Monday, July 14, 2014

Sneak peek at my wedding day...

I say sneak peek 'cause I don't have many photos with me! T_T Official photos will take a few weeks to be done, but I really want to blog about the day while my memory is still fresh! Thank god one of the hubby's (HUBBY!!) cousin helped us snap some shots that day. :D Photos below are credits to him, my sisters, and my friends who tagged me on Instagram (#andywen2014), hehe.

 photo DSC04270_zps20739af4.jpg
A quiet moment before changing into my gown.

Was quite nervous about revealing my gown to my sisters 'cause my dress is custom-made, so they have seen sketches and been with me on fittings, but never the full dress!

 photo photo21_zpsc797d341.jpg
I custom-made changing robes for the girls because we should still look pretty even during the getting-ready session! :D Hot pink is one of my favorite colors, so you will see splatters of it throughout the wedding, for example my nails, my flowers...

 photo DSC04275_zpsa02673a0.jpg
I love my make-up artist!! I work with him for AZORIAS shoots for the past 3 years, so I totally trust him. He is such a pro, he even covered me with body lotion for that extra glow. :D

 photo DSC04278_zpsa4d541f0.jpg
Blogged about my wedding shoes here! You can't really see it from here, but it from Valentino's Rockstud collection, and it has studded bows. :P

The getting-ready part happened in a blur! The photographer was supposed to arrive at 7am to take some shots of us, and we are to leave for the wedding at 7.45am. The photographer assured us that 45 minutes will be sufficient, but even then I felt that everything happened so quickly!

Before I knew it, I was sitting in the backseat on the way to get married. That's when I started to get nervous. The rest of the bridesmaids were chattering excitedly, but I started feeling like I want to puke. And like I needed to poop WTF. I always have this feeling when I am nervous! T__T

I was also fervently looking out the window, only to have gloomy clouds greeting me. I was worried sick as well, because for the whole week Sunday was forecasted to be clear (in fact it was supposed to be the only clear day of the week), but the night before, suddenly the forecast changed and predicted rain on Sunday from 11am onwards... which is when our ceremony will be taking place. T___T We have a Plan B, which is to moved everything indoor, but it is my dream to get married under trees, and pretty much all our deco and props would go to waste. I could only look at the rolling clouds and mutter a silent prayer...

Then the boy called me to tell me that he has reached (we got ready separately at our homes that morning). He reassured me that he has cast a joss-stick the night before for clear weather, and that everything will be okay. I told him I want to poop. He wanted to hang up. I reminded him that we are together for better or worse, or for poop WTF. It was just good to be silly with him when I was having the jitters, and I couldn't wait to see him, 'cause I knew that once I see him, I will be calm. :)

We arranged to do a first look, 'cause I really wanted a private moment with him before the wedding. And since he hasn't seen my wedding dress, I really want an intimate moment to see his reaction! :P I waited in the car for awhile while the photographer and videographer ushered the boy to a private spot, and before I knew it, it was time to go see him....

I walked down to him, his back facing me. Surprisingly, I was more excited and happy than nervous! I tapped his shoulder, and he turned around, and he looked SO HAPPY. And, judging from his look, I think he really liked how I looked. :P And he couldn't stop praising my dress, which is a HUGE relief to me! The boy is such a fussypot when it comes to fashion (actually, he just prefers girls who dressed simply, so probably for our wedding he would want me to wear a T-shirt and a veil WTF). In fact, just a few days before our wedding, he asked me how is he supposed to react if he hates my dress. -_- But I confidently told him that he won't, haha. He was quite stunned to find out about the price of my dress a few weeks before the wedding, but he told me that it was worth every cent 'cause I looked a million bucks, hehe.

We started walking towards our ceremony deck, and it was just us holding hands, catching up with each other. And I was right, I was so calm walking with him. :)

 photo photo20_zps4bf21c7f.jpg
Our ceremony deck, a moment of tranquil before the flurry of activities begin!

 photo photo22_zps18648fd0.jpg
My bridesmaids entertaining themselves while we were doing our first look, haha. I got them hydrangea posies in ombre colors! I intended for the bouquets to be of a much lighter shade, and they turned out quite dark though. But aah, I was determined not to sweat over the small things!! And I love how well their matching silver shoes go together. :D

 photo IMG_2426_zps96272876.jpg
Our wedding venue is a bit of a maze with foot trails and steps everywhere, so signages were everywhere! We came up with every single signage message that was at the wedding that day. :)

 photo IMG_2436_zpsc5013d00.jpg
Boutonnieres for the men in the family! I labeled every one of them, and am really happy with how rustic and 'wild' they look as compared to the standard rose corsages. :)

 photo IMG_2417_zpsd93aea51.jpg
Poor Rocky! He was ringbearer for the day, but we only put him in his tux (yes he wore a tux!!) right before the ceremony lest he faints from a heatstroke wtf. Here he is balancing some hydrangea petals haha.

 photo IMG_2406_zps3764b91b.jpg
A candid photo of the bridal party. :)

 photo DSC04302_zpsc77ea65f.jpg
One of the table set-up. Here we had all heat and insect busters, haha. We had fans and umbrellas, as well as insect repellent patches for every guest. :)

The hand-painted fans are a personal favorite of mine! I literally went all over KL and Klang Valley buying as many of these fans as I could. Also got some satay fans wtf for the men, just in case floral fans are too feminine for them, haha. One of my favorite parts of wedding-planning was sourcing for items to make up the day!

 photo DSC04282_zps050ba01b.jpg
I wanted to add a touch of humor into the day, so I actually got these mozzie patches with various cartoon animals on them. Plus, they really went well with our color scheme of pink, blue, lavender and green! :P

 photo IMG_2484_zps8bdf4ab1.jpg
Doing the walk-in with my parents. :) And yes, my mother wanted a part in giving me away, haha.

 photo IMG_2496_zps17ba8e48.jpg
Exchanging our vows. :)

The weather turned out to be great! It was quite cloudy so there wasn't much sun, which was a blessing in disguise. So I finally got to fulfill my dream of getting married under a canopy of trees and a chandelier. :D

 photo 10527369_728142350575666_3828483127237141758_n_zps764a2a2f.jpg
I love my girlfriends SO MUCH! Actually, the dress code for our wedding was pastel/ jewel tones, but somehow they ALL turned up in floral dresses! :O Which looks crazy good in photos, haha. Not to mention, it looks like I have another batch of bridemaids, nyehehe.

I guess it's 'case whenever they ask me what is my wedding theme, I will reply "wildflower", referring to my deco theme. But they took it as the dress code? Haha.

Superficial reasons aside, I love them so much 'cause most of the girls in the photos don't even live in KL! And they came back from Australia/ Singapore just for the weekend for ME. T____T

AND, they also threw me a super awesome bridal shower the day before. :D

 photo photo18_zpsc9a1dd67.jpg
Dapper Rocky is dapper. Here is him in his custom-made tux,haha.

 photo IMG_2462_zps47d70453.jpg
My flower girls sipping on candy-colored straws. They look SO freaking cute that day, can't wait to share more photos of them!

 photo 10502465_566650173445260_5204704234266509248_n_zps8a260eb6.jpg

With my mom's friends. Well-dressed guests make the event look good, haha.

 photo photo19_zpsc990f538.jpg
Hand courtesy of Audrey wtf. Instead of a cocktail hour, we served ice pops instead! Which was a godsent in the humid weather. :D

 photo IMG_2554_zps471278ad.jpg
We had our guests sign on Jenga blocks instead of the traditional guestbook. Jing's message to the boy is: FEED HUI WEN" wtfff!!!

Okay, I think my "sneak peek" ended up being quite informative after all, haha. Promise to update with more photos after this! :D


In the meantime, if you would like to get some wedding doses, I highly recommend heading to a site that helped me immensely in my wedding planning--! One of my favorite pastimes (back in the wedding-planning days T_T) is to browse and read about real weddings! You can check out some of my favorite stories on's blog. :)

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Cat said...

First of all CONGRATS!!
May I know where did you get the insect repellent patches? I have guests from UK and we need to stick on them to prevent them from getting mosquito bites haha And we are going jungle tracking soon so this will help.
Appreciate your help.

Crazio said...

Congrats to u hui wen! May I know where u get the mirror on your dressing table? Cus my gf likes it and I'm trying to get her one. Thanks.

revel in me said...

cat: I got it from Guardian! Can't remember the brand, but it is the only with animal print patches, haha. I found it quite effective, the boy and I didn't get a single insect bite that day!

crazio: I got it at a warehouse sale, so I don't think they have it anymore, but I have seen these mirrors in furniture shops along LDP. Alternatively, you can go to a custom-frame shop! I went to inquire before, and a large gilded frame cost around RM500. You can always choose a smaller size/ different material to manage your budget. Good luck, and your gf is so lucky to have you! :P