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Seoul family trip 2014: Day 1.

You can read about Day 3 here.

Am going to blog about our Seoul trip again! This time properly start from Day 1 hehe.

I am a really light sleeper, so usually I will take half a sleeping pill (very light dosage) if I am taking a night flight and have to be on the go the next day. This way at least I am well-rested and am ready for the start of my trip. We took a night flight, and I stupidly forgot to take a sleeping pill from my dad (who sat quite far from me)!! So I ended up being REALLY awake for most of the night, and I think I only slept about an hour max during the whole 7 hour journey. T_T

By the way, since we are on the subject of flights, I need to complain about MAS service!!When the air stewardess served me breakfast, I accidentally dropped my fork, so I politely asked her whether I can have another one. She glared at me, and raised her voice: "Why are you so careless?".


I was really sleepy, so I could only gape at her with no comeback (normally I will give her a piece of my mind wtf). She saw me with my jaw agape, and realized that she has gone too far, so she quickly shoved a fork into my hands and walked away.

Seriously WTF man! Another time while taking another MAS night flight, it was still really early and most passengers were sleeping, but it was time to serve breakfast. This air stewardess (fat and old btw) walked down the aisle and dragged her hand down the side of the seats roughly, while screaming "WAKE UP! WAKE UP! TIME TO EAT BREAKFAST!" and everyone woke up with a jolt. -___-

Anyway, on to happier things. We reached our hotel, but we weren't allowed to check in first, sniff. So we went to get ready at the lobby restroom. And when I say I get ready, I really mean washing up and changing plus putting on make-up and doing up our hair, hehehe.

 photo DSC00611_zps28d4b1ce.jpg
I was really impressed with myself 'cause I looked so good despite only having 1 hour of sleep the night before! :O

 photo DSC00617_zpsf9b03408.jpg
This time with Teeny. All these photos are unedited!!! But still I look better than the times when I have 8 hours of sleep. -_-

 photo DSC00619_zps828c09f8.jpg
Another one. Either there's something in Seoul's air that make people extra pretty, or I need to sleep less to achieve good looks wtf.

Since our hotel is really near to Myeongdong, we decided to head there! That way, it is easier to go back to the hotel in the afternoon to properly check in (and get a much-needed nap T_T).

 photo DSC00639_zpsd4eef274.jpg
Bought strawberries from a random stall and sneaked it into the cafe where we were having breakfast.

The strawberries are so HUGE and RED and JUICE and SWEET! I buy Korean strawberries back home, but in no way they can compare to the ones here. :O

 photo DSC00644_zps636ea544.jpg
Spot Teeny! She went to start scouting for beauty products while we settled down at the cafe.

 photo DSC00647_zps07f5e397.jpg
Cereal latte and waffle- Holly's Cafe
Strawberry- stylist's own, haha.

To show you the process of our family photos...

 photo DSC00659_zpsee0bf5f4.jpg
Scrambling for props... Except for my brother who was forced to camwhore with us haha.

Say cheese:
 photo DSC00661_zpsedf90677.jpg
All act cute wtf. Please look at my brother's very insincere smile and pose LOL.

 photo DSC00665_zps537b4371.jpg
Everyone goes back to doing their own thing WTF. This family damn cold hahaha.

 photo DSC00680_zpsf5b168b2.jpg
Outfit of the day! The weather was really nice, so although I actually brought out a blazer, there was no need for it at all.

 photo DSC00667_zpsf138a8e2.jpg
Lunch was Myeong Dong mandoo, which is like Korean gyoza. It's really popular with locals and tourists alike, and it's even featured in Lonely Planet! It is quite similar to Chinese food, which suits my mom wtf.

 photo DSC00631_zps88af9aac.jpg
With mummy! She is very proud of her dressing so she asked to take a photo of her. Usually when she travels, she will be dressed more for comfort, but this time she claims to have turned over a new leaf, haha. But I highly approve of her dressing this time around! :D

 photo DSC00691_zps8a18f1a7.jpg
Dinner was Dak Galbi.Which is like grilled chicken?

 photo DSC00696_zpsf2488439.jpg
Chefs in the making wtf.

 photo DSC00706_zpsc34a3ad2.jpg
This is how it looks like when cooked...

 photo DSC00712_zpsa4e657de.jpg
And you can choose to add cheese and rice into it!

 photo DSC00718_zps18da23d4.jpg
Then it becomes cheese-baked rice. Yummy!

No more photos after that 'cause we were too busy shopping at Dongdaemun, haha.

Outfit details:
 photo IMG_2054_zps9c34ccd0.jpg
The blazer that I had on initially. But it got so warm later that I regretted bringing it out wtf.

 photo DSC00683_zps4ed3fefa.jpg
Close-up shot of my lace pants! Really good buy from Zara in Hong Kong. :D

 photo DSC00682_zpsac22a361.jpg

Balloon sleeved blouse: AZORIAS
Green crochet lace pants: Zara
Perspex statement necklace: Korea
Black suede balled pumps: Topshop
Bag: Celine

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lovely green pants and your mum is beautiful!

revel in me said...

Cindyrina: Thank you so much! And I will pass your compliment to my mom, she will be very happy, haha.