Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Bali sisters' trip 2014: W Hotel, Bistrot and Kitchenette.

I know I am jumping everywhere with my travel posts, but sometimes I need inspiration to do up blogposts! Especially travel posts as they are usually very photo-intensive.

Today's thought process:
*trying to arrange for dinner with Teeny*
Oooh, I miss my sisters!
*thinks back to our sisters' trip early this year*

And hence, this blogpost, haha.

I have already blogged about Day 1 here, as well as photo sneak peeks here and here.

 photo photo25_zps9d917646.jpg
Buffet breakfast at W Hotel.

I love hotel breakfasts! One of my favorite ones is at Lebua in Bangkok.

 photo DSC_0902_zpsa6d48419.jpg
My good-looking brunch partners.

We deliberately picked a seat outside because what could be better than having breakfast facing the sea?

 photo DSC_0892_zpsbe92d334.jpg
Alas, our plans were thwarted. Look at the dark clouds swirling ahead! T_T

 I was really looking forward to chill at these hammocks, but our future looked bleak (no pun intended).

 photo photo26_zps9684df63.jpg
My happy, beach-bunny look. :D

We were all slightly disappointed with the breakfast spread at W hotel-- it could not hold a candle to the one in Lebua at all! However, just before we were about to call it a day with brunch, we realized that there was a menu on our table-- you can actually order loads of fancy breakfasts from the menu, complimentary with the breakfast. Think yummy options like vanilla french toast, wagyu burgers and foie gras.... We felt really dumb for not realizing the menu earlier. T__T

So people, if you ever stay in W, make sure to RTFM (Read The F*cking Menu wtf)!

Being the kiasu people that we were, we die-die went ahead to order a few dishes from the menu despite being really full already haha.

 photo photo27_zpsc490ded3.jpg
Self-consciously covering my stomach after all the gluttony at breakfast.

Bra top worn as bikini: H&M
Bikini bottom: Korea
Black crochet shrug cover-up: Zhuhai
Denim shorts: Cotton On

 photo DSC_0911_zps4aa05f2a.jpg
Since the beach was out of the question (due to the rain), we decided to head back to our villa to chill.

 photo DSC_0934_zps04d7682d.jpg
And chill I did. :D

 photo photo31_zpsc3dd1ff2.jpg
Love the netting details on my bra top!

It is actually really a bra wtf. Since it was made of spandex and is pretty lightweight, I decided it is too pretty to be worn on the inside, haha.

 photo DSC_1048_zpsfa8aa48d.jpg
Rain didn't stop us from having fun!

 photo DSC_0923_zpse7499637.jpg
Spot the heart.

 photo DSC_0988_zpsfc45dbd8.jpg
Silly idiots pretending to be Mat Rempits haha.

 photo DSC_0939_zps330efa9e.jpg
Testing our flexibilities with all kinds of funny yoga poses. Some of which are NSFW, haha.

 photo DSC_0944_zps0fc6b6ee.jpg
Jing wanted to imitate the bridge pose I did above, but she just couldn't achieve it HAHAHA.

 photo DSC_0967_zps3229def2.jpg
W for W Hotel. W for Wen!

 photo photo30_zps3168cb9f.jpg
Right before checking out! We decided to pamper ourselves with ONE night at the W hotel, and moved to a cheaper villa after that, haha.

 photo photo28_zpsc6cd079c.jpg
Kicking up a fuss for having to check out wtf.

 photo photo29_zpse4d706f3.jpg
Walked longingly around the hotel grounds one more time before we left...

 photo DSC_1074_zps8a2cd91f.jpg
For lunch, we went to Bistrot cafe in Seminyak.

 photo IMG_6881_zps85bef069.jpg
Love love love the decor here! Food is so-so only though, but I reckon most girls will feel very happy and at-home here. :P

Outfit details:
 photo IMG_6859_zps348193ec.jpg

Floral bikini (worn inside): Bangkok
Cutaway tank: Far East Plaze, Singapore
Laser cutout skirt: AZORIAS
Strappy leather sandals: Zara

 photo IMG_6862_zps560e38e5.jpg
Jing is also wearing a cutout dress from AZORIAS (sold out)!

 photo IMG_6906_zps97c42d99.jpg
We had dinner at Jimbaran, experiencing one of the most beautiful sunsets in my life. This photo is totally unedited!

Can't remember the name of the restaurant that we went to, but I wouldn't really recommend it anyway. The place was quite dirty. :/ Instead, I would recommend Menega Cafe more, which I briefly mentioned here.

 photo IMG_6911_zpsfb5a82ca.jpg
A fun part of dinner is having this local band serenade you during the dinner, haha.

How they work is that they will approach your table and ask you where you are from. And based on your nationality, they will burst into a famous song from your country! :O We heard songs in Chinese, French, Spanish, Malay, Japanese.... When they came to our table, we told them that we were Korean. And they really sang a song by Big Bang! :O :O :O

You will have to tip them a little, of course. But it's all in the name of fun! :)

 photo IMG_6919_zpsbad04158.jpg
Since it was quite early after dinner, we made our way to Kuta, and shopped a little in Beachwalk, one of Kuta's newest malls.

If you happen to be at Beachwalk, you can try out Kitchenette, a cafe/ Crêperie. We mainly tried out their desserts, which has a huge selection such as cakes, crepes, cupcakes, pies etc.

 Conclusion of this blogpost?
I miss my sisters even more!!

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