Sunday, August 10, 2014

The best kind of hair makeover.

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There are a lot of things that the boy doesn’t see eye-to-eye with me on fashion. He prefers girls to dress simple (tee and jeans, pfft), light or no make-up, sneakers instead of heels etc. In fact, one of the things that he has always been trying to convince me to do is to go back to my virgin jet-black hair… Which is a big NO-NO for me! :O

I started dyeing my hair after I came back from Melbourne about 6 years ago, and I have never looked back since. I have tried reds, browns, dark blondes, and I have enjoyed every single hair color. Having jet black hair can look too jarring on our complexions, and I personally find that dyed hair softens our features (and thus enhances make-up), and also go so much better with outfits! In fact, after I started dying my hair, I always get comments that I look Japanese/ Korean. *syok sendiri*

I picked up a tip from my hairstylist friend, Yen, sometime ago—when it’s early in the year, it’s best to go for lighter hair shades, as it will go well with all the Spring/ Summer trends which usually involve pastels, bright colors, prints. In the second half of the year, it’s good to opt for darker hair colors, as Autumn/ Winter trends are usually deep and dark colors. I see so much sense in this theory! Just imagine, light brown hair looks so nice with a pastel pink outfit right? But light brown hair will look quite funny with a deep plum hue outfit. A dark brown or dark brown-red hair color will suit the outfit much more.

Another example of how hair colors can transform your whole image…

 photo DSC00272_zpscb917763.jpg
Recently I dyed my hair a deep reddish brown for my wedding. The reason is, the red undertones will actually make me look fairer in wedding photos (although I am actually quite tanned FML)! And it’s true, I got so many praises for my hair at my wedding! :D

It just goes to show that by switching up your hair colors, you can actually change the way you look. :D

For a quick hair color fix especially on those pesky black roots, I am really happy to come across Liese Blaune Treatment Hair Color!

 photo DSC00312_zps0597616a.jpg

I have known about Liese (pronounced as lee-say) products a long long time ago, and I was sold on the brand when I heard that it is the No.1 hair colouring brand in Japan . Its hair products are specifically made for Asian hair,and it really helps that they always use Asian models, so I know how the color will look like on my skintone. Also, Liese products are all about healthy hair, which is a big plus point, because most hair dyes will actually spoil your hair. T_T

 photo DSC00344_zpsa88f518f.jpg

Liese Blaune is a new product by Liese, which works as a Treatment Cream Color! It contains more than 60% Treatment Base that coats the hair for a nourishing treatment during the coloring process. The 3 hair care ingredients are gloss retention extract, royal jelly extract and seaweed. I feel like they sound super nutritious for the hair LOL. Also, its High Penetration Coloring Technology means a shorter leave-on time, i.e. just a mere 15 minutes! But yet, the result is an even, intense-color that is long-lasting hence gives a fresher and younger finish look. :)

What is most impressive to me is that Liese Blaune offers perfect grey coverage! I have spotted the 1 or 2 loose strands of white/ grey hair on my scalp, much to my sisters’ amusement... T____T

 photo DSC00329_zps761de94a.jpg
Rocky also is very captivated by Liese Blaune, haha.

My mom goes for regular dye jobs, but she has been complaining that she has some stubborn grey hair that just could not be covered-up by hair dye. So I recommended for her to try out Liese Blaune!

 photo DSC00478_zps2383b6b4.jpg
Her grey hair is at the beginning of the scalp near the forehead, hence it could be quite unsightly. Luckily for us that Liese Blaune is really easy to use...

 photo DSC00347_zps50489c4e.jpg
Just squeeze equal amounts of Tube 1 and Tube 2 that are included in the box.

 photo DSC00348_zpse0a06f1f.jpg
Mix it thoroughly... The thick cream means that no mess will be created, and also makes for easier application.

 photo DSC00351_zps43bd41f5.jpg
Put on the plastic gloves in the box, and start applying on your hair! (Tip: you can apply more on the areas with grey hair)

 photo DSC00490_zpseda49b70.jpg
Leave it on for 15 minutes, and voila! Shiny, new hair color. :D

If you have any leftover cream after you are done, you can actually keep it for future touch-ups! Can save a lot of money like that! :O

 photo DSC00486_zpsdb9531a5.jpg
My mom is really happy with her new hair color! Looking fresh and younger as ever with her glowing smile.

I scored some daughter brownie points I think, hehe.

Liese Blaune is RM28.90, and there are 5 different shades of brown that you can pick from! You can find it in leading pharmacies and hypermarkets nationwide.

Have a look at this Youtube video, and see whether you recognize any familiar face? :P

Yes, it’s Joanne Yew from The Journey! The Journey is one of my favorite CNY movies this year, and you will actually have a chance to meet her. :D

Liese Blaune is running a “Color Me Young” contest on Facebook (*click*), and all you have to do is to submit of a photo of yourself to be in the running for a makeover session with her. 10 finalists will be given a make-over (with fresh new Liese Blaune hair colors as well), and be in a Facebook voting contest.

The prizes:

• Grand Prize: RM5,000 cash + RM5,000 Diamond Necklace Pendant Set
• 1st Runner Prize: RM3,000 cash prize + RM2,000 Whitegold Bracelet
• 2nd Runner Prize: RM2,000 cash prize + RM1,000 LINE 32 Fashion Boutique Vouchers
• Consolation Prizes: Kao Hamper worth RM200 x 7
• 10 (ten) shortlisted contestants will walk away with 10 fashion clothings during the makeover from Line32.

Hope you guys have fun with your new Liese Blaune hair colors! Everyone should experiment with hair colors...

 photo DSC00327_zps1976d7f2.jpg
Because even Rocky looks better with colored hair HAHAHA.

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ahlost said...

gonna buy this for mama to try too.. :)

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nice hair color, i love it
and you dog is so cute <3

Unknown said...

beautiful color

revel in me said...

ahlost: Yay, give it a try and let me know how it worked for her! :)

assia luna: Thanks babe! Rocky says thank you too. :P

nana dior: Thanks dearie! :)

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Wow, you both just look like sisters!