Friday, July 18, 2014

Post-wedding mishap (and sale of pre-loved goodies)

If you follow my Dayre, you will know that I broke my phone's screen last week. In fact, it was the day after our wedding! T___T

I was still super tired from the day, and in my dazed stupor, I forgot I had my phone on my lap, and got out of the car. "PIAK!" my phone hit the ground. The thing is, I have dropped my phone before, and nothing happened, so I just nonchalantly stooped down to pick up my phone.

Immediately I saw all these lines on my phone, and my first thought was: "Stupid floor, so dirty wan! Now got cobwebs all over my phone." WTFF

Of course, upon closer inspection, they are actually cracks all over my phone. Like this:

 photo DSC00427_zpsff58c5ee.jpg

My heart also crack in the same pattern lor. T______T

At first, I was still quite unnerved, 'cause I have a product warranty with Machines, and I just assumed that this is something that they can fix. But I made a trip to the service center, and found out that they do not do repairs for display screens, and it will cost me RM1.1k to do a phone swap (payable as the defect is caused by an accident). T_____T

Anyway, I need to get my phone fixed ASAP! Not only is my screen getting more and more cracked by the day, it is also getting more insensitive to touch. Also, as my friend, Mey, reminded me, it's best to get it repaired as soon as possible as it is bad feng shui to carry something broken with you all the time, haha.

So well, I have been trying to get off my butt to put up some of my clothing for sale (not 'cause I don't love them anymore, but 'cause I don't have much wardrobe space in our current place), and now is a good time, 'cause I need money. T__T

Might put them up on Boudoir-Boudoir (a pre-loved clothing blog that my sisters and I set up sometime ago) but in the meantime, I will post them here first.

#1 AZORIAS red Georgette maxi skirt with high slit (BRAND NEW)

 photo DSC_1476_zps31a6360b.jpg
Love how flowy it is, and of course, the high slit is a big plus point. :P

 photo DSC_1481_zps154ed1e1.jpg

You can view more photos of this skirt here:

- BRAND NEW Azorias sample (not the one I was wearing)
- Made in Korea
- Free size (elastic waist)
- Lined

RM85 (inclusive of shipping)

#2 Mint green polka dot with contrast-bow sleeves

 photo IMG_4789_zpsc0d22614.jpg
These photos are taken with flash, hence the top looks quite sheer! But in real life, it's not-- just wear nude undergarments and you should be fine. :)

 photo IMG_4792_zps90e2869a.jpg

You can view more photos of this top here:

- Made of chiffon
- Slit sleeves adorned with contrast satin bows
- Elastic ends to sleeves; elastic bubble hem
- Free size
- Lightly worn once (for dinner)

RM35 inclusive of shipping

#3 Navy bias neckline dress with wraparound ties

 photo IMG_5003_zpsea2e74be.jpg
Got this dress from a Thailand designer. High quality (not like your usual Bangkok quality), and I absolutely love the wraparound ribbons which you can tie differently to create different looks.

 photo IMG_5024_zpsc176da28.jpg

You can view more photos of this dress here:

- Made of high-quality chiffon
- Made by a Thai designer
- Bias cut neckline
- Features ribbon-ties to body (up to you how you want to tie them)
- Lined
- Size M, fits UK 8-10 best
- Lightly worn once (for dinner)

RM50 inclusive of shipping

#4 Rose print low-back romper with ruffles

 photo DSC_0900_zpsf3fb3f08.jpg
One of my favorite rompers ever! Love the print, the soft flowy material, the ruffles that frame the sleeves...

 photo DSC_0890_zpsd058d28b.jpg
.... and the best part-- a sexy low back with ribbon-ties!

You can view more photos of this romper here:

- Made of textured chiffon
- Keyhole to neckline
- Paneled body with fitted waist
- Ruffles to sheer sleeves
- Low-back with ribbon-ties
- Flowy bottom
- Best fit UK6-8
- Lightly worn once (for shopping)

RM50 inclusive of shipping

Woohoo, just realized I listed quite a complete list of items-- top, bottom, dress, romper. Haha.

Email me at crescent_masquerade[at] with the product name as the email subject header if you are interested! All purchases are final. Happy shopping everyone!

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