Friday, October 10, 2014

Fighter turns 1!

Was going through some old photos, and realized that I have some really happy photos from Fighter's 1-year-old birthday party! Since his party was exactly 2 months before, I take it as an omen that I have to blog about it LOL. OK, fine, I just really like all the colorful photos that I have taken! :P You can read mommy Audrey's detailed account here.

Audrey is my first close friend who has a baby, so naturally I was really excited about his party. Went to the party earlier to help her to set-up! When I called her to check where she was, she was at the balloon shop nearby collecting the balloons, so I popped by...

 photo photo25_zps113e82ec.jpg
.... and ended up being a crazy balloon lady haha.

Which also proved to be quite challenging when attempting to cross the road wtf.

Banana print bandeau top: Chatchuchak, Bangkok
White checkered midi skirt: AZORIAS
Bangle: Korea
Striped platforms: Zara
Suede messenger bag: Fendi

 photo photo29_zps83c6474c.jpg
After selfishly taking up the whole lift (I was carrying 40-over balloons), and murmuring "sorry, sorry" to anyone who wanted to come into the lift wtf, I finally reached the party venue!

 photo DSC00579_zps3ddffe73.jpg
Quickly got to working. First task on hand was to lay out all the placemats! The vinyl record placemats are perfect for the Beatles-themed party.

 photo DSC00582_zps2a939859.jpg
The party was set in a baby gym, so I was expecting a sterile, white and bare space. But I was pleasantly surprised to see that the place actually looked more like a warm and cozy cafe!

 photo 14780651347_98fb81a48f_z_zpse2df356b.jpg
Quickly go maul the birthday boy first! He looked so handsome in a suit, like a little man. :D

 photo DSC00581_zpsd910cbfe.jpg
The place after set-up! So cheerful and happy, perfectly apt for a kid's birthday party!

 photo DSC00573_zps50048fc3.jpg
The  really impressive spread.

I vaguely remember all my birthday parties to be held at home serving my grandma's curry chicken and fried bee hoon FML. But here we had quiche and puffs, finger sandwiches, delicate rolls, cookies, scones, smoked salmon.... *salivates*

 photo DSC00585_zpsb508633c.jpg
Happy family!

I honestly feel a little moved when I was standing in the background watching Aud and Tim take photos with their guests. Just barely a year ago, I was in Aud's hospital ward, watching them share their dinner from a tiffin carrier that was delivered from home, all of us trying to cheer Aud up. And look at where we are now! :')

 photo DSC00580_zpsf9f3f987.jpg
A sexy Fighter greets every table, haha.

 photo DSC00576_zpscbc7f055.jpg
Themed toppers, which added such a personalized touch! Here is Strawberry Fields, Yellow Submarine, and Octopus Garden.

 photo photo27_zps7424e50a.jpg
We also handwrapped each of these chocolates! Some of them went to the dessert table, and some to the goodie bags.

Speaking of the goodie bags, half-way packing them, Audrey accidentally mentioned that they are only for the children! We almost went on strike WTF. In the end, she graciously allowed us to pack extra for ourselves, haha.

 photo photo26_zps0922e893.jpg
Even the baby chair is all festive!

 photo DSC00587_zpsce60e1b7.jpg
Bobo and Jo with their newborn, HEHEHE. It's actually Ringo's baby, Junya! But don't they look like such proud parents LOL.

 photo DSC00597_zps67f0691b.jpg
Girlfriends! We are all mothers/ married/ engaged. :')

 photo 14967198775_bd6e8f5524_z_zpsb210669c.jpg
Prize-giving ceremony wtf. Haha, trying to give Fighter his birthday present, but he couldn't care less FML.

I was racking my brains to think of something educational yet fun to give him, and after doing some online research, I read that experts said that music instruments actually help to develop toddler's creative minds and and boost mental power! Also, I thought that a musical toy will go very well with the Beatles' theme. :D Bought the coolest musical instrument I can think of... which is a set of toy drums! *gives myself a pat on the back*

 photo DSC00589_zpsb3aea914.jpg
Cutting cake at the dessert table with a squirmish Fighter.

 photo 14780510139_b32b000c5f_z_zpseb7642c7.jpg
Love this photo of Fighter and us!

 photo photo28_zpsb6939d8d.jpg
The coveted goodie bag LOL. So cute with the Beatles design! And I loved Audrey's Beatles nails too!

By the way, guess how is Fighter doing with his new toy drums?

 photo photo30_zpsd7b06d4d.jpg

It's his new favorite chew toy LOL.

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fourfeetnine said...

Actually he recently learned to beat the drums! With his hand while chewing on the drumsticks WTF. Baby steps hahaha

carisselle said...

H revelinme! please share how to find/ identify reliable dog breeders!!!

revel in me said...

fourfeetnine: Haha salah concept, but at least we are getting somewhere wtf!!

carisselle: Hmm, the best advice I can give is to research, research, research! Am considering to do a blogpost on this nonetheless! :)