Saturday, May 31, 2014

My first time at a bridal fair.

Just last weekend, I went to a bridal fair for the first time ever! The reason was two-fold:

1) to 'window-shop' for bridal-related stuff since I have not actually done that before! Most of my wedding research was actually done online. I guess part of me is worried that I might be missing out on some good deal or awesome vendor by relying solely on the internet. Also, we will be doing our wedding dinner next year (this year is wedding ceremony and lunch), so there is definitely no harm to see what is out there!

2) to drop by and support Audrey who would be catwalking as a bride! :D

 photo photo39_zps34336873.jpg
Reliving my bridesmaid days for her, hahaha.

 photo 480330_10151078792511969_297052860_n_zpsb1dc6495.jpg
Throwback to the past when I was a REAL bridesmaid for her lol.

Initially the fiance was supposed to accompany me, but he had some work to catch up, so I just went head alone. Which turned out to be THE BEST DECISION EVER!!

'Cause the people at the bridal fair are so aggressive! :O Imagine that I was there without a partner, and I literally had people jumping in front of me, and asked me, "MISS! DO YOU WANT TO GET MARRIED?" (imagine it in Chinese, and it sounds even more ludicrous wtf). I think if I went with the fiance, the staff will literally tie us to their booths wtf.

And there were a lot of so-called promotions going on, and add on the pushy salespeople, I honestly think that an engaged couple will easily be coaxed into going for a package that may not be that suitable for them.

That's why I still think doing your wedding research online is still the best! Then you have all the time in the world to go through real reviews and vendor portfolios-- which I think is so important. One way to start is by going to a wedding blog or wedding site, for example, is really helpful as it can be searched via colors, categories, themes, and even local vendors! I think it's especially important to really go through all the local photographers, as photography ca really make or break a wedding in my opinion.

Do you girls have any other wedding websites or wedding blogs that you recommend? :) I love to idle away my time on wedding sites, haha.


By the way, if you follow my Dayre, you will know that I was in Bangok over the weekend with Audrey and Bobo!

 photo photo17_zpscd0ce531.jpg

Had a great time with these girls on our very un-taitai trip, haha. Will blog about it soon! :D

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Actually, the correct title of this blogpost should be Dayre-outfits LOL.

Was going through my phone, and realized that I have a lot of #OOTDs that I posted on my Dayre, but not on my blog! Mostly 'cause they are not the proper high-quality images that I usually try to maintain on the blog. Heck, most of these pictures don't even make it to Instagram!

But I thought it'd be nice to share some of them, and the back-story of the outfits (I always remember my days by my outfits WTF). So let's go!

 photo photo23_zps30766476.jpg
This was on the boy's birthday just a few days ago! I booked a staycation for him at Sekeping Tenggiri, and this was my lazy outfit. Since it was a cheerful occasion (but a gloomy day due to the rain), I wore my trusty tropical print shirt! :D

Tropical print shirt: AZORIAS
Denim shorts: Cotton On

Horseshoe necklace: Accessorize
Nude strappy sandals: Zara
Bag: Dior

 photo photo30_zpsc350ab68.jpg
Movie date outfit! It was a special date 'cause for the first time since forever, the boy accompanied me to watch a chick flick, hehe.

He woke up earlier than me in the morning and was super engrossed with his phone. Turns out he was actually booking tickets for a romance comedy (A Case of You)! So he not only watched a chick flick with me, he willingly surrendered himself to do so, haha.

Gray boatneck midi dress with exposed backzipper: H&M
Multi-layer chain necklace: Teeny's
Platform sneakers: Korea
Leopard print knit clutch: AZORIAS

 photo photo29_zps3f955cb1.jpg
Actually I have something to confess. When the boy told me he booked tickets for 'A Case of You", I was grumbling 'cause the real chick flick that I wanted to watch is "The Other Woman"!

On Wesak Day, the boy surprised me with tickets for "The Other Woman". :D

Pardon the messy hair in this photo, 'cause it was taken after the movie, heh.

English rose print peplum top: AZORIAS
Denim shorts: Korea

Coral diamante necklace: Korea
Red heeled ballet pumps: Korea
Bag: Louis Vuitton

 photo photo31_zps7cb8b33c.jpg
Met up with Kim, who did my blog layout.The last time I chatted with her, she was in a LDR with her hubby and she was yearning to go to Singapore to be reunited with him. Now, she has found a job in SG and is happily settled down. I LOVE happy endings! :D And I can completely understand her initial woes, 'cause it really sucks to be in a LDR, especially when you are married!

Grid print knit dress: AZORIAS
Multi-layer chain necklace: Teeny's
Suede heeled ballet pumps: Topshop
Bag: Dior

 photo photo33_zps60ca914a.jpg
Sharing this #OOTD photo with my mom. Treated her to a lunch at Kampachi. :)

Woven skater dress: Korea
Pearl and diamante statement necklace: Teeny's
Striped satin platforms: Zara
Bag: Boy Chanel

 photo photo37_zpse97e01ec.jpg
One of those days where I was required to dress 'proper'. Yes, my 'proper' dressing includes a roaring tiger head. :P

Tiger print dress: Korea
Chain and diamante necklace: Korea
Black cutaway pumps: Zara
Bag: Chanel

 photo photo32_zpsb346185d.jpg
A visit to the memorial park calls for something more subdued. Love the twist on the back of this dress so that I won't feel too boring!

Cutout back dress: AZORIAS
Chainlink/ diamante leather cuff: Korea
Dotted croc skin ballet pumps: Zara
Bag: Chanel

Decided to add in some travel outfits that I haven't posted on the blog too!

 photo photo34_zps94eae752.jpg
This was taken in Bangkok early this year. I looked like that 'cause I realized I was wearing red in a yellow zone wtf.

Leather floral applique tank: AZORIAS
Red skirt with detachable straps: AZORIAS

Nude ankle-strapped flats: Zara
Bag: Mulberry

 photo photo38_zps3b99c473.jpg
Was at Genting last month for a David Tao concert. I LOVE HIM SO SO SO MUCH! And that's saying a lot, 'cause I don't really follow Chinese singers!

And my mouth was agape 'cause there was a car going headon towards the boy (who was taking this photo) WTF.

Embellished romper: AZORIAS
Tweed jacket: Korea
Suede heeled ballet pumps:Topshop
Bag: Celine

 photo photo35_zps9b70c698.jpg
At our glorious villa at W hotel! I would give anything to be back...

Bikini (worn insde): Platinum Mall, Bangkok
Cutoff tank: Random boutique in Far East Plaza, Singapore
Neon pink laser cutout skirt: AZORIAS
Pink sunnies: Korea
Nude strappy sandals: Zara
Bag: Mulberry

 photo photo36_zpscd11946a.jpg
Window-shopping at Seminyak, Bali 'cause we couldn't go to the beach as it was drizzling. What a mood dampener, no pun intended wtf.

White linen dress with side cutouts: Korea
Floral corsage necklace: Diva
Beach slippers: Ipanema
Bag: Mulberry

The conclusion of this post is... I have too many shoes from Zara wtf.

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Jibby & Co.

When Jing was back, I had trouble thinking of nice eateries to bring her to. Granted, there are a lot of hipster cafes sprouting up in KL, but I find that most of them don't have the full package. More often than not, the cafe will hit the right notes in terms of deco and interior, but miss the mark when it comes to food. And I am a foodie through and through, so it is of utmost importance!

One day I came across this cafe called Jibby & Co.... Actually someone was bashing this cafe on FB, hahaha. Apparently the service is very slow and staff is obnoxious. However, I have also read reviews saying that the ambiance is great (very reminiscent of Melbourne cafes), and food is good. So although the location is really far (it's in Empire Subang), I decided to bring Jing there-- during non-peak hours, of course.

When I reached the place, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Jibby & Co. is not a restaurant INSIDE the mall, but instead, they built a glass house outside! I love air-conditioning as much as the next person, but let's face it, cafes in a mall somehow loses its charm!

 photo DSC02466_zpsd300c6c3.jpg
The entrance of the cafe. Jing made me promise that the restaurant is not opened by Najib wtf.

 photo DSC02461_zpsdb1635d5.jpg
Bright-lipped selfie! Sometimes I find it hard to believe that a lot of people think we look alike, 'cause from this photo, we look as different as night and day! :O

 photo DSC02445_zpsaecea3ab.jpg
Love the airy and open concept.

The menu looks really promising too! Everything sounds innovative and delicious, and we had a hard time deciding what to order.

 photo DSC02452_zpsc3239390.jpg
In the end, Jing went for a fancy-sounding American breakfast. Actually, I think the dish had her at "cheese sauce", haha.

 photo DSC02446_zps98d0c053.jpg
Whereas I had the soft shell crab burger, which was utterly delicious!

 photo DSC02431_zpsa66cf342.jpg
Neon lights asking me to eat cake? Yes please.

Outfit of the day:
 photo DSC02467_zps87c008a4.jpg

 photo DSC02469_zpsec97dbf4.jpg

 photo DSC02472_zpse2b58629.jpg

Baby blue crochet lace cropped top: AZORIAS
White linen cuffed bermudas: Zara
Floral corsage necklace: Diva
Blue studded heels: Korea
Bag: Celine

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