Thursday, September 25, 2014

My first negative experience in Bali.

I am keeping to my promise-- steadfastly getting rid of my blogging backlog! #win

Continuing on my previous blogpost on our Bali mini-moon, I thought I'd share some snippets of the first day of our trip:

 photo photo33_zps6ec1b85b.jpg
Having breakfast while waiting for time to board.

Food at KLIA2 is so expensive! T_T
A laksa cost us RM20? Should have just gone for McD's breakfast, haih.

 photo photo31_zps2f75a426.jpg

Guess where we were? :P

We were looking for a pharmacy, so we stopped and asked the nearest staff. It turned out that the pharmacy was actually quite far away from our boarding hall, but the staff was so kind to offer to fetch us in his buggy! T_T

It was really fun to whiz past all the crowd rushing to their respective boarding halls, hehe. Usually I can only look jealously at senior citizens who get to ride in such buggies wtf. The best part was, the staff actually waited for us while we shopped around in the pharmacy!! :O So we got rides to and fro, hehe.

 photo photo32_zpsaece5be6.jpg
Finally reached our villa around late afternoon! Let's have a welcome drink toast first.

 photo DSC00632_zps1597549e.jpg
Hello, welcome to our humble abode.

 photo DSC00641_zps01c18c70.jpg
After settling down and freshening up, we walked out to the shopping streets (we stayed in Seminyak) to look for food.

We haven't had lunch yet, and it was already 5pm I think? We were famished!

 photo photo34_zps8aae6e7a.jpg
Tropical prints-- you can't get more stereotypical than me.

 photo photo30_zps21aae989.jpg
The boy's colleague (a local Indonesian) provided us with a list of good eats in Bali (36 of them). We found out that one of them, Warung Italia, was near to where we were, so off we went!

Warung Italia, quite obviously, is an Italian restaurant wtf. Although we would have much preferred to have local Balinese/ Indonesian food, we were so hungry we just needed food in our system! So we ordered a pizza to share, with plans to go for another dinner after that. *sheepish*

Outfit details:
 photo DSC00639_zpsa0d9884c.jpg

Tropical print dress: Forever New, Australia
Bracelets: Korea
Mint sandals: Zara
Bag: Miu Miu

 photo photo29_zps92b27226.jpg
After that, we decided to satisfy our craving for local food, and randomly googled a place to go to from Tripadvisor (didn't rely on his colleague's list for this as we were still not too familiar with our bearings).

We went to Warung Eny, which was nearby at Petitenget. We had mixed rice with grilled chicken, pork satay and otak otak-- food was okay, but not fantastic. It was rated really highly on Tripadvisor though! I think the angmohs don't really know how to eat Asian food. T___T

It seemed like quite a peaceful first day in Bali... until we got stranded by a taxi driver!!

Blogged about it on my Dayre, so I am just reiterate it here:

After (our second) dinner, we got into a cab  to go to Seminyak Square, a nearby mall. Halfway there, we realized that the taxi driver did not have his taxi meter on! So I quickly asked him to switch on his meter, but he refused. Instead he said we can pay him any amount we want.

Since we actually passed by Seminyak Square earlier today, we roughly know how much it would cost. However, when we paid him said amount, he insisted that it is too little!!!

We explained to him that we have been there before and we know how much it cost. However, he insisted for double the amount! Out of principle, we refused. And he started screaming in his car. In the end, he said that he doesn't want our money but he wanted to drop us back where we came from.

Fine, we agreed. Again out of principle.

In the car, I told the boy in Chinese that I think the taxi driver will purposely drop us somewhere obscure as revenge, but he just told me not to worry.

As predicted, the taxi driver took some secluded way, and he got caught in a traffic jam. He then got mad again, and insisted that we get out of the car!

We just calmly got out, but before I left, I told him that he is dishonest and 'jahat', and that he should just learn to use the meter next time. He started screaming again.

Anyway, long story short, we managed to get a cab back in the end.

But the taxi driver, being a greedy vengeful cheater, was stuck in a jam and didn't get anything at all!

MUAHAHA. Serves you right, you dishonest man!

And there you go, my first negative experience in Bali.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A typical day in our mini-moon.

Eep, I just realized I have so much backlog of blogposts to do up! I have Osaka, our Bali mini-moon, my bridal shower, our Korea trip in spring, my dad's surprise birthday party, my bridal shower, not to mention I also want to do some wedding-related posts before I blog about our official wedding photos (getting them back any day now-- EXCITED!)... And I am really keen to blog about all these 'cause I LOVE reading back my old posts and rediscovering past memories, heh.

Anyway, I am going to start with our Bali mini-moon first! We were in Bali for 7 days 6 nights, which I initially thought was quite a long period for a beach getaway. Y'see, as our trips fell on the National Day long weekend, we found out that if we were to do a 4-5 day trip, flight fares were twice the price! :O So we decided that instead of paying for the exorbitant airfares, we might as well channel that amount of money to accommodation and extended our trip instead. Since we were going to be in Bali for a week, we split our holiday between Seminyak (which is more central, and is near to most of the popular attractions) and Ubud (about 1.5-2 hours away from Seminyak).

We got a private villa in Seminyak, since private villas are relatively affordable in Bali. In Ubud however, we opted for a suite room. Save money whenever we can!!

A typical day in Bali starts like this:

10am: Wake up and laze in bed. Reluctantly get out of bed when the hotel staff sends over our breakfast.

 photo photo28_zpsd040209d.jpg

10.30am: Breakfast is served! We get to choose on a daily basis what we want to eat for our breakfast. :D

 photo photo25_zps449c8d2f.jpg

11am: Do some light reading by the pool in our villa.

 photo 10623704_759915637380791_220746227_n_zps880dd647.jpg
My pool/ beach read.

By the way, I really wanted to buy this book for our Bali trip, but it was sold out in most bookstores! So I thought, ok la, it's my fate to be a beach bum and just surf FB wtf.

But the hubby surprised me with this book right before we flew off! T__T

 photo DSC00650_zpscbe107e5.jpg

12pm: Scold the boy was taking insincere photos of me ("Can't you see there is a giant pot of plant blocking me??") WTF.

Abstract grid print bikini: Bangkok

 photo DSC00646_zps4241de6d.jpg

12:15pm: Give up on his photography skills, and rely on myself wtf. Don't know why my hair was so messy also!!

By the way, everyday in Bali was bare-faced day! :O 'Cause the boy is probably the only person in the world who thinks I am prettier without make-up, so ok lar, I grant his wish LOL.

I basically hide under sunnies and hats everyday, and I have to admit, it feels SO good to not wear make-up!

 photo photo26_zps97773dc3.jpg

2pm: Have local Balinese food for lunch. This was at Warung Made, which was near to our villa. Warung Made (pronounced as "Ma-deh") is quite popular with tourists, but personally, we feel that the food is nothing to shout about.

 photo DSC00657_zpsf27fb4f3.jpg

3.30pm: Time to hit the beach! I bought this sheer dress from Zara a few years ago, but lost the slip that comes with it. However, I had the perfect solution to it for this trip-- wear my swimsuit underneath! Ya, I basically live in swimsuits, sunnies and hats all day long, haha.

 photo DSC00656_zps26297793.jpg

Sheer kaftan dress with embroidery: Zara
Oversized straw hat: Bangkok
Sunnies: Prada
White thongs: Havaina
Bag: Lesportsac

By the way, I LOVE my Lesportsac bag! I got the Curtis Kulig "Love Me" tote, and it's kind of a one-size-fit-all bag. I use it as my laptop bag (with my Macbook in a laptop sleeve), beach bag, hand-carry for traveling, extra shopping bag (when traveling)... And the fact that it comes in a simple yet chic handwriting/ graffiti print makes it so easy to match all my outfits. :D

 photo photo27_zps309563cf.jpg

3:40pm: Arrive at the beach!

Our villa is not placed right at the beach, but the bonus is that it is of a walking distance to a nearby beach strip. When I went to Bali early this early this year with my sisters, our villa was really far away from the beach (at least 20 minutes by foot), so I really, really appreciate having a beach nearby this time! :)

 photo DSC00676_zps787ca85a.jpg

4pm: Strolling to find a perfect lounge spot!

Black one-piece swimsuit: Bardot, Australia

As this is a public beach, you will find bars by the side who lay out beach chairs, bean bags etc. Initially we thought that we will be given a seat as long as you patron the bar, but to our surprise, you actually have to pay extra for the seats! A lounge chair will cost you around 50,000 rupiah (about RM15). That being said, it's worth it if you plan to chill by the beach for a few hours, as the drinks and food aren't very expensive.

 photo DSC00704_zpse00e09ba.jpg
7pm: Dinner time-- our choice is always local Balinese food, heh. This was at Menaga Cafe at Jimbaran, one of my favorite places for a Bali sunset.

10pm: You will find us being couch potatos in front of the TV, half-watching documentaries/ music videos, and half-chatting and catching up. :)

This is also when I adopted the nickname of Binne-- inspired by this polar bear on Animal Planet. The reason? We found out that a polar bear spends 92% of its life looking for food, which pretty much describes me to a T wtf.


Hope you guys enjoy this post! I also plan to do up a Where-to-eat post for Bali (and possibly Osaka?), hopefully it will be helpful for those of you are planning to visit these countries soon. :)

And phew, talking about my honeymoon is making me reminisce over our wedding, and wedding-planning in general. For you girls who just got engaged (a few of my friends got proposed to recently, yay!) or are currently in the midst of wedding-planning-- LUCKY YOU! You girls should definitely check out, one of the largest wedding directory in Malaysia. To navigate through the site, you can go to Get Started, where you can start an account and start pinning images that inspire you, as well as shortlist your vendors. There will be detailed instructions to guide you through the signing-up process, as well as the how-tos on saving images to your account.

I also like going to the "Discover" tab to find new inspiration and vendors! Here you can find inspiration sorted by various wedding aspects (dress, photography, venue...), wedding themes, wedding colors etc.

Also, I heard that will be launching an e-store soon, so be sure to check back in the next few weeks! ;)

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Osaka in a nutshell.

Hello! I just came back from Osaka, and we had a blast! :D Though I did come back 3 shades darker FML. It's quite ironic, 'cause I was careful to not get tanned from our minimoon trip in Bali recently, but alas, summer in Osaka got the better of me. T_T

Anyway, posting a few photos from our trip first! Consider it a teaser slash overview. :D

 photo DSC01239_zps61223e66.jpg
Quaint streets in Kyoto.

 photo DSC01126_zpsd79cb37c.jpg
Hello Kitty everything!

 photo DSC01689_zpsc907555f.jpg
Purikura FTW! I have never seen myself with bigger eyes, haha.

 photo DSC01508_zpsbefc565d.jpg
Making a wish in one of the many shrines that we visited in Kyoto. This was Fushimi Inari Taisha.

 photo DSC01195_zpsd05a8817.jpg
Always a sucker for adorable collars.

 photo DSC01128_zpsd14e81da.jpg
An iconic sight in Dotonburi, Osaka. If you don't believe, just refer back to the Hello Kitty photo above. :P

 photo DSC01495_zps8e9a9833.jpg
Getting my hands on some holy water!

 photo DSC01705_zpsf942f13a.jpg
At Shinsaibashi, with the iconic Glico man sign-- which is under renovation now. T___T

 photo DSC01187_zps48a298a2.jpg
Hopping on and off trains to get to Kyoto and Kobe from Osaka-- it's really easy!

 photo DSC01234_zpsaa5e54ed.jpg
A summer-worthy lunch-- cold soba with beancurd skin on ice, served with cold mochi. :D

 photo DSC01121_zps1aa2194a.jpg
On the flipside, summer is really beautiful with all the lush greenery!

Can't wait to blog properly about our trip, we took so many beautiful photos! I love going to Japan 'cause it's always filled with pleasant experiences and memories, and this trip was no different. :)

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Friday, September 05, 2014

A lazy girl's guide to an interesting outfit.

These 2 weeks will be pretty hectic in terms of traveling! Just came back from Bali like 2 days ago, and I am flying off to Osaka tomorrow. :O And upon touching down in KL from Osaka, I will literally hop onto the next flight to Langkawi for a friend's wedding! Am quite nervous about this, 'cause if our return flight from Osaka is delayed, I will miss my flight to Langkawi. T_T

Anyway, on to happier things!

 photo DSC00296_zpsf3bfa510.jpg
Selfie taken at lunch.

 photo DSC00298_zps5c6fa412.jpg
My lunch partner for the day. :D

This was a momentous occasion, 'cause since Teeny have started working, we have been talking about having lunch together for AGES. Even when her office was really near where I worked, our lunch session never materialized!! Only after she started a new job at a much further job, did we do lunch together for the first time. -_-

 photo DSC00299_zpsdcafeb11.jpg
One of the better carbonaras in town, IMHO. This was in Three Little Pigs (BV1), and I love that it comes with a wobbly poached egg!

BUT, admittedly the pasta wasn't as nice as the first time that I ate it . Sigh, why can't Malaysian restaurants maintain their food standards?

Outfit details:

 photo DSC00300_zpsb5cb135c.jpg
Wore a very basic outfit, and let my fun skirt be the focal point. :D

If you don't know me by now, I love investing in interesting bottoms, 'cause there are countless ways to mix and match, and still end up with an interesting outfit! For example, you can match it with a white camisole like I did here, a gray tee, a cropped top, a white buttoned-up.... All the outfits will be cute! So there you go, a lazy girl's guide to interesting outfits-- get a fun bottom. :P

 photo DSC00310_zps1d9898ad.jpg
It's fun to layer necklaces!

 photo DSC00302_zps64f95d8c.jpg

White camisole: Topshop
Polka dot trumpet skirt with bias hem: AZORIAS
Silver necklace: Tiffany & Co.
Pearl drop necklace: Korea
Contrast slingbacks: Zara
Bag: Miu Miu


By the way, I have posted some new unique items on Boudoir-Boudoir!

Including this one-of-a-kind dress with a scalloped laser-cut leather collar. :)


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Wednesday, September 03, 2014


 photo photo21_zpsa9a4db22.jpg

Sorry for the short hiatus! We were away for our mini honeymoon in Bali. :)


I fondly refer to our mini honeymoon as mini-moon...

Him: Who coined the term "mini-moon?"

Me: Hmm.. I am not sure. But it's quite a common word la!

Him: Wah.. Luckily we didn't go on a cruise for our honeymoon!

Me: ???

Him: If not we will have to call it "Sailor-moon".

Me: -_-||

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