Monday, August 04, 2014

Social media detox.

I sent in my phone recently for replacement (cracked the screen, as mentioned here), and I was without my phone for TWO weeks.


So for 2 weeks, I lived without Whatsapp, Instagram, Dayre (possibly my top 3 most frequently used apps), and couldn't check my emails or chat with my friends anytime I want.

My dad did lend me his spare Blackberry, but it was of no value to me as I couldn't use it to go online (it's as good as a 2G phone). And whilst I used to be a huge Blackberry fan, I couldn't get used to the phone at all! I was telling the boy that I finally understand how wizards in Harry Potter feel, using a wand that doesn't belong to themselves wtf.

In a way, I felt that I was going through a social media cleanse, haha. I definitely found myself with a lot more time on my hands wtf. And I always force the boy to talk to me before we sleep (instead of browsing Instagram to find out what everyone is eating for supper wtf), haha.

Anyway, last Thursday I received a call from a foreign number. It turned out to be a Machines staff informing me that phone is ready for collection! I swear to god tears of joy leaked out of my eyes wtf.

Didn't blog in the past few days 'cause I was too busy getting reacquainted with my phone hehe.  But it's time for an outfit post!

 photo DSC00424_zps00513e29.jpg
Glorious, undiluted joy... from getting my phone back? Haha.

 photo DSC00422_zps5ce9381a.jpg
Really love this dress! I realized I am a sucker for Ming Dynasty-like prints (electric blue and white patterns), haha.

 photo photo21_zpsc54f75cc.jpg
My arm candy for the day.

 photo DSC00418_zps2b092018.jpg

Porcelain print dress: Korea
Bracelets: Korea/ Zhuhai
Platform sneakers: Korea
Gold slingbag: Salvatore Ferragamo

I have 2 pieces of this dress, and I recently sold one on my Dayre! Decided to let go of this one that I was wearing here (lightly worn for a few hours only) as well, so you can check out Boudoir Boudoir to snap it up! :D

 photo DSC00509_zps5322e2f2.jpg

Posted some other brand new items (some Made in Korea), so do pop by at Boudoir Boudoir k! :)

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