Sunday, July 20, 2014

Red roses.

Haven't done an outfit post in a gazillion years wtf, so here is one! It also helps that I have been in the mood to dress up recently, hehe.

 photo DSC00396_zps6f466187.jpg
Wore this to a dim sum lunch with the boy's family!

We were actually supposed to go for Ulu Yam mee (ARE YOU INTRIGUED) nearby our place, but the place was closed. T___T Was quite disappointed 'cause I have been craving for carbs since the wedding is over! Serves me right for going on a low carb diet for the wedding wtf.

 photo DSC00398_zps4fdcdd2c.jpg

ABSOLUTELY in love with the print on my skirt!! When I was younger, red was always my favorite color. As I grew older, my color preferences changed to more subdued hues like pastels and white, but one look at this skirt and I am reminded once more why I loved red. It's just so striking and vibrant! Matched this with a pop of red on my lips and I felt very dressy already. :D

 photo DSC00415_zps3b2cb10e.jpg
Wore flats 'cause my feet still hurt from my wedding. T___T

How high are my wedding heels, you ask me?
FIVE INCHES, that's what. T___T

 photo DSC00401_zpsac43328c.jpg

Statement tank with cutout sides: Platinum Mall, Bangkok
Red rose print trumpet skirt: AZORIAS
Black diamante necklace: Korea
Black patent slingbacks: Korea
Gold slingbag: Salvatore Ferragamo

I think I am suffering from post-wedding blues wtf. It's honestly so much fun planning a wedding! I find myself still reaching out for my mouse to open Style Me Pretty and to browse ideas and inspirations.

 photo Mywedding_zps84f8395a.jpg

Some of my friends who are planning their weddings have been asking me for advice (photographers, bridal gown, venues etc.), and I always direct them to! The website is clearly defined via categories, Pinterest-style, so it's really easy for you to visualize what certain vendors can produce.

Alternatively, if you want to cut to the chase, you can also browse the site via your color theme, or wedding theme. But I would prefer to browse through the whole site and breathe in all the inspiration la, hehehe.

Haih, speaking of weddings is making me wistful again. Let me go email my photographer and chase for our photos....

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