Sunday, March 02, 2014

Rome: Colosseum.

We watched Pompeii last week, which rekindled my curiosity with Roman history (for example, were Romans really that corrupted?). I have always been quite fascinated with Roman culture/ history, which probably would explain why other than Eiffel Tower, the place that I was most eager to visit during our Eurotrip last year was the Colosseum!

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I still remember, I almost couldn't breathe with excitement as we were queuing up to get in, haha.

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I was sputtering with anger when I found out that the top level of the Colosseum was reserved for slaves... and women. WHAT!!!!?? Talk about discrimination!!!

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It was extremely humbling to be there. It was almost hard to process that I was standing on these grounds with so much history and stories!

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My silly sisters. We were all quite covered up 'cause we visited the Venetian earlier in the day (which I will blog about in another separate entry).

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So happy to witness one of the greatest works of Roman architecture and engineering upclose!

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So happy until leap for joy wtf.

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The place can house approximately 50,000 spectators!

But personally, I find the whole gladiator games very disturbing. How can people watch killing for entertainment. T__T

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I adore this dress with its structured skirt! No, my butt is not naturally so big, haha. It was the perfect dress to wear for my surroundings. :)

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Do you think they would have jumped as high in Roman toga robes? wtf

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The Amphitheater in my eyes.

 photo IMG_3649_zps8c261a66.jpg
Modern day gladiators HAHAHA.

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Blue printed structured dress: Bought in HK
Earrings: F21
Sunnies: Korea
Black suede pumps: Topshop

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