Thursday, February 13, 2014

Moving.. Moving... Moved.

I warn you all first ar, this is probably the auntiest post that I have ever written! (I even started a new blog category-- Revel in Wife Material-- for all the aunty parts of my life hehe).

 Staying out on our own has been great! To be honest, our home is far from being complete-- we don't have gas in our place yet (leaving me to have to rely on the oven to create meals), we have no wifi (our place is new, and TMnet being the efficient people that they are, will only have internet cabling up in April -_-), and before this, we didn't even have a water filter so we had to drink mineral water. And on the first day that we moved in, our sink started leaking!

But yet, despite all these shortcomings, it feels so nice to come home to our own place everyday. To rack my brains for something yummy to cook for the boy. To wash dishes together by the sink and to hand clothes to the other person to hang at the balcony. To cuddle on our L-shaped sofa and watch movies with Rocky nuzzling our toes.

Mind you, not everything is perfect! We have also bickered about housework (already, haha), but I believe this is a learning process for us. :)

Anyway, just sharing some of the food I have prepared recently! It's kind of a huge deal for me 'cause I haven't cooked in 5 years. And also quite challenging 'cause I can only use the oven! I can't even make baked pasta 'cause pasta requires boiling and boiling requires gas wtf.

 photo photo20_zps5d88ddc9.jpg
This was what I prepared for our first night at our new home! Did you all guessed correctly here. :P

Simple meal of roasted chicken drumsticks with cherry tomatos, ciabatta (I used baguette instead), basil leaves, garlic cloves and dried chilli. I like it 'cause it is quite a balanced meal with fibre, protein and carbs! :D

 photo photo21_zpse969b85b.jpg

A typical breakfast. Muesli with Greek yogurt and fruits. The boy said that sugarless yogurt is too sour though. -_- So now he eats with milk lol.

 photo photo22_zps78cc79cd.jpg
Another easy meal! Tip for all of you, use wraps as the crust for your pizza, it is so thin and crunchy, can fight with Dominoes hehe. Used leftover roast chicken from the day before along with some vegetables and ham.

 photo photo18_zps8efa2430.jpg
It makes me happy when my food is pretty! Super atas fruits here-- persimmon, cherries and plums, but we didn't pay one cent for them! *glee* Got truckloads of free food 'cause the boy's family bought a lot of food for prayers (first day of CNY and the Hokkien's CNY i.e. 8th day of CNY).

One of the free food that we got was oh sweet lord roasted pork! Made broccoli with roasted pork (served with brown rice) one night-- oven roast 'cause, oh ya, no gas wtf.

 photo photo17_zpsb70a0db0.jpg
Yesterday the boy got a bad case of diarrhea so I made porridge for him! It was my first time ever making porridge and I just sort of winged it 'cause I couldn't find any recipes that I like. Used a rice cooker 'cause, oh ya, no gas wtf.

 photo photo19_zps81c7f230.jpg

And it turned out better than I could have hoped for! :D :D :D Even the boy was impressed, and he kept on thanking me for dinner. *flips hair*

In fact, halfway eating the porridge, he suddenly blurted out: "I am not eating porridge."

I was like, "Huh??"

And he said, "I am eating humble pie."

Haha. 'Cause he was very skeptical of me cooking before this. But in reality I exceeded his expectations on every account (his words, not mine lol). But of course, do bear in mind that he had super low expectations to begin with haha.

Anyway, I am quite proud of myself nonetheless! Keep up the good work, Hui Wen! My goal is really for us to eat healthier so that we can live long long long and annoy each other forever hehe.

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The Fitness Nooby said...

Hui Wen,

You can boil pasta and noodles in your rice cooker ma?! Hehe

Also, since you don't have Gas yet, why don't you invest in a portable single induction cooker which will come in super handy as you can place it anywhere when you want to cook.

All the best in being aunty!


Lissy said...
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Lissy said...

Another side to you I didn't know you had. I love food too and its even better when you cook it yourself with love and share it with the ones you love..<3 Best..