Thursday, April 17, 2014

Wedding Talk: Save the Date.

Over the weekend, we had a mini photoshoot! By 'we', I meant Rocky, the boy and I, hehe.

It's for our Save the Date (which is actually just a simple FB event, har har). We weren't planning to do a Save the Date, but seeing that we have friends coming from all over (Singapore, Australia, Korea), we thought we will just do a simple one on FB! And I got the idea of including Rocky, 'cause I figured it will put a smile or two on people's faces. #crazydoglady

Since it was meant to be just a simple shoot, I asked for a favor from Teeny to be our photographer for the day! She actually has quite a good eye for photography, so she was the perfect person for the job. :) We actually meant to do this shoot a few weeks back, but somehow someone was always busy, so in the end it was pushed to this weekend. This makes me feel quite sheepish, 'cause traditionally Save the Dates are supposed to be sent 5-6 months ahead of the wedding (I just found out about this yesterday wtf). Oops. Anyway, it turned out to be the perfect timing 'cause Jing was back, and she was Teeny's assistant, haha. I.e. holding our stuff and making weird sounds to entice Rocky to look at the camera wtf.

It actually turned out to be really fun, and we took a lot more shots than I initially anticipated! Maybe can share in our wedding even, haha. .We are not taking any pre-wedding photos this year, so this is a good prelude to our wedding shoot and any pre-wedding shoot we will do next year! :P

Anyway, here are some behind-the-scene photos. All candid photos! :D

 photo DSC_1114_zpse282b3d2.jpg
Reminds me of the 'Follow Me' photo series. :P

 photo DSC_1171_zpsa4b4aba6.jpg
Finally got to wear my old Vivienne Westwood x Melissas! I do think that they make great wedding shoes (so whimsical and fun!), but they are not really my style anymore. T_T So it was fun to be able to wear them for this shoot! :)

 photo 1621967_10151937947057757_4641048609002838900_n_zps5486fcc3.jpg
Time out to bribe the star.

 photo DSC_1144_2_zps6f35e05f.jpg
Corgi butt maketh the happy family.

 photo DSC_1256_1_zpse2acb22d.jpg
Got this photo while testing lighting under this tree lol. Wearing a floral crown from Bangkok, and an old dress from Topshop.

 photo DSC_1115_zps7d9ed18b.jpg

In the end, we chose this photo for our Save the Date.... :D

 photo Legs2--edit-2_zps99aa384e.jpg

We have quite a few that we like though, so maybe we might change the photo soon? Haha.

More wedding updates coming up!

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Jin said...

cute save the date photo! i'm a long time reader who has gone awol off blogs for a while, but am now catching up on your posts.

i didn't realise you have a corgi! i'm a proud momma of 2 corgis, so i feel the need to gush over your lovely Rocky. he is adorable, and i love how you've included him in your save the date!

yexueli said...

oops i didn't realise that my fiance signed into his Google account on this computer!

revel in me said...

yexueli: Haha, omg, you have 2 corgis? Do they drive you crazy? We have been talking about getting a second one, but it's a huge commitment, haha! How old are your corgis? :D