Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Furla Candy launch.

Been a busy week since I last blogged last week! Some of the things I have done (not in sequential order):

- Started going to the gym after a loooong time (about 1 year WTF)
- attended a wedding over the weekend
- planning my bestie's hen's night-- she is getting married this Sunday! :D
- fell sick FML. But then saved by those soluble vitamin C tablets (name is Redoxen btw)
- brought my wedding planner to our wedding venue
- Went to Furla Candy bags' launch
- Attended a potluck party for Rocky's obedience class wtf
- Met up with our wedding photographer (confirmed him on the spot!)
- Caught the movie "The Journey" not to be confused with Journey to the West wtf. Go catch it while it's still showing in the cinema! I am really proud of this Malaysian production. :)
- Managed to lose my phone... and found it again. Read here for the drama wtf.

Am going to post some photos from the Furla launch! 'Cause they are pretty photos as compared to a photo of my in my gym clothes wtf.

 photo photo18_zps0372a37e.jpg
Went to the launch with Audrey and Bobo! At times I can get quite lazy to attend events (especially when I don't know who will be there), so when I found out that Aud and Bobo are going as well, I quickly RSVP-ed!

 photo photo15_zps5546b697.jpg
Candies for the picking. :)

 photo photo28_zpsd22378b6.jpg
Audrey, where is your statement necklace? Hehe.

 photo photo24_zpsc05c2aa8.jpg
Saw Joyce there too, yay! The minute she laid her eyes on me, she pointed at her skirt, and said excitedly, "Azorias!". Haha. Love that she has all the primary colors on her!

 photo photo25_zps1609b7bd.jpg
My lips are sexier than yours wtf.

 photo photo17_zpsd86b4743.jpg
Very nice ar Candy bags! I quite regret not getting one in Paris (we saw them in the outlet mall).

 photo photo21_zps2a34b80c.jpg
Btw, this is my new hair color! Amy from 76 Style gave me pink hair wtf. No la, actually it's dark brown with pink undertones. She asked me whether I want to keep this color for my wedding day... What do you think?

 photo photo20_zps356b5819.jpg

With Isabella. :) Our heads go blonde, dark, blonde, dark lol.

Outfit of the night:
 photo photo19_zpsf46e38cb.jpg

Pink dress with flouncy ruffled skirt: Korea
Statement necklace: Bangkok
Floral print heels: Jeffrey Campbell
Lip clutch: Bangkok

 photo photo26_zpsa238a175.jpg
Accompanied Aud to have a light dinner after the event. We were all supposed to meet for dinner, but she got caught up at work! So Bobo and I got our tonkatsu on wtf.

 photo photo27_zpsd8284729.jpg
Then we did a really auntie activity-- grocery shop together wtf. But it's really nice to have girlfriends who are sort of in the same phase of life as you! Now I just need to get married wtf *clutches hands*

Next post will be wedding updates! :D :D :D

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