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Seoul family trip 2014: Day 2

RA RA RA! Am going to finish blogging about our Seoul trip in Spring! This is the second day of our trip, and you can read about Day 1 and Day 3.

Our day started late, which seems to be the recurring case for our Seoul trips. 'Cause during the night, we will shop at Dongdaemun till the wee hours and have trouble waking up in the morning!

 photo DSC00743_zpsc8b63c89.jpg

The plan for the day was to visit Insadong, and we thought we would just have lunch there. BIG MISTAKE! 'Cause Insadong is a tourist area, we found that all the restaurants there were REALLY expensive. For example, you can get kimchi jigae for 6000 won (approx. RM18) in most casual dining places, but in Insadong the same stew is going for 25,000 won (approx RM75!!). And the restaurants in Insadong are not even fine-dining or high class places, in fact I consider some of them to be in even worse conditions than some of the family-style restaurants that I frequent. T_T

 photo DSC00745_zpsb435054b.jpg
Look at my dad go at his food, haha.

I looked quite pale here as I wasn't feeling well. Somehow I felt really dizzy? Took a Panadol and after some hot soup for lunch, I felt much better.

 photo DSC00754_zps2cea731a.jpg
One of my favorite places in Seoul!

There is no doubt that Insadong is quite a touristy place, but I love how it is always bustling and there's always something to see. It's actually a traditional street, featuring a lot of Korean cultural highlights such as the tea culture (the whole place is dotted with traditional tea houses), pottery, traditional costumers, folk art etc. BUT, it is also accented with modern elements such as art galleries and trendy artsy shops. It's really fun to explore all the alleys, and just see where you will end up at!

Also, if you dare to, do try out the butterfly larvae-- they are sold everywhere in Insadong! T_T

 photo DSC00765_zps8cbec6d4.jpg
Sparkly details on Jing.

 photo DSC00772_zps5a98d31f.jpg
Another must-see in Insadong is Ssamziegil,which is an arts center/ mall located in Insadong itself.

 photo DSC00773_zps76cc0c57.jpg
Here, you can find shops/ stalls selling all kinds of creative artsy things from accessories to stuffed toys to deco items...

 photo DSC00774_zps661b6a07.jpg
Spotted a stall selling poop WTF.

 photo DSC00775_zpsd8e6b296.jpg
Couldn't resist getting one, haha! It's actually a dorayaki-like dessert with red bean filling. Never imagined poop to be so yummy wtf.

 photo DSC00785_zpsa89f51ba.jpg
Another reason why I love Ssamziegil... 'Cause the whole place basically just encourages art and creativity, so you can actually draw or scribble on any surface in the mall!

So you actually have license to vandalize LOL.

 photo DSC00787_zpsc53fb361.jpg
Decided to leave our mark here... This is actually our Korean names, haha! Mine is Hye Min, Teeny is Hye Jung, and Jing is quite intuitively Hye Jin.

Try to spot our masterpiece if you ever pop by at Ssamziegil! :P

 photo DSC00789_zps48c3951f.jpg
The Hye sisters wtf. And the person in the background is so pissed waiting for us to be done with our camwhoring, hahaha.

 photo DSC00804_zpsfbd8c130.jpg
On the highest floor of Ssamziegil, you can find this "love note" bridge. Which is basically inspired by the "love lock" bride in Paris, but might more practical 'cause the bridge won't be weighed down by the locks, haha.

 photo DSC00826_zps2701eddd.jpg
Girly chat while basking under the (mild) sunrays. The highest floor of Ssamziegil is basically open air, and filled with cafes,

BTW, check out the graffiti behind us... It says "I AM POOP" HAHAHAHHAHA. Is this a common theme in Seoul wtf.

 photo DSC00876_zpsfa8f3242.jpg
After that we decided that it's time to sit down and refuel-- especially after an unsatisfying lunch!

We were lucky to stumble onto Miss Lee cafe, which is just next to the Insadong tourist center, if any of you are interested. Actually, my brother insisted on coming here 'cause he saw that SNSD have came here before. -_-

 photo DSC00881_zpse9c2a8e7.jpg
We particularly enjoyed the shaved ice, it's a must-have! Much nicer than Snowflake and Tong Pak Fu, if you ask me. And healthier too, 'cause it's actually milk shavings with fruits and nuts and black sesame mochi (with brown sugar topping). So yummy!

 photo DSC00893_zps98de59e4.jpg
Most cafes in Korea have very strong themes, and for Miss Lee cafe, the focal point is this memo-centerpiece suspended from the ceiling. You can actually scribble a note and pin it up too!

 photo DSC00758_zps8f309586.jpg

Fabuleuse cropped sweater: H&M
Handpainted full skirt: AZORIAS
Mint blazer: Korea

Pearl/ butterfly necklace: Bangkok
Pearl embellished pumps with gold block heel: Zhuhai

 photo DSC00761_zpsccf460c4.jpg
Absolutely adore the gold heels on my shoes!

 photo DSC00907_zps6db78530.jpg
For dinner, we had Korean BBQ. Can't get enough of this stuff!

Halfway barbequing the meats, one of the staff poured some yellow liquid into our grill, and we were wondering what was happening. It turned out to be egg, and the heat actually cooked it to be perfect fluffy steamed egg! #mindblown

 photo DSC00902_zps339fb9bb.jpg
Teeny distributing Makgeolli, which is basically Korean rice beer. It's one of my favorite Korean (alcoholic) beverages! Another one is Bokbunja, which is raspberry wine. Yum!

 photo DSC00921_zps2e84d234.jpg
We had soju as well, hehe.

 photo DSC00910_zps208b39a3.jpg
Meat galore! My family are carnivores through and through.

 photo DSC00914_zps2a9d4b94.jpg
Cheers to another great day in Seoul!

I get quite a lot of inquiries about visiting Seoul, so hopefully my Seoul blog entries (you can search for Seoul on my blog) can help you girls! Also, if you have any questions, just drop it in the comment box, and maybe I will compile all the questions and do up a blogpost. :)

Day 4 coming up soon!

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