Sunday, April 06, 2014

Husband material.

Just came back from Korea yesterday night! I originally planned to blog during our trip, but I grossly under-estimated how busy we would be.

I suppose I could delve right into pictures from our trip, but I am going to do a quick post about 2 incidents recently that make me feel THAT much luckier for the boy! :)

1. The day before we flew off to Korea, I put extra care and thought into making dinner for the boy. Reasons being: 1) it's the last dinner I am cooking for him before my trip, 2) he was having a terrible sore throat, so I have to prepare something non-heaty and comforting. However, I was also really busy as I need to finish work before flying off, and I haven't even packed, so I decided to make a steamed egg and steam tofu with vegetables-- easy peasy, and doesn't require much work from me, right? Well, the only flaw in the plan is that I have never steamed anything in my life wtf.

I started cooking late 'cause he had to work late, but at 9pm when he was leaving office, I still wasn't done with cooking dinner!!! The damn food just wouldn't steam properly-- 1 hour down and the tofu was STILL steaming!! -_- The boy called me on his way home to find me almost in tears wtf-- the stress of a failed dinner, and my huge pile of work AND packing for a week was getting to me. However, he came home and lightly pushed me to change, and started cleaning up the kitchen. "We are going out to eat dinner. Cooking is not supposed to stressful. Friday nights are not supposed to be stressful!", he told me. Turns out he bought premium tickets for a late night movie (Captain America), and he was determined to cheer me up again. I am so grateful for that, 'cause obviously he had a long hard day himself, but still he put my happiness above everything else. :)

2. On our 3rd day in Korea, we received a call from my mom's best friend. Turns out my grandpa fell down in our living room, and he started vomiting and feeling unwell after that. This is obviously a cause for worry, 'cause vomiting is a sign of internal injury, and my grandpa is 85 years old! :(  My mom's best friend helped to admit him into A&E, and he was to stay there till we were back.

When I told the boy, he immediately planned to leave work early to visit my grandpa. He started asking me what are my grandpa's favorite food (though he remembers that it's vinegar pork trotter), and bought fruits and newspapers for him. He also suggested to Facetime us when he is with my grandpa so that we could see him and talk to him. In fact, on that night he was with my grandpa from 7pm till almost 11pm to accompany my grandma who was visiting as well, and fed my grandpa fish porridge (that he bought). On  the second day, he fetched my grandma to visit, and stayed the night at my place as our maid stayed back at the hospital to take care of my grandpa. Now he is the apple of my grandparents' eyes, and they wouldn't stop gushing about him LOL.

Jokes aside, I feel really blessed because all of these gestures are done from his own initiative, and I feel so touched that he cares so much for my family!

I just wanted to jot these stories down here so that I can read them when I am mad at the boy WTF. Haha, no la, just want to remind myself that I am so lucky that I be marrying someone who loves me so immensely, and that I must never, ever take him for granted. :)

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Eve said...

Happy for you :)

revel in me said...

eve: Thanks babe! :*