Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The impulsive hair cut.

It was the most random and impulsive decision.

While driving on Saturday, I glanced down at my hair during the slow-moving traffic, and just felt so disgusted and frustrated at the yellow dry strands (it didn't help that I was having a bad hair day. But then again, I seemed to be having bad hair week/ month for awhile already...).

Suddenly I thought of the long bobs that I have been admiring on Instagram recently. It seems like everyone has been chopping off their hair for a blunt bob nowadays. Lauren Conrad, Taylor Swift, Lily Collins, Emma Stone...


In the traffic jam, I messaged Yen Lim, one of my most trusted hairstylist friend, and sent her this photo....

 photo HpZ9q24ivx22GokHi9mZ_zps09c7846f.jpg

.... and asked her: "Can I carry off a long bob?"

She replied: "YES!"

And I proceeded to make an appointment for Monday (i.e. yesterday).

I was quite excited about the prospect of having a hair makeover, though I am scared shit of how a long bob will look on my round face (and big head T_T). After all, my nickname in office last time was Chupa Chups WTF.

But then it hit me that we have our wedding reception next year! :O :O :O I DO want long hair for that... We still don't have a wedding date yet (that's another story for another day...), but there's a chance it will be in July-- which leaves me with about 7 months.

Furiously googled how fast can hair grow, and the answer is-- about 3 inches in 6 months! That's not a lot. T__T Also posted a vote on my Dayre, and the votes were half-half-- some of you said absolutely NO, whereas some of you said that I can always rely on hair extensions, haha.

Anyway, I went ahead with a hair cut!!!

 photo DSC02019_zps5ca433ee.jpg
Tada, new hair!

I didn't go for as short as I intended-- I still hope to wear my hair long on my wedding (without hair extensions). But I still went shorter than I *should*! :P Probably took off 7-8 inches at least.

 photo DSC02007_zps4cbe1888.jpg
Lunch today with Teeny. A lot to catch up on since I haven't seen her properly for about 2 weeks already!

We wanted to have lunch at Lai Thai at Happy Mansion, but it was closed. Somehow I don't have fate with Lai Thai! Everytime our lunch plans at Lai Thai sure won't work out. T__T In the end, we still had Thai food at My Elephant, which was nearby.

 photo DSC02012_zps1d8f3a39.jpg
Today's outfit....

 photo DSC02010_zps57dd06da.jpg

 photo DSC02013_zps4a8b536f.jpg

Very excited about today's outfit, because it's a dress from AZORIAS' new line! We are launching a new range of apparel with a slightly lower price point, and there are so many pretty items in it. *heart* Will announce its launch soon! :D

Ending this post with a photo with Yen, who is seriously the prettiest hairstylist ever.

 photo photo35_zps2293af19.jpg

If any of you are interested to get your hair done by Yen, go to Wenawave salon:

Times Square branch:
Lot 03-77, East, 3rd Floor, 1, Jalan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: 603 2142 3002

Sunway Giza branch:
Block A, No. 10-1, (1st Flr), Jalan PJU 5/14, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 603-61408779

(by the way, this is not a sponsored post! My sisters and I have been going to Yen for 7 years already :) )

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Superdad surprise birthday party.

Finally blogging about the surprise birthday party we threw for our dad!

When thinking of what to get our dad for his birthday, we suddenly came up with the wild idea of a surprise party instead! In my memory, my dad has never ever had a birthday party before, so we thought it'd be a really nice treat for him. And it was at about the right time too, as Jing would be back from Australia for a few weeks-- it would be really nice to celebrate his birthday with everyone present!

First task on-hand-- choose a theme. Surprisingly, this was one of the easiest part. We bounced a few ideas off each other, but somehow we felt the most strongly about a "Superdad" aka superhero theme. My dad has been the sole breadwinner of the family since my mom quit her job more than 10 years ago. He single-handedly sent 4 children overseas to pursue our tertiary education! And god knows it wasn't easy to bring up 3 girls (and a wife) who are vain and loves to shop HAHA. And he has just been this amazing rock in our lives. If he is not Superdad, what is he??!!

Second task, pick a venue. We decided to pick a family restaurant near to our family home so that it's easy to cheat my dad there. The plan is to say that the boy and I are organizing a BBQ at our condo, and for them to 'drop by' at the family restaurant to pick up 'lasagne' on the way wtf.

Third, guest list. This we assigned to our mom.

Photo time!

 photo DSC01045_zpsd3776419.jpg
We put little superhero masks (made out of black felt) on helium balloons! They also have little superhero capes (also made of felt) to the back, haha.

 photo DSC04828_zps2a63a0cd.jpg
A super (no pun intended) awesome cake for the birthday boy!

 photo DSC01052_zpse4b91350.jpg
Cookie favors at each place setting.

 photo DSC01042_zps60a515de.jpg
Who wore it better? wtf

 photo DSC01050_zpsf50cac01.jpg
We also had felt masks for camwhoring!

 photo DSC01053_zps250e98fa.jpg
A back-view of the birthday cake-- checkout the red superhero cape!

 photo DSC01058_zpsc813bece.jpg
Our dad had to put on a red cape the moment he arrived, haha.

He didn't look surprised at all!! Just a little dazed. Turns out he just woke up from a nap wtf. When we asked him whether he is happy, he said yes, but he is also a little sad 'cause he was looking forward to a BBQ, haha.

Ok daddy, we are arranging a BBQ for X'mas just for you! :P

 photo DSC04853_zps046ba370.jpg
Since it was mostly our parents' friends at the party, we had to find ways to entertain ourselves, haha.

But the poses got uglier and uglier...

 photo DSC04878_zps2d0ca846.jpg
 photo DSC04877_zpsdc13b0df.jpg

 photo Untitled-1_zpsf52437e5.jpg


 photo DSC04914_zpsf8066d40.jpg
Family photo!

And damn funny, my mom was bragging to all her friends that my brother looked so good in his all-red ensemble, and that he looks like Lee Hom. We had to set her straight and tell her that actually his inspiration is Him from Powerpuff girls:
 photo HIM_zps5c1d48bb.jpg


By the way, my mom is really keen to renovate our family home in preparation for our tea ceremony next year! -_-|| And she is making me clear out my room in preparation for the renovation works early next year. So I have put up more stuff on Boudoir-Boudoir!


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Friday, November 14, 2014

One of my favorite family photos...

Oooh, just remembered that I still have some Save the Date photos that I haven't posted up!

 photo DSC_113122_zpsc295d37b.jpg
This is actually my favorite photo of the day!

Would have loved to use it as the cover photo for our Save the Date event on FB, but alas, the boy preferred that other one that I posted here before. Since he rarely had any preferences for anything wedding-related, I let him win one time la, hahaha.

 photo DSC_1110_zpsc494c228.jpg
Behind the scenes: corgi bullying wtf. Found a random shopping trolley in the park, so we had some fun with it, haha.

 photo DSC_1117_zps25ca20a6.jpg
 photo DSC_1121_zps182b5f4b.jpg
Family silhouettes. :D

 photo DSC_1174_zps31a618b4.jpg
Asian corgi LOL.

 photo DSC_1275_zps72e3b057.jpg
Corgi-bullying, part 2.

On a wedding-related note, our wedding ceremony was featured on The Wedding Notebook! :)

 photo images_294_zps263b4819.jpg

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Rocky's hip dysplasia condition.

Last Friday morning, we realized something was wrong the moment we stepped out of our bedroom. Rocky was being especially quiet and meek. When we opened his crate, he didn't even want to come out; usually he will run out and start jumping and licking.

I tried to bring him out for a walk, and that's when I realized.

He couldn't walk.

Usually Rocky is the most excited and happiest on walks, but on that morning he just refused to budge. I brought him all the way down our condo, and when the lift doors opened, instead of leaping out like he usually does, he just stood there. He couldn't walk out, I had to half-pull him out.

Something was very wrong.

With a sinking feeling in my stomach, I rushed Rocky to the animal hospital. I didn't even bother with the regular GP vet, coz this really felt like something quite serious...

 photo photo25_zps65eb70be.jpg

I wheeled Rocky around in a box coz he wasn't able to walk.

We went to Gasing Animal Hospital, as I like a doctor in Gasing-- Dr Goh. Dr Goh is really good and has always been helpful and patient with us.

Unfortunately, Dr Goh works half-day on Fridays. The only available doctor then is an Indian lady (don't want to name names here), which I was really reluctant to see.

The last time Rocky had a skin problem whereby ONE nipple was scabbing wtf, she was assigned to us. And she actually told me that it's not scabbing but dirt. -_- I am very sure it's not dirt, coz Rocky was always scratching that area plus we cleaned the scabbing daily! Despite my persistence that it was a skin problem, she just gave me a raised eyebrow and just sent us home.

So honestly, I am quite skeptical of her. But I had no choice, as no other doctors were available at that time. I don't mind waiting for Dr Goh who would be coming in later in the afternoon, but I was reading up about canine spinal complications (one of the highest possibilities of sudden immobility), and every second counts. So I decided to go ahead with her consultation.

In the consultation room she looked at Rocky for awhile, pressed him a little, and told me flatly, "It might be a spine problem la."

Spine? That doesn't sound good. So I asked her what should we do.

She said that we needed to do an X-ray to confirm the problem, but Rocky has to be sedated for that.

Sedated? Sounds serious too. Usually dogs which are too young or too old are not recommended to be sedated.

So I confirmed with her: "An X-ray is in order right now?"

She quickly said, "No, I am not saying that!" and continued with "But if we don't do an X-ray we won't know the problem."


She is just trying to cover her own ass! Basically she didn't want to prescribe any solutions or treatments, she wants me to make the decisions so that I can't blame her if anything goes wrong.

Nevermind, I asked to proceed with the X-ray. I paused, and asked her what are the possibilities or implications of this 'spinal problem' of Rocky's.

She shrugged and told me, "Worst case, paralysed la."

And then she stepped out to do the X-ray preparations.

That's when I broke down and cried.

Halfway through crying, the hubby called (he was in a meeting before that), and I tearfully updated him.

When he hung up, I turned around and Rocky was gone!!!!

The doctor took Rocky away to be sedated when I was on the phone!!!!

Like a mad woman, I ran out to the waiting area but they were nowhere to be found. I frantically asked around, but no one knows where they were.

A lightbulb went off in my head, "The X-ray room! Where is it?" And after getting the directions I ran upstairs.

 photo photo26_zpse592308d.jpg

I happened to stumble onto them right before they administered the jab.

It means a lot to me to be there with Rocky while he drifts off to into his sedated cloud, and honestly I think it's so rude and irresponsible of the doctor to just take away my dog before informing me first.

I couldn't bear to watch Rocky being jabbed (very fragile nerves after crying just minutes before that), so I turned away for a bit, thinking that the drugs will take awhile to take effect, and I can stroke his head till he falls asleep.

Instead when I turned to Rocky, he looked like that already:

 photo photo27_zpsef18349a.jpg


Although his eyes were still open, but he was actually already unconscious! I started sniffling again 'cause I didn't even get to say goodbye. :/

(His tongue is purposely pulled out so that he doesn't suffocate)

 photo photo28_zps505722bd.jpg

After that, I was just walking around the room, stealing glances at an unconscious Rocky while the hospital staff lugged and moved him around like a rag doll. All while quietly crying and picturing Rocky with wheels on his hind legs to aid his movement.

The thing is, the doctor saw me crying, but not once did she console me. In fact, she treated me as if I was invisible.

Shortly after that, the X-ray results were out.

We could see that Rocky's spine is healthy and good, but his hips structure-- not so much. He has hip dysplasia, which is a (genetic(condition whereby the head of his thigh bone (femur) doesn't fit perfectly into his hip socket. Therefore, the bone can actually snap in and out of position (!!), and thus causing pain. Over time, the pain will get worse (as there is more wear and tear to the joints), and it will get increasingly difficult for him to walk.

I must make it clear here that the above description of hip dysplasia is what I summarize in laymen terms after reading numerous articles on this condition. The doctor didn't tell me much, she only told me two things-- 1) your dog has hips dysplasia (at that moment I didn't even understand what does that term means), 2) there is nothing she can do, she can only prescribe some supplements. It is almost as if she was brushing me off.

I checked the clock, Dr Goh should be in anytime now. I requested to wait to see Dr Goh for a second opinion. She said okay.

Alas, I ended up waiting at the hospital for about 5 hours. Dr Goh had to conduct a surgery immediately after stepping into the hospital, and he was busy even after then. During that time, I read up all I could about hip dysplasia. There is no cure for it. Rocky can no longer run or jump as it's very bad for his hips.Thank god for the hubby who came later in the day to accompany me. We held hands and went up to see Rocky, who has by then awaken from his slumber, and looked at us with his confused big brown eyes behind the rails of his cage. We laughed, and teased Rocky, put our knuckles near to his snout which was poking out of the cage, allowing him to sniff us, letting him know that we were there for him

We kept on reminding the receptionist that we were waiting for Dr Goh; she got annoyed, I think. In the end it was almost 6pm when Dr Goh greeted us with a "How can I help you?". He looked through the X-rays, and his explanation to us was so thorough. He found X-rays of a dog with normal healthy hips, and showed us the anatomy and structure whilst making comparisons to Rocky's X-ray. He explained to us the implications of such condition, and what we can do to alleviate Rocky's pain. He recommended doctors whom we can go to for surgery. In short, he was many times more helpful than the initial doctor that we met.

 photo photo30_zps223eda2c.jpg
Rocky being really sticky with us on Friday night.

Anyway, thank you so much for all your concern on my Dayre posts! Rocky is doing well now, he can walk again though we are always keeping an eye out for any limping as that means he might be in pain. He will have to be on supplements for the rest of his life, and he has to stop running or jumping as these activities are too high-impact for his hips.

We have done some research since then, and I have to say that we are quite partial to the idea of hip surgery for Rocky. Dr Goh said that we don't need to contemplate surgery at this point as we can still rely on the conservative method of supplements. However, Rocky is only 1.5 year old, and is an active puppy who loves running and jumping and long walks. We want him to lead a full, healthy and active life, and the fact is, he still as such a long road ahead of him. We will be seeking for second and third opinions in the coming weeks, but we have already decided to start saving for his surgery. :) That being said, whilst we are open to the idea of surgery, we will only contemplate it after Rocky matures into adulthood.

In the meantime,we are doing the best we can to care for this little pup.

 photo photo29_zps13361e57.jpg
 Rocky's supplements are too large for him to swallow, so we boiled a large pot of chicken stock to frost into little cubes-- we dissolve the medicine into the chicken stock else he won't consume it!

I try to see things on the positive side. It's a blessing in disguise to discover Rocky's hip dysplasia condition at such an early stage, because then we can start managing it with supplements and precautions. If the condition was discovered when Rocky is much older, it might have progressed to a very critical stage and we might have much limited options whether due to his old age or a worsened condition. Also, I am grateful because I am not alone. The hubby is the who diligently boiled the chicken soup and defrost it every morning. Together we make fun of Rocky at home, singing "All I want for Christmas is a brand new hip" to the well-known Christmas jingle, and chuckling when we label Rocky a 'hipster'. We can't change the reality, but we can change the way we think and handle the matter on hand.

The fact is, the day we brought Rocky home with us, he is family. And when it comes to family, nobody gets left behind.

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