Monday, June 09, 2014

Bangkok Tai-Tai trip 2014: Day 1.

As you all know, I was in Bangkok with Audrey and Bobo for a few days last weekend! We jokingly call ourselves "tai-tai"s, because we are all married/ engaged with relatively flexible schedules, and have really similar interests (i.e. vanity wtf). But mind you, so far we have not had a single successful tai-tai high outing. -_- We are forever trying to arrange for a tai-tai high tea, but somehow it will always not work out FOL. Even when we successfully made a booking at Hyatt for high tea, we would go all the way there only to find out that Hyatt DOES NOT serve high tea and we ended eating the buffet lunch wtf.

We have been talking about going on a girls' trip for awhile, and when Audrey told us she needed some time off from mommy duties. we jumped at the chance!

Despite our excitement, this trip nearly didn't materialize at the 11th hour. Fighter, Audrey's baby was have on-and-off fever right before the trip, and she was really afraid that it would be dengue. We were preparing for the worst, and was fully understanding that she might not be able to make it for the trip. Thank god Fighter got better in the end, and we were back on track! :D

Anyway, as much as we call this a tai-tai trip... It's really very very UN-tai-tai wtf.

It started at Don Muang airport (obviously we took budget-- another untai-tai thing to do haha), whereby I waited ages and still there was no sign of my checked-in bag (Audrey and Bobo has long gotten the bags).

I then realized that my bag has fell off the conveyer belt inside the prohibited staff section!!!

 photo photo16_zps5763577d.jpg
So I had to crawl onto the conveyer belt whilst balancing myself to not be moved along the belt, while trying to grab my 15kg luggage bag from the inside WTF.

See how blur this photo is?? That's how much action and velocity that is involved in this act wtf.

We then got to our hotel, Renaissance hotel, which we are really happy about! Price was pretty reasonable at RM300++ (especially considering we are splitting it 3 ways), and the hotel was really nice. :)

 photo DSC02575_zps49c7c6ea.jpg
We got served welcome drinks! Some herb drink with a refreshing face towel.

 photo DSC02576_zps145ef5f8.jpg
Which we created a big mess of at the reception hehe. Really unglam and untai-tai!

 photo DSC02578_zpsd1ad0730.jpg
Our room! Very big and comfy. Beds are big as well, and I think it can fit even 4 people in a room!

 photo photo15_zpse80c1fe1.jpg
Indulging in the elixir of life that is wifi wtf.

By this time, it was 3pm already! Which is 4pm Malaysian time, and we still haven't had lunch. Quickly hurried to get ready so that we can go out.

 photo DSC02582_zps82a85ae0.jpg
One outfit shot before we head out!

Outfit details:
Dotted silk romper: Topshop
Statement necklace: Chatchuchak market, Bangkok
Velvet bow glitter sandals: Korea

 photo DSC02587_zpsca77c21c.jpg
Lunch at Som Tam Nua at Soi 5, Siam Square. I have been here once with the boy, but didn't superbly enjoy it 'cause he doesn't take spicy and I felt bad for ordering anything too spicy (everything on the menu is spicy wtf).

But with these girls, woohoo, we have the same taste in food! And the best part is, they EAT. I am really scared of going out with girls who always don't dare to order too much food, or only eat like 5 grains of rice before declaring that they are full. But with Audrey and Bobo, there is no such problem! We always order more than necessary, and finish all the food. :D

 photo DSC02590_zps56778568.jpg
Spotted some Thai elephants and decided to camwhore in front of it, as proof that we were in Thailand wtf.

We then walked around Siam square for a bit. I was really sleepy (woke up at 6am on that day, and also 6am the day before), so I wasn't really in the mood to shop. Audrey and Bobo on the other hand, have bought quite a bit of stuff! Audrey turned to me and said in a hostile manner, "I don't like people who don't shop" hahaha.

 photo DSC02595_zps7922ba8d.jpg
After some light shopping, we then went to After You cafe in Siam Paragon for the famous Shibuya honey toast. Oh god, it was yummier than I remembered!

 photo DSC02593_zps22bde80d.jpg
Only flaw is that the drinks there are REALLY sweet. So sweet that we had to take the free tea from the drinks dispenser and add it into our drinks. :/

 photo DSC02597_zps1052132f.jpg
Night time was reserved for Asiatique! Both the girls haven't been there before, so I was quite hopeful that they will like the place. Luckily they do! :D

 photo DSC02607_zps65cd85cc.jpg
Audrey shopped a lot for Fighter on this trip. :P

 photo DSC02604_zpscf55d860.jpg
In front of Kiss Me Doll, this shop which sells the most adorable scarves! I got one for Teeny because the scarf's illustrated resembled a carousel tattoo that she has. Also, it was a thank-you gift because she helped me a lot with my wedding invitations! :)

 photo photo20_zpsf61550e9.jpg
Further untai-tai things... While Audrey and Bobo were learning how to tie the scarves in the shop, I was being a hooligan as usual wtf and accidentally beheaded the shop's resident deer.

 photo photo19_zpsef4ee06c.jpg
I was pointing out this pastel leopard print bikini to Audrey (we both share a love for pastel leopard prints), and she was like, "Tube ar, sure very easy to drop wan", and proceed to lightly tug at the bikini, and it really dropped wtf.

We were trying to maximize our time before the curfew starts at 12am, so we decided to not have dinner at Asiatique (need to get out of there by 11pm just in case there is a traffic jam), and instead opted to have dinner nearby our hotel.

 photo DSC02608_zps594d75c5.jpg
So the first day of our untai-tai trip ended up in Mcdonalds, which is really typical of us, haha.

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