Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wedding updates: Part 2.

 For Part 1 of wedding updates, read here.

Just received some drafts of our invitation cards yesterday, which made me quite giddy with excitement, haha! Since I am in the mood, I will blog about some wedding updates now. :D

Starting with... one of the most most most important thing of the wedding ceremony...

1. The actual registration of marriage

 We have been delaying this 'cause the boy is really busy with work, and couldn't find time off work to go to the National Registration Department to submit our application.

Our plan is to invite the officiant to our wedding ceremony. But our application is a little tricky as we stay in different states (actually KL and Selangor only wtf)-- which means we have to submit our applications TWICE to the respective state offices. After talking to some married friends, they all recommended for me to change my IC address to be the same as the boy's, in order to only apply ONCE to one office.

So a couple of weeks ago, I obediently went to get my IC address changed. And I didn't get to find time to collect my new IC till suddenly the boy announced that he was able to take one day off to get our ROM application done. So the plan was for me to head to NRD early in the morning to collect my new IC, and then we will go to apply for our ROM together.

When I went to NRD, I was told that I didn't provide a photo, therefor my IC request was considered null! WTFFF!! The staff who served me didn't tell me that I need to give a photo also!!! He just took RM10 from me and asked me to come back the next day to collect my new IC. Without even looking at me, I might add. Then when I pointed him out to confront him, he said that I should have known, and "Itulah dia". WTFFF MY BLOOD BOIL UNTIL....

Anyway, I was really really pissy and quite panicky too as the boy has purposely took leave for this! And without my IC address changed, it meant we couldn't get anything done... Means one day leave wasted, plus the boy would STILL have to take another day leave later on....

Thank god the man is damn calm. He suggested for us to head to Putrajaya (NRD's HQ), banking on the fact that the HQ will be able to accept applications from different states.


We managed to submit our application, woohoo! One major to-do ticked off my wedding list man. Next step (after our application is approved) is to apply for the officiant to be present at our ceremony-- which is another unknown again, haih.

 photo photo19_zps8fafc138.jpg
What I wore to NRD. Very proper right, haha.

Hibiscus print skater dress with exposed backzipper: AZORIAS
Cameo brass necklace: Topshop
Cutaway pumps: Zara
Bag: Louis Vuitton

2. Wedding invites

This was a big headache for me initially. 'Cause no way are you going to get me to send out those 'red bomb' wedding invites that look like giant ang paos wtf. Also, these invites are not appropriate for us as the boy is in mourning. I wanted something personalized, something that's fun, and very much cohesive with our wedding theme....

Which is why I am the LUCKIEST girl ever to have one of my really close high school friends to illustrate our wedding card!! Zahra is a professional illustrator in Melbourne, and she has done work for Deloitte, Target, the Melbourne Art Tram project, to name a few. AND her animation work has been featured on Fox TV! She is so freaking talented, and now she is drawing for little old me. T____T As our wedding gift. T______T

You can check out her work here. And I will share the card's design on my blog when it's done! :D

3. Wedding cake

One requirement-- YUMMY.

I was so disappointed at one of the weddings that I attended recently, to discover that the cake was made of STYROFOAM!! It was a super duper fancy cake (like 6 layers high and 3 feet tall wtf), but it's all FAKE. I even went on stage (after the wedding la wtf) to confirm this. T__T

No fake cakes at our wedding! Very happy to find one of my favorite bakers in town to be doing our cake. :D

Hehe, that's all for wedding updates today! Overall, I am quite happy with my wedding planning progress. :) Wedding blogs and Pinterest are my best friends in wedding planning, but it is really important to follow local sites to get a feel of the local vendors that best fit you. In my wedding research, I find that is really helpful! Based on its intuitive Pinterest-like layout, I am able to pin vendors that I am eying, and compare them easily.

 photo wedding-screenshot_zpsa2185a74.jpg
A screenshot of my Inspiration Board on

Also, as you guys already know, we are not doing our pre-wedding shoot this year. BUT BUT BUT, it's awfully tempting to, especially with this awesome contest on!

 photo selfie-campaign-banner_zps99d9f361.jpg

All you have to do is to follow the pose and submit a selfie. Which comes quite naturally to me, I might add, haha. But the boy is super not public, so I am not sure how will he feel if I join this contest.. T___T

Now if you may, I have some persuading to do....

PS: Will blog about my wedding dress soon! And my wedding shoes! The most exciting parts of a wedding, haha.

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