9.jpg
This is with our "godmother", aka my mom's best friend, and her children. She and her family almost follow us on our family trips!

 photo 1521700_10151763267102757_1948608856_n_zps81d971bf.jpg
Pretty pink roses for my mom. It was 2 days before my mom's birthday, so it was another cause for celebration.

 photo 1533851_10151796998652757_957372856_n_zps4f99bd70.jpg
Hi Daddy, I love your lipstick color WTF.

 photo 1601496_10151796998867757_362410886_n_zps247d1d69.jpg
All the young girls at the dinner. Luckily I can still come into this photo wtf.

 photo 1526220_10151763300267757_1172424914_n_zps6f4c8604.jpg
My mom got tipsy at the end of the night and fought for a kiss WTF.

 photo 1525113_10151796998202757_500680979_n_zpsf37bf4c1.jpg
Funny faces for the family album!

All in all, it was a FAB night. So much so that my mom now wants to celebrate her 31th, 32th, 33th... wedding anniversary. HAHA!

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Friday, February 21, 2014

On the decks.

I think it's safe to say that say we are slowly but surely settling into the new place! We still don't have internet here, but we have a Yes 4G dongle, so that will do for now. We still don't have gas, but we got an induction cooker (kind of like an electric stove). We are still getting the hang of things, but we are getting there! :)

So with that, I hope I can find more time to blog! Previously there was a lot of time wasted on the road, traveling from the boy's place (where I stay sometimes), to my family home (where I also stay sometimes wtf), to office. So now there should be more time freed up, heh. To show my sincerity wtf, I am going to blog some pretty photos, WOOHOO! *syok sendiri wtf*

Jing brought us to a nice place for brunch during our Sydney trip last year, briefly blogged about it here.

 photo IMG_1577_zps09debd9a.jpg
Deckhouse is a glass-house restaurant facing the Sydney Harbor Bridge!

 photo IMG_1522_zps0b85a450.jpg
Naturally we chose to sit outside to admire the view. Not to mention, the spring weather was glorious!

My all-time favorite weather is Spring, followed by Fall, and then I can't decide which one I hate more wtf-- Summer or Winter. Summer is too hot and sweltering, which makes you not have any mood to do any form of walking or sight-seeing. Winter, on the other hand, can get very depressing and dirty (all the melted snow and slush) which also makes you have no mood. But then again, at least we can dress up in winter! So maybe Winter beats Summer, haha. Unless it's a beach holiday la wtf.

 photo IMG_1561_zpsa64be185.jpg
Yay brunch!

 photo IMG_1566_zpsb9020391.jpg
Sydney Harbor Bridge in the background yo.

After our brunch, we took a walk outside the restaurant and took some really nice photos! I think Deckhouse should consider renting out its place for photo ops too wtf.

 photo IMG_1622_zps00b6f8ac.jpg
Do we look like we are in a Taylor's College ad lol.

 photo IMG_1581_zps9b999ba6.jpg
Actually I was quite afraid that I will trip over my heels and fall into the sea wtf. My nickname is Ms. Calamity. -_-

 photo IMG_1624_zpse7cc4137.jpg
I miss my sister!

 photo IMG_1644_zpsdefe6006.jpg

 photo IMG_1643_zps56a5f7f8.jpg

Outfit of the day:

Floral applique top: Topshop
Hot pink shorts: Korea
White blazer: AZORIAS (on sale now!)
Horseshoe necklace: Accessorize
Sunnies: Celine
Leather link heels: Korea
Bag: Alexander Wang

 photo IMG_1616_zps481fab73.jpg

Super miss having a holiday after going these photos! *ignores fact that I just came back from TWO holidays in January wtf* Well, I guess it's lucky that I going on another holiday with my family in March then... :P This time, it will be Seoul! Am quite excited to show my family around my second home lol.

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Moving.. Moving... Moved.

I warn you all first ar, this is probably the auntiest post that I have ever written! (I even started a new blog category-- Revel in Wife Material-- for all the aunty parts of my life hehe).

 Staying out on our own has been great! To be honest, our home is far from being complete-- we don't have gas in our place yet (leaving me to have to rely on the oven to create meals), we have no wifi (our place is new, and TMnet being the efficient people that they are, will only have internet cabling up in April -_-), and before this, we didn't even have a water filter so we had to drink mineral water. And on the first day that we moved in, our sink started leaking!

But yet, despite all these shortcomings, it feels so nice to come home to our own place everyday. To rack my brains for something yummy to cook for the boy. To wash dishes together by the sink and to hand clothes to the other person to hang at the balcony. To cuddle on our L-shaped sofa and watch movies with Rocky nuzzling our toes.

Mind you, not everything is perfect! We have also bickered about housework (already, haha), but I believe this is a learning process for us. :)

Anyway, just sharing some of the food I have prepared recently! It's kind of a huge deal for me 'cause I haven't cooked in 5 years. And also quite challenging 'cause I can only use the oven! I can't even make baked pasta 'cause pasta requires boiling and boiling requires gas wtf.

 photo photo20_zps5d88ddc9.jpg
This was what I prepared for our first night at our new home! Did you all guessed correctly here. :P

Simple meal of roasted chicken drumsticks with cherry tomatos, ciabatta (I used baguette instead), basil leaves, garlic cloves and dried chilli. I like it 'cause it is quite a balanced meal with fibre, protein and carbs! :D

 photo photo21_zpse969b85b.jpg

A typical breakfast. Muesli with Greek yogurt and fruits. The boy said that sugarless yogurt is too sour though. -_- So now he eats with milk lol.

 photo photo22_zps78cc79cd.jpg
Another easy meal! Tip for all of you, use wraps as the crust for your pizza, it is so thin and crunchy, can fight with Dominoes hehe. Used leftover roast chicken from the day before along with some vegetables and ham.

 photo photo18_zps8efa2430.jpg
It makes me happy when my food is pretty! Super atas fruits here-- persimmon, cherries and plums, but we didn't pay one cent for them! *glee* Got truckloads of free food 'cause the boy's family bought a lot of food for prayers (first day of CNY and the Hokkien's CNY i.e. 8th day of CNY).

One of the free food that we got was oh sweet lord roasted pork! Made broccoli with roasted pork (served with brown rice) one night-- oven roast 'cause, oh ya, no gas wtf.

 photo photo17_zpsb70a0db0.jpg
Yesterday the boy got a bad case of diarrhea so I made porridge for him! It was my first time ever making porridge and I just sort of winged it 'cause I couldn't find any recipes that I like. Used a rice cooker 'cause, oh ya, no gas wtf.

 photo photo19_zps81c7f230.jpg

And it turned out better than I could have hoped for! :D :D :D Even the boy was impressed, and he kept on thanking me for dinner. *flips hair*

In fact, halfway eating the porridge, he suddenly blurted out: "I am not eating porridge."

I was like, "Huh??"

And he said, "I am eating humble pie."

Haha. 'Cause he was very skeptical of me cooking before this. But in reality I exceeded his expectations on every account (his words, not mine lol). But of course, do bear in mind that he had super low expectations to begin with haha.

Anyway, I am quite proud of myself nonetheless! Keep up the good work, Hui Wen! My goal is really for us to eat healthier so that we can live long long long and annoy each other forever hehe.

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Friday, February 07, 2014

New year, new home!

Sorry for the lack of updates this week, because we were busy with moving!

YES!! We have officially moved into our new place! :D :D :D

It's only been a few days, and to be honest, I haven't really had the luxury to bask in the fact that we have our own little nest now, what with the CNY festivities and Jing being back (it is the first time in 5 years that she got to celebrate CNY in KL!). But that doesn't stop the whole experience from being AWESOME! :P

 photo photo16_zps2e1f7ef3.jpg
Replying emails with this little furry monster snoring gently next to me. Biadab la this boy wtf.

 photo photo14_zps45d880b5.jpg
Also playing the part of a good wife-to-be by preparing meals! I haven't cooked since I left Melbourne... which was a good 5 years ago wtf. This was our first dinner on our first night in our first home! Hehe. Can you guess what I made?

At the moment, the place is still quite bare (i.e. all the main furniture is in, but not much deco is up yet), but I am looking forward to adding my own touches to the place in time to come. Can't wait to share photos of the place when we are a little more settled in! :)


Sponsored mention

Besides a new home for the new year, I also got a new gadget for the new year! A new laptop to be exact. :D More on that another time, but right now I am referring to a new phone! A new phone in my favorite metallic shade...

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the Galaxy Note 3 in Rose Gold.

 photo 180100-rosegoldnote3full_zps5f1c3821.jpg


If the gorgeous exterior is not reason enough, here are some of the phone's features:
• Sophisticated design
• 5.7 inch HD screen to enjoy a more vivid viewing experience
• New S pen for easier and smoother navigation on your phone

When you purchase the Samsung GALAXY Note 3 Rose Gold Edition from Celcom (the fastest network in Malaysia, don't play play!), you can enjoy a free Moschino case worth RM189!! Moschino anything is always gold in my books, heh.

Also, when you sign up for any Celcom First with mPro plan with the Samsung GALAXY Note 3 (in ANY colour), you can get the Samsung GALAXY Gear (Orange) at only RM288.

For more information, just visit here.

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Saturday, February 01, 2014

Bangkok Eats: Issaya.

I get asked quite often where to eat in Bangkok, so I thought I would blog about some about our favorite eateries/ new joints! Hope this new addition to my blog will be useful to you guys. :)

Today's entry is about Issaya, a whimsical bungalow that is quite the hidden gem. It was our first time at this restaurant, but it sure didn't disappoint!

 photo IMG_6742_zpsc3e4c20a.jpg
Love the clever play on prints on the menus.

 photo IMG_6733_zpsf63e0153.jpg
There are quite a few lounge areas in the lush gardens, and this birdcage area is my favorite spot, hehe.

 photo IMG_6779_zpsd7f63809.jpg
If I have a free reign to decorate my home, this is probably how it would look like! A lot of colors and clash of prints, with touches of greenery here and there, and a dash of whimsy. :)

 photo IMG_6750_zps221a7d3c.jpg
Just a simple mixed vegetable dish, but it looks SO PRETTY!!

 photo IMG_6737_zpsf66f4842.jpg
Going for a white/ nude palette with a pop of color on my bag and lips. Which was just as well, because if I have worn something colorful I would have blended into the interior of the restaurant, haha.

 photo IMG_6777_zps5e8db5a7.jpg
Looking out into the garden.

 photo IMG_6740_zpsc56967ec.jpg
Jing's whole outfit is from AZORIAS! Top is already sold out, but you can get the skirt here.

 photo IMG_6752_zpse7b57d31.jpg
Possibly the best pork ribs I have ever eaten. :O :O :O

We had the tasting menu, which is approximately RM150++ per pax, but they allow you to share! So maybe 2 people can share set of the tasting menu as portions are pretty generous. They also have an ala carte menu which is probably what we will go for the next time we visit. :)

4 Soi Sri Aksorn, Chua Ploeng Road, Sathorn, Bangkok.
Telephone: +66 (0)2 672 9040-1 Fax: +66 (0)2 672 9042

 photo IMG_6738_zps3ef4fdb1.jpg

 photo IMG_6739_zps7f847c50.jpg

White chiffon dress with frayed rosette pockets: Bazaar
Gold cuff: Diva, Australia
Sunnies: Korea
Nude ankle-strapped pumps: Zara
Bag: Mulberry

I blogged more about this day in Bangkok my Dayre: *click*

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