Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Osaka in a nutshell.

Hello! I just came back from Osaka, and we had a blast! :D Though I did come back 3 shades darker FML. It's quite ironic, 'cause I was careful to not get tanned from our minimoon trip in Bali recently, but alas, summer in Osaka got the better of me. T_T

Anyway, posting a few photos from our trip first! Consider it a teaser slash overview. :D

 photo DSC01239_zps61223e66.jpg
Quaint streets in Kyoto.

 photo DSC01126_zpsd79cb37c.jpg
Hello Kitty everything!

 photo DSC01689_zpsc907555f.jpg
Purikura FTW! I have never seen myself with bigger eyes, haha.

 photo DSC01508_zpsbefc565d.jpg
Making a wish in one of the many shrines that we visited in Kyoto. This was Fushimi Inari Taisha.

 photo DSC01195_zpsd05a8817.jpg
Always a sucker for adorable collars.

 photo DSC01128_zpsd14e81da.jpg
An iconic sight in Dotonburi, Osaka. If you don't believe, just refer back to the Hello Kitty photo above. :P

 photo DSC01495_zps8e9a9833.jpg
Getting my hands on some holy water!

 photo DSC01705_zpsf942f13a.jpg
At Shinsaibashi, with the iconic Glico man sign-- which is under renovation now. T___T

 photo DSC01187_zps48a298a2.jpg
Hopping on and off trains to get to Kyoto and Kobe from Osaka-- it's really easy!

 photo DSC01234_zpsaa5e54ed.jpg
A summer-worthy lunch-- cold soba with beancurd skin on ice, served with cold mochi. :D

 photo DSC01121_zps1aa2194a.jpg
On the flipside, summer is really beautiful with all the lush greenery!

Can't wait to blog properly about our trip, we took so many beautiful photos! I love going to Japan 'cause it's always filled with pleasant experiences and memories, and this trip was no different. :)

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